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  1. Yes thats true for some cases, but attempting to bribe police officer's? I think getting the verdict on that would take a bit longer in a country that takes such things seriously.
  2. Yep, I really don't understand why people go on holiday, let alone out on the lash in countries that act like this.
  3. Haha brilliant. Thats how the young uns talk these days, you need an upgrade.
  4. This GIF is absolutely brilliant. It made me laugh so hard that I had kenco coming out of my nose.
  5. Ah, I see, missed the first part of the conversation just scanning the thread, sorry pal. I agree there, medals aren't necessarily a good indicator, depends who actually earned them.
  6. To be fair tho, Vardy wasn't just a squad player, he was a key player when Leicester won the league, there is a big difference. In my opinion Vardy is better than Hirst was. He's had the career that Hirst maybe could have had but didn't. Yes as a youngster I was excited to watch Hirst go at teams, and I bet the young Leicester fans feel exactly the same way about Vardy. Taking my wednesday tinted glasses off, only one of them truely made it to the top and left their mark. I personally think Vardy had the better attitude, which is the key attribute separating the talent
  7. His budget didn't really compare to the teams around us in those years. That Hull team was full of players way past our budget. Personally think we overrated alot of the squad due to how rubbish we had been for the previous 20 years. Carlos got them playing well in his first year, don't know how anyone could begrudge him that. That said I do agree he didn't do a tremendous job, but it wasn't as terrible as many make out either. It was a good job, with more positives than negatives for me. The club as a whole tried to buy a team too fast in my opinion. If we really think
  8. I am truely baffled by people with this kind of view of Carlos. He definitely had weaknesses and fizzed out, but the sheer hatred and lack off respect for the man is wierd. There were a lot of positives during his tenure. Loads of fans have this opinion too. Did he do a John Terry and feed their birds pony when they were at the game or something?
  9. I think he is a much better manager than alot of people make him out to be. After reading between the lines of past reported incidents. FF at Norwich, player bust ups, arguments about positions and the players been c***s to young players like Segiu Bus, etc. He seems a bit soft, if he could get the discipline right he would be a top manager in my opinion. Maybe working under or having an assistant who doesn't take that kind of thing would help him.
  10. Agreed, he is an amazing manager. Knew they would win the title under him the day he signed. He did an excellent job at Dortmund too.
  11. I watched an espn stream the commentator was great.
  12. Agreed. We seem to be much better at chasing a play off slot than consolidating one, its been the case since chanairi came in
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