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  1. The FA will investigate either way evidence or not. They have to be seen to do something before people start to realise what the real deal is. I personally believe the only real inequality in football in this country is within organisations like the FA themselves. They don't have a proportional representation of ethnic minorities holding top positions in the FA in comparison to minorities playing the game professionally. Same goes for the LMA, UEFA. During and in the immediate aftermath of the match there were possibly 3 crimes commited. Racial abuse, assault and inciting violence on social media. All should have been investigated by the FA and law in the sameway, as all are just as serious. We talk about Terry, but what about Jay Rodriguez, what happened to him was horrendous, those claims were obviously unfounded and the FA still investigated, which is understandable but they didn't do it compassionately. Putting him through a terrible ordeal and he became the victim. Society really needs to look at itself and the lengths people will go to to say I'm not racist. We all have brains use them, its obvious when someone is taking the p*** isn't it?
  2. Ah l see, so its more prove yourself innocent in civil law? As opposed to they must find you guilty beyond doubt?
  3. We've also got to remember he signed for free and players always ask for more wages on a free, so that should be taken into consideration especially when judging the signing. If hes on 40k a week thats roughly 11 mill over 5 years, take away his potential fee (id say half) when we signed him, in cost terms to us hes been about 20k a week really (if we paid for him, thats not too shabby). To replace him will cost a fee, so id say if he will take a bit of a drop in pay give him another year.
  4. That'd be rayt, my nan could have taken over in the mean time and we would have done better. Even she knows westwood should be number one haha
  5. Such a shame, I very rarely want a manager sacking but jos should have gone months before , terrible appointment for us pal. Atleast we seem to have a good manager in Bruce now so heres to next season
  6. Think the only if is if we had sacked jos much earlier tbh
  7. Thats exactly what I said. They are "AS BAD AS". The theory seems to be backed up by your response, because just like the right, the left don't seem to fully read things either, just the parts they agree with / match their agenda. Perfect examples of fake news are the Guardian or Daily Mail, left and right. How people read / believe their s*** is beyond me, especially in an age where more information is available than ever.
  8. My gosh, the left wing are just as bad as the right aren't they. Whatever suits the agenda.
  9. What a transformation since jos left, dare we dream?
  10. It's kind of amazing how the ref managed to send one of our players off, but let the rotherham players get away with some horrendous tackles
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