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  1. dontCallMeOwlCallYou


    No like Vardy, Maguire, Stones, Walker, Cahill. Get the local lads in, any talent in Yorkshire we should know about from a young age. I said local not immediate area, but that would be a good place to start. We don't have any Sheffield lads cos they all play for premier league teams lol.
  2. dontCallMeOwlCallYou


    Top 6, if everyone can stay fit. Don't see why everyone wants signings, bring through the local lads. If recent history is anything to go by, the local area can provide much better players than we can sign.
  3. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    FF Song

    He makes the rest of the league look poo All day, all night, Hooper.  Made even better with Reach, Adthe, Bannan and Lee, Hooper. ???
  4. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    #SWFC have got a bargain

    They have been blessed too, bargain.
  5. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    #SWFC have got a bargain

    Suprises me the Chinese don't just wear knock off kits. The rouge devils.
  6. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Matais is as bad as Abdi. He is broken more often than Katie Prices wedding vows
  7. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    The Spanish situation seems to be worse than ours to be honest, even barcas academy cannot get players in their team at the moment, its happening all over. Of course all countries have talent, France in particular. But our youth are regularly performing on the top stage now, they don’t need to play in the premier league immediately to make it, the german league is more than good enough for emerging talent. So is the championship, not so long back a lot of the english youth though they were too big to go to any other league. The thing that needed to chill is the wages. You cannot give 16 year olds 50k a week so other teams don’t get them, doesn’t even save them money anyways because over the development period its the same as paying millions for the player anyway. Think the big clubs have finally clocked that, and they don’t seem desperate to sign these kids straight away, they are just like get them when they are good as they will want to play for the best teams.
  8. dontCallMeOwlCallYou

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    England have a lot of young talent coming through, sancho even opted to join Dortmund rather than sit on the bench at city, quite a few have headed to Germany. Championship player of the season last year was an 18 year old english lad. The issue is the past lot failed miserably, Rooney, Wilshire, Walcott all got way too much money too young and burned out, and should be still in the set up now. Thus the holes in this team, the core is now of good young players. Never expected a result today, this team is too young to bounce back from the Croatia defeat so quick. The youth teams are doing well, they will build on this world cup, most of them have another two left. Think you should look at the talent coming through before you suggest its deluded to think we can build on things.
  9. Things are getting lost in translation here we are not fully getting each other, let's agree to disagree. It was disappointing. We are gutted, things could have been different yes. For me it's not how we played we did what we were capable of imo, Croatia player brilliant and they should be very very proud.
  10. You said the following for a start. "I reallyhope though that Southgate's view on last night isn't so flaky." "Would you seriously have accepted a loss to Sweden?" You talking poo mate, your implying it's all over, your complaining about losing to world cup finalists. The team gave their all, they lost to the world cup finalists. How can I say this clearer. Croatia are a better team full stop. They gave their all, back to my original comment, its arrogant to say that we let them win. That's effectively what you saying our mistakes and rubbishness let them win.
  11. You know what I am on about, your suggesting that we cannot get beat by a better team on the day and people be happy with the efforts. Like we have a divine right to win with an inferior team. Your also callling people happy with the efforts flakes and said earlier it's a losing mentality. Whilst suggesting that was our only major chance due to the draw, and we could never do it again, so who's got the loser mentality?
  12. Your right Burnley had a poo season last year because they didn't have a plan to finish above the top 4. A flake? You and a few others are suggesting that was our only chance. I am not and saying we will move on, so who has the loser mentality?
  13. We had no plan b, due to the way the English game was run not so long ago. Look at it this way. Rooney is the same age as mandzukic. He is no longer up to it. Wilshire should have been the creative spark, he done at 26. Walcott done, Shaw never made it. Shelvey, the list goes on, All those players should be options, they were either way over payed too young, or moved too young on massive money and no one could afford to loan them. I don't exonerate any critism, I see it as uncalled for. The manager used the resources available, a good team knew our weaknesses and we didn't have anymore options. What do you want Southgate to do, stop the aforementioned players from drinking and smoking every weekend. I suppose we won't agree on how to lose, we all have different emotions. For me we are not ready and I didn't expect us to get out of the group, we are going the right way but the damage is still reaping its head. I am not happy with defeat but except we were beaten by a better team, things change and their team would not be as good as ours in a few years, right now it's their day unfortunately.
  14. It's looks better because rules are being brought in to stop big clubs doing what they have been doing. Which has worked wonders with the youth teams winning major tournaments and younger England players mixing with the best at their age levels again. I have been pessimistic about the vast majority of England teams in the last 20 years. But my comment was about English club football that very obviously isn't completely rosey is it, teams are buying left backs for more than some of the traditionally largest clubs in the country cost, and not playing English players but are slowly getting forced too. We aren't going in circles you are talking poo mate. We have no option b as I said before when they clocked us they won. Our team is going in the right direction after years and years of arrogance. No technical mess up, no lack of heart, we for once played to the best of our a ability. And lost, we should be gracious in defeat for once. That performance was not a surrender or cannot be bothered. The comments form other posters about us beating no one decent are ridiculous, and make the people making them sound like idiots.
  15. We didn't sit back we were pegged back. Cannot see how you don't see that, they pressed and neutralised us, we didn't go defensive. The English team wasn't exceptionally talented and did very well imo, just beaten by a better team. If you want to moan at anything moan at the fact the larger clubs don't play English players and then attempt to steal ones from lower league clubs that will play them. There was nothing to manage no plan b, we have no decent sub options, that's the current state of English football, but the future looks better. Didn't expect us to get out of our group before it started, these lads have done well and gave their all.