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    ffs Wednesday

    Rushden & Diamonds away in 2004 always sticks in my mind We needed 2 penalties from the original Dave to give us a 2-1 win. It was a stark reminder of how far we had fallen and how quickly. https://www.11v11.com/matches/rushden-and-diamonds-v-sheffield-wednesday-21-february-2004-18705/
  2. I wrote to DC about this in the “ask the chairman” thing a couple of months ago. I made a couple of suggestions mainly based on what I’d seen at the Edgbaston test match and how they have machines pulling 12 pints at a time or bar staff pulling halves in advance and then topping them up.........heard nowt back’nn Its lost revenue, causes a lot of supporter dissatisfaction and quite easy to fix.
  3. Got mine, 36th consecutive season. 1st one was 83/84 promotion year when I was just 6 years old. I sometimes wonder what else I could have done with all the time I’ve spent watching Wednesday over the years.
  4. I think it depends who you speak with. My mate spoke to a lad and got told there weren’t any.......and then spoke to a lady and got a ticket!
  5. Speaking to the ticket office, it sounds like there’s been some Sunderland tickets returned by people deciding not to go. I emailed the ticket office yesterday and got a call from them this morning and sorted out a couple of tickets.
  6. I remember this, I think the Luton player was sparked out for a while. I’m glad someone else remembers it because none of my mates do. I’d convinced myself over the years that I’d imagined it.
  7. I think we signed Sibon and De Bilde on the same day and in typical Wednesday fashion a couple of days before the season started so they didn’t get much of a pre-season. His 1st season was poor but after that I though he was our best player......although it could be argued he was earning £20,000 a week and milked his contract to the end when we massively couldn’t afford it after relegation. I remember there were 3 or 4 lads who sat at the front of the north stand in orange boilers suits and what looked like orange hard hats in tribute to him. I also remember Birmingham away when at HT Gerald sets off walking very very slowly off the pitch but towards the wrong corner of the ground for the tunnel. Wednesday fans were shouting and pointing but he was that laid back it took him ages to realise and then shuffle on in the right direction. I think this was the same game Di Piedi scored the winner in the 90th minute after we’d been massively outplayed and then celebrated by hanging his shirt on the corner flag and waving it above his head!!!!
  8. Rosser

    Derby ticket avalable

    I’ve got a spare adult ticket for today. I’m going to be in Frankie n Benny’s at Pride Park from about 1.
  9. Rosser

    On Holiday on Sunday-HELP

    ^^^^^^ Brighton away earlier this season.
  10. Rosser

    On Holiday on Sunday-HELP

    When using a VPN the delay is a bit of a problem if you've got the sky sports score centre app set to alert you during a game. App: "90+2 Sam Hutchinson sent off for 2nd bookable offence" Then 30 seconds later as you watch on your iPad, Sam chops their player in half and gets sent off.
  11. Rosser

    On Holiday on Sunday-HELP

    I watched the Brighton game in January in the US using Sky Go and Tunnel Bear.
  12. Thanks Saxondale, that worked! Now I just need to get myself ready for the 1pm availability window.
  13. I'm trying to book tickets for the away leg. Ive logged in, I know one of my "friends & family" has enough points but I can't see an option to book on his behalf all I get is a greyed out screen. Any ideas, how I book a ticket for him please?
  14. On the way to Hillsborough for the legendary pre-Christmas hammering of West Ham in the early 90’s when Waddle was supreme, I was parked at the traffic lights outside what is now the new Retail Park at Kilner Way, Wadsley Bridge. As a 3-wheeler (Del Boy car for the young un’s) pulled out of the Retail Park and turned right up-hill, the back door sprung open and all the Christmas food shopping flew out the back. I can still see the Turkey sat in the middle of the road and sprouts rolling downhill towards the railway bridge.
  15. During the pre-Wembley points frenzy I had a list of the points that my mates had, so I knew who could buy tickets and when. I’ve logged on to buy Cambridge tickets this morning and we all seem to have lost 50 points. Was anyone aware of this? I might have missed the notification from the club?