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  1. First time visiting their ground today. Anybody recommend any places to park please? Thanks
  2. Well played everybody, and thanks for sorting it again Kivo Also, happy birthday today Kev Wright. Everyone is missing you, you won't be forgotten. WAWAW
  3. It's fine to use the nets for the 2nd game mate :) Ye everybody will pay who plays, they all know about it. The 14th man is called Danny. Up to now they have all said that they're turning up. I know the majority of the team and i'm confident that they'll turn up This might sound like a daft question but has a decent ball been sorted out for the games? Think we have some poles for corner flags that we can use if needed too
  4. Okay cool :) same here haha Think we may have 14 now as 1 player wasn't sure if he was playing as he had a game with his sunday league side but he's sorted it with them, so he's okay to play now. We'll deffo have enough for a team anyway, i'm pretty sure all 13/14 will turn up :) A few of us will probably stay anyway to watch the 2nd game, scout our opposition ready for the final just joking, but i'm pretty sure some of us may stay to watch the 2nd game
  5. Sounds good :) My dad reffing the first game still? Anybody else reffing the 2nd game? Suppose if needed we could use cones in some areas of the pitch to mark it out
  6. Hoping OwlsOnline get a side out as we want revenge for last year Could you add 'Chris H' to our team too please Kivo
  7. Ye mate, we're sorting some out. Think most of us who played in the 7 a side are playing, plus we'd be able to get a few others too :) I'll ask my dad about reffing. Not sure if he's fit enough to do 2 games on the day tho , so may need 2 refs in total? Think we may have some nets too that we could use again. I'll let you know asap
  8. Thanks SiJ. Proper aching now tho, ill deffo feel it in the morning. Anybody know if the 11 a side game will be happening?
  9. Also the matches were played in a really fair way. Even if teams were losing, they were still being honest about decisions etc, it was great to see
  10. Well played everybody. We really enjoyed it and the weather was great too. Thanks to the people who arranged it also! Hopefully we'll have the chance to try and defend our title next year
  11. What are the team colours? Is it the colour of the text the teams and players are in?
  12. If my paypal isn't working by sunday, i'll bring the money to your house if you want?
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