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  1. Hillsborough

    We could just sign. Danny North from Cleethorpes town. Would be cheaper than renaming the stand, and putting signs up.
  2. Gary Madine

    Let's play the Gary Madine pub quiz. Question number one. What are you looking at?
  3. F.A.O John Terry

    Haha Jesus, don't hold back mate say what you really think
  4. United

    Put money on it then, I personally don't think they will go up. They have desire but lack class players imo.
  5. United

    I personally don't think they will go up, they won't be able to play at this tenacity all season no chance. Calm down lads

    Do you think the chairman will buy us Jordan Rhodes for Christmas

    Tbf from what I saw on here the fan base was not pro Carlos after the play off defeat to Huddersfield. People did say keep him for the play offs, but after them I would say the majority of fans have been calling for his head since.
  8. Warnock

    Personally would hate to have Warnock as our manager, if we are going to get a w****r let's get one in with success, and one that has an affinity to out club like Pearson. Know he said he won't manage a team in the city he lives in, so let's get him a house in Rotherham to sweeten the deal.
  9. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Why do we keep losing to teams, with our pub league players in them ffs
  10. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Wtf is going on this season
  11. Give your heads a wobble

    Course they are. That was a pathetic performance, Leon Clarke scored two past us. They don't have a player that should be getting in to our team. Very very very poor, felt like I was watching f****** England. Our fans deserved better than that.
  12. Gary Hooper

    Always said he's our best player. A simplistic comment yes, but he's got experience and is pure class.
  13. Unreal

    He was alright, what more do you want. Quick cameo and a goal. The w****** that let Clarke score two should get the stick today.
  14. Unreal

    Tbf João played good. But we let Leon f'ing Clarke score two. Bad performance and I am far from happy

    Maybe, but there you are talking about fine margins. No way should we have lost to them, with Leon fing Clarke scoring two.