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  1. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    What's happening with bruce

    Probably at liverpool enquiring about bringing van dijk here on loan when he joins
  2. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Stuart Gray

    Aye, he has to be the most underrated bloke in football. Would be delighted to see him back here as a coach.
  3. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Westwood - 2 Games 2 Clean Sheets

    Who knows, but personally, I wouldn't underestimate the difference an experienced keeper as good as Westwood can make throughout a team.
  4. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    If we were relegated...

    Its a tough one, would be interesting to see attendances if we were clear at the top of league one, compared to attendances if we are 18th in championship. I reckon we would be surprised, of course overall you would expect revenue to be down, but I don’t think by too much.
  5. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    If we were relegated...

    Don't think we will go go down. But going down to league one probably won't be that terrible in terms of finance anyways. The fan numbers won't drop by that much, may even go up if we are top of league one compared to bottom of the championship. The competition and TV money probably isn't much different. It's not like the drop a team would feel financially if they dropped from the prem to championship. The major downside would be some of our better players wanting to leave.
  6. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Time to go

    How did you bring yourself to watch that match again?
  7. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    0 - 0 against the pigs and we are happy

    The result was good considering the performance, the performance itself was however a ramification of our situation, which is load and clear, we are a very poor footballing side and lack consistency. I say consistency because the personnel at our disposal have shown they can play better than they did last night. I think we should as you say consider the situation, take it seriously and face up to it and begin to put things right properly, which includes the management of the club facing reality and reacting, rather than cowering in the corner, which again shows how our situation has manifested into the performance, because thats pretty much what we did last night.
  8. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Rhodes price tag increases again

    Come next summer I mean, a team coming down from the prem would take a 3.5m risk on him imo. He’s always going to be worth something due to his name, as is usually the case with football.
  9. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Rhodes price tag increases again

    I would not be surprised at that at all, think you would be surprised at what a 'name' can get you money wise in football. Newly relegated teams will defo pay that due to his past.
  10. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Its got to be done

    If you think another change of manager will fix the deep lying problems we face over night, you are in for a big disappointment.
  11. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    0 - 0 against the pigs and we are happy

    I usually squirm at your ‘harsh’ comments, but for once I agree, we are dire and raw opinions like yours need to be be taken very seriously by the club. We have all seen how bad things can get if we accept that things are just the way they are, we nearly went out of business at one time. It is time for the club and us to stop been so sensitive and to really sort this out, because despite commending some of the lads git last night to get a draw, the actual football was possibly the worst I have ever seen us play. It really is time for us to pick ourselves up from the nearly, accept the criticism when relevant (as a whole, not on individuals so much). And get back on track, we need expectations, desire and something to be proud of again. This ‘transition period’ could go either way and people need to really consider that, just because we are attempting to build, doesn’t mean it will go the right way if the chain of command at the club don’t seriously ask the right questions of themselves.
  12. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Definition of support

    Heres a few definitions from the oxford dictionary Give assistance to, especially financially. Give approval, comfort, or encouragement to. Suggest the truth of; corroborate. Be actively interested in and concerned for the success of Bear all or part of the weight of; hold up. Are you using a carefully selected definition of support to support an argument about support?
  13. dontCallMeOwlCallYou


    Individual grit was admirable and Dawson showed maturity beyond his years with a great performance. But I wouldn't say I am proud right now, we have fallen off a cliff in the last few years. If anything I feel sorry for the lad to be honest.
  14. dontCallMeOwlCallYou


    Great determination and grit, football wise absolutely atrocious. Its a good result however.