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  1. Who would be your choice for the managers job?
  2. Cant load them up on here. There’s 2 videos. It’ll all be out in open tomorrow
  3. Wont let me load up videos, screen shot of video
  4. Going to Newcastle 1.8 million End of thread
  5. Posted today & tomorrow. Ended up picking mine up today as I thought they were taking the wee wee, there saying they’ve been too busy with season tickets
  6. No loud enough looked like he’d been a lash with me since 9
  7. Anyone with the surname Boyd is a stinky flaps
  8. Think iv got 1 spare if that helps, will know 100% when we meet at 9:30 private message me your number if interested
  9. Just wondered where everyone was going beforehand? We gonna Stanmore for 11 then probably in to Shepards bush or Putney Bridge.
  10. Hessle, 4 or 5 pubs there about 3 miles from the ground
  11. bought ticket for Blackburn away,now can’t make it. Only want £27 I paid for it. Should have ticket next week as getting posted to me. First come first served pick up from Ecclesfield area cheers
  12. Think I may have got a spare will know in next half hour
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