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  1. Glenn Loovens

    Buy that man a pint of
  2. Glenn Loovens

    Diving f***** That's Glenn's Street fighter finish him move. Everytime I see this, I say the word finish him before he connects
  3. Fernando Forestieri

    Agreed, he is not here for his passing tho so that doesn't worry me. I don't personally think he is our best player per say (but wouldnt argue with anyone who thinks he is), but he is our creative spark. He's an explosive player who has moments of magic in him. Every great team has a player like him and we have missed him loads. Great to have the little man back, and I personally believe he is happy here now hence this brilliant form.
  4. Wenger - could he do a job for us?

    If he sees sense and decides not go to PSG or Real Madrid then why not
  5. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Fessi looks like he has his hunger back. Going to be a monster of a player next season for us. Brilliant to have him back, on this kind of form he's the most explosive player outside the prem imo. Brilliant, he's defo happy again :)
  6. Haha true, we just want to win
  7. Cannot agree there. The season we got to Wembley, out of the three promoted team, two of them came straight back down. The year we lost in the semis the three teams that went up all look like staying up this year. Also we were completely outclassed by Hull, the year after when wr lost to Huddersfield, the playoffs were ours to lose. The fact we were underdogs, and played exciting football has you thinking we were better but we were not. We should have won the play offs last year and were very close. If we held on against Huddersfield we would have gone up. You could reply the final against Hull 20 times and we wouldn't have won. When you finish higher you cannot say you haven't been able to replace a player. Arsenal haven't replaced Henry because they haven't been anywhere near the same since he left. We have finished higher so it's a stupid argument imo.
  8. Whilst I agree he was a good player. We finished higher in the league the season after the guy left.
  9. hirst to united

    Wow that is the biggest load of poo I think I've read on here, when all this started we were looking like we could go up.
  10. hirst to united

    We can afford what he was asking, the club are just not been held to ransom. What happens if he actually gets good? He will leave the first chance he gets anyway so why prolong it? He is obviously not interested in staying and helping his home town club progress. He's only a year younger than rashford, and I'll go out on a limb and say he will never play for Manchester uniteds first team week in week out, and he knows that. This is defo not FFP it's principal, vs what can I get now. I completely agree with the club here, footballs gone mad.
  11. Barry Bannan's Injury Twitter Update

    F****** hope so cos we are f***** s*** without him. Get well soon lad
  12. 3 players...

    Abdi (no explanation needed) Pressman (like lightning, always first to the buffet) Fessi (can't even be arsed to get on the bus, let alone walk to the shops) Honarable mention to Madine who nearly won all of the categories. Hes the hardest man in any pub he enters, off in a flash when old bill turn up and too lazy to pick up the soap.
  13. Martin Forestieri

    That's so you don't get him mixed up with Messi haha
  14. We always stick with them (well most of us do)
  15. Don't want to sound like a thrower, but England always do well in friendlies, then let us down in the major tournament. Cos other teams treat friendlies like a traning season (like they are). Hope I'm wrong tho, would love another performance like euro 96 from an England team in a major tournament, just not over excited yet tho.