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  1. Hope so. If we get pulis then megson needs to be a part of the deal. someone who knows us
  2. We are absolutely gash.. and we’re going down. Should’ve 100% got 9 points out of these last 3 games. #MONKOUT
  3. Who in the right mind would come to Wednesday
  4. Looking for a picture of Brian Gayle crying at final whistle if anyone out there can help. much appreciated
  5. I cancelled my season ticket after Luton due to work commitments but they only let me cancel as first payment on finance hadnt been taken out. I feel for people who have purchased season tickets for next season as we will probably end up in league 1 and will the club give them a refund they deserve (will they fornicate) they didn’t sign up for league 1 football when they purchased it. We’re a sinking ship
  6. park outside a pub called Moseley arms should get parked if you get there by 2. 5 mins walk to ground
  7. With the state of club at the moment I’d like to know what you would like to happen over the next year or so, manager owner, transfers & prices try to be realistic. Iv not renewed this year been going since 83 as I’d rather work on a Saturday than watch anymore of that. sorry if this as been posted as don’t really come on here just pizzed off and would like to know your views
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