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  1. beckside owl


    Mom for me palmer
  2. beckside owl

    Ipswich ticket

    How many tickets have we sold
  3. Weird but living not too far from ull after they beat us , bruce was in the local media banging on about our support that day see you at ipswich
  4. beckside owl

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    Since our lot bottled it at wembley none of hulls winning squad are still there, most of our squad are still there - still bottling it - its time bannon, lees , nuhui and co were cleared out
  5. beckside owl

    Hull pubs for saturday

    Theres a few mini bus full of lads in beverley now enjoying a pint
  6. Is there any regular coaches to home matches from ull - goole - top end of donny ? Thats about we live in beverley - trains are crap parking round hillsbrough gets worse
  7. beckside owl

    First visit to the KFC yday

    Ive lived in beverley 10 years now quite a few owls here , shame its a bit close to the dump hull
  8. beckside owl

    how come........

    You can buy 6 tickets each from hull now
  9. beckside owl

    The way to beat Hull

    Play on deck with pace and we win
  10. beckside owl

    Hull aint shifting those tickets!

    Ive a few hull mates cos i live in beverley . They could buy 3 tickets per season ticket so theres no way they will sell full allocation on general sale
  11. beckside owl

    Well let me tell you this Hull City

    If wednesday play a high game on the floor we will beat hull , play it up in air n they will batter us
  12. beckside owl

    Weer tha watchin it ? .....

    Angel in Beverley
  13. beckside owl

    remaining hull tickets

    Still should be selling all our tickets
  14. beckside owl

    Are we the best supported team

    No .. Cant sell hull out