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  1. I don't personally agree that FF had more of an x factor than Carbone. I get that people love players with flair so I get why he ranks high in peoples estimates. But talent wise he's behind all of those mentioned in my opinion. Hence why he has always been a second tier player. Very good player but far from irreplaceable.
  2. I personally think it's the opposite. The non super stars get too much and alot of players are over hyped. The elite players on 400k a week are the attraction. The clubs know this, people watch Barca mainly because of one man. The super stars might not be 10 times better footballers, but they are 100 times more marketable and popular. The Ronaldo and Messi's of the game know this and the money they generate makes them worth their pay. Eveyone else's agents are using that as the bar as they know teams need a few good players to make their main attraction look better. There are some
  3. Think we have had a fair few players after Di Canio that were better than, or at least as good as FF to be honest. Especially if you consider any position. Admittedly hard to compare players in different positions. But still... Antonio Brunt Lee Bannan Whelan Carbone Bougherra Hooper Walker Probably a few more too and this doesn't include loans. But yes FF was great in his first year.
  4. My heart says we can do it, but my head?!? We're going down in my honest opinion, hope I am wrong and you're right tho.
  5. Agreed, lets hope Chansiri agrees too and doesn't just sack Moore when we go down. Its not going to be his fault, I personally felt relegation was odds on after a disappointing January.
  6. Agreed, I am also pleasantly suprised. Hope it's a turning point for us.
  7. Haha, come on pal you know exactly what he means. Look at the shape of their heads, uncanny
  8. Oh good, we've sacked our manager again. Glad to see the club reverting back to a strategy which has proven to be so successful over the past 20 years. The manager has always been the source of all our problems. Now we can get a new one, which we should also sack as soon as possible. To ensure we resolve any future problems early.
  9. Ahhhh, so your saying talent, goals and assists may become useful in the future. Time will tell.
  10. To be fair name one time when talent, goals and assists have any won anyone a football match.
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