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  1. On Holiday on Sunday-HELP

    ^^^^^^ Brighton away earlier this season.
  2. On Holiday on Sunday-HELP

    When using a VPN the delay is a bit of a problem if you've got the sky sports score centre app set to alert you during a game. App: "90+2 Sam Hutchinson sent off for 2nd bookable offence" Then 30 seconds later as you watch on your iPad, Sam chops their player in half and gets sent off.
  3. On Holiday on Sunday-HELP

    I watched the Brighton game in January in the US using Sky Go and Tunnel Bear.
  4. Thanks Saxondale, that worked! Now I just need to get myself ready for the 1pm availability window.
  5. I'm trying to book tickets for the away leg. Ive logged in, I know one of my "friends & family" has enough points but I can't see an option to book on his behalf all I get is a greyed out screen. Any ideas, how I book a ticket for him please?