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  1. Defo knee jerk, but very disappointing result should have put them away. So understand a small amount of frustration and promotion is gained by putting such games away. But f*** it we go forward.
  2. Not sure I agree, I think it shows we have learnt from our past brushes with FFP, not that its still effecting us. I am pretty sure we could afford the money, but its a very risky move and makes little business sense. He will be free in a year and hes had one good season (not saying more won't come). Defo a pity a deal couldn't be done for the lad but I think we need some long term perspective, 5m is a big outlay. If DC spent like crazy again and we didn't go up we would be back to square one. I personally see the activity from us in this window as a brilliant sign for a positive future.
  3. Its a business and time is money. In the transfer market player values have and always will consider time remaining on a players contract for many obvious reasons. I am personally very happy Wednesday seem to have finally acquired some business acumen.
  4. Very optimistic about this signing, seems to be the right type of player at the right price. Welcome to the owls Massive-mo
  5. Agree with the sentiment and that pining is usally an issue in S6. But, this is a bit different imo. The guy was our POTS last year and will be rotting in an U23s team now. I feel a bit for Hec with this one, not for ourselves, massive waste for him. But I am sure getting paid what chelski pay him will soothe the blow. So its worthy of a little discussion, but as you say lets look forward now, we have made some great additions the window. UTO
  6. Surely he has to be considered the second choice forward behind Fletcher now Joao has gone? (Assuming Fessi plays on the side). He will be given a fair chance, upto him to take it.
  7. Remember a similar article a few years ago when Mourinho supposedly recommended Carlos.
  8. Id would defo be calling him if I was DC, don't ask don't get.
  9. Id personally go for GVB, which is unlikely I know. But defo would have a good go at persuading him, might be able to sell the vision. My second choice would be David Moyes, feel he could do a job here for the short term (better option than bully) whilst we wait for an up and comer like GVB. Failing that, what's Arsene Wenger upto?
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/owl4life1867/status/1150773979742965760?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet haha
  11. The local geordie rag is also reporting Bruce has resigned.
  12. Never said I was smart / skint cos I waste my time on things like that
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