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  1. Agreed, I am also pleasantly suprised. Hope it's a turning point for us.
  2. Haha, come on pal you know exactly what he means. Look at the shape of their heads, uncanny
  3. Oh good, we've sacked our manager again. Glad to see the club reverting back to a strategy which has proven to be so successful over the past 20 years. The manager has always been the source of all our problems. Now we can get a new one, which we should also sack as soon as possible. To ensure we resolve any future problems early.
  4. Ahhhh, so your saying talent, goals and assists may become useful in the future. Time will tell.
  5. To be fair name one time when talent, goals and assists have any won anyone a football match.
  6. Harris commited the foul but Patterson was booked for kicking the ball away 100%
  7. Stick to your own teams ambitions of getting relegated from the prem with the least points in history.
  8. tbf that shot looks like Shaws foot is at the side of the ball. The reading lads foot is higher and looks like he's going to stamp on Shaw. With his studs. *Myth busted*
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