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  1. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Stoke fan hit by meaty missile at Hillsborough

    It wasn't the only meaty missile to be tossed apparently.
  2. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Bannan and Joao in top 3 Sky sports 'Power Rankings'

    Has Penney got a brother that can play right back? Lol
  3. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Dawson’s Starting Positioning

    Totally agree with Westwood having to fight for his place back, a place in the team should not be handed to anyone. Even tho I want him back in (but agree he needs to earn it back). I also disagree with people on here that say Dawson had a bad game against Stoke, he was good. But, he should have done better with the first goal, and a more experience keeper would have done. Getting beat at his near post like that, isn't the end of the world and doesn't make me nervous when he's in goal, but it wasn't great. Its not that he conceded, it's the way he tried to make him self look big, it was a strange split decision. And the competition is very stiff for the place he holds.
  4. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Well this is awkward

    So that settles it then. It's proper w*** at Hillsborough these days.
  5. dontCallMeOwlCallYou


    I do agree on ability, in my opinion even if Westwood is half the player he was a few season ago he is still better than Dawson at the moment. But the manager has made a decision, he cannot now randomly change his mind, it would confuse the situation, and send a bad message. Dawson either has to lose the shirt by performing poor, or Westwood needs to force himself back into the frame. And right now neither has happened, and this is before we even consider anything that might have gone off in the background we don't know about. Not sitting on the fence however, I would personally prefer Westwood in goal.
  6. The star says so too, but people there said he did struggle. So sounds like it was a test and it didn't go too great. I do believe the intention was to bring him off either way to see if any thing flairs but apparently, he's struggle was visible for all too see.
  7. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Gary Hooper and Kieron Lee

    Have to say I do. A quick planned 15 minute run out to see where a player is, doesn't seem that unreasonable.
  8. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Gary Hooper and Kieron Lee

    I believe you mate, it's not that. Just stating that if they only intended to play him for 15 mins it changes the context abit. There is obviously something still wrong if he's only scheduled for 15 mins. So maybe they were expecting him to possible struggle like that, hence the short run to see how he was.
  9. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Gary Hooper and Kieron Lee

    Dom says in the star, they planned to only give him a 15 minute run out today.
  10. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Wednesday U18s 4 v 0 Charlton Ath

    Think that's one thing we can all agree that the current regime has got 100% right, the youth teams and youth development in general is something for us to be very proud of.
  11. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Bannan lauds Joey

  12. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    So Westwood didnt move ....

    No way would Westwood have made some of those goal costing mistakes, even if he came back half the player he use to be, before injury. He is far from done and to think that the young keepers are better than him is madness.
  13. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    So Westwood didnt move ....

    I bet you a left testy at least two of them comes back and lights this squad up. Players get injured and come back all the time, hooper had a long injury before he joined. Fessy just had a long lay off too everyone said he was finished, and too stop hanging one, but he made it back fine. The two young keepers are league 1 quality, good for their age, but Jesus man they are no where near Westwood's level, from a couple of seasons ago, even if he's a third of the player he was, his still better than both put together. It's not about living in the past here, it's about delusion.
  14. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    So Westwood didnt move ....

    Wildsmith hasn't done much wrong granted, because he's hardly played. Dawson has made numerous mistakes that Westwood would have been slaughtered for. Maybe Westwood has declined, but he's not a centre mid, his legs cannot have suddenly gone. He hasn't dropped of that much, and anyone who thinks he isn't out best goalie is deluded. We have also devalued him drastically, one injury hit season for a keeper is not the end of the world, he is at prime age for a keeper. Bad business on our part here imo. Now we are playing a keeper who imo is nowhere near ready, he makes mistakes every game, not slating him because he is learning, but he's not of this level yet, and has been thrown in. Don't know whats behind the keeper decisions, but it's not ability.