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  1. That'd be rayt, my nan could have taken over in the mean time and we would have done better. Even she knows westwood should be number one haha
  2. Such a shame, I very rarely want a manager sacking but jos should have gone months before , terrible appointment for us pal. Atleast we seem to have a good manager in Bruce now so heres to next season
  3. Think the only if is if we had sacked jos much earlier tbh
  4. Thats exactly what I said. They are "AS BAD AS". The theory seems to be backed up by your response, because just like the right, the left don't seem to fully read things either, just the parts they agree with / match their agenda. Perfect examples of fake news are the Guardian or Daily Mail, left and right. How people read / believe their s*** is beyond me, especially in an age where more information is available than ever.
  5. My gosh, the left wing are just as bad as the right aren't they. Whatever suits the agenda.
  6. What a transformation since jos left, dare we dream?
  7. It's kind of amazing how the ref managed to send one of our players off, but let the rotherham players get away with some horrendous tackles
  8. Probably at liverpool enquiring about bringing van dijk here on loan when he joins
  9. Aye, he has to be the most underrated bloke in football. Would be delighted to see him back here as a coach.
  10. Who knows, but personally, I wouldn't underestimate the difference an experienced keeper as good as Westwood can make throughout a team.
  11. Its a tough one, would be interesting to see attendances if we were clear at the top of league one, compared to attendances if we are 18th in championship. I reckon we would be surprised, of course overall you would expect revenue to be down, but I don’t think by too much.
  12. Don't think we will go go down. But going down to league one probably won't be that terrible in terms of finance anyways. The fan numbers won't drop by that much, may even go up if we are top of league one compared to bottom of the championship. The competition and TV money probably isn't much different. It's not like the drop a team would feel financially if they dropped from the prem to championship. The major downside would be some of our better players wanting to leave.
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