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  1. Owls 3 Forest 1 LONG HIGHLIGHTS

    Think even if he had stayed on his feet Osbourne was going to score there. Perfect by him tbf very good goal, as the commentators said 'clinical'. Fine margin with the attempted tackle.
  2. I think he has a point, but he's basically judging the new signings without seeing them play much. Or at all, they could be a bit of what we need.
  3. CC's replacement.

    I bet you we finish higher than his team.
  4. CC's replacement.

    Seriously? Think about that one. CC has got us into the play offs every season he has managed us. Warnock hasn't done anything for years football has changed. I get people want style which CC isn't delivering at the moment. But Warnock's teams play shocking football. Plus hes a piggy c***
  5. MoM player ratings etc

    BB BB
  6. Or hutch could play centre back?
  7. Fulham Tho!

    8======D - - - - - __
  8. Fletcher

    He was injured for the international in the game straight after so maybe he took a knock. Do agree tho when he went off I was like bad sub. But maybe he was forced off.
  9. Bannan - Reach - Fletcher

    Yea congrats to all three. On a side note saw a thread slating Bannan the other day, didn't even feel like commenting, he needs no defending the class is obvious. He's a very good player, let's hope he keeps up his form.
  10. Carlos haters

    Completely agree with you here. Except the opening line
  11. Carlos haters

  12. Do we all feel a bit better now?

    Indeed. We all get mad because we know what this team is capable of. Some real talent at S6 these day. Wawaw.
  13. FF to Brighton

    Yep it's a massive shame, if he could knuckle down he could achieve great things here. Last season he was fairly average which is really sad, he can earn mega bucks here if he puts his all in with us and we go up. I'm not convinced that's his plan tho tbh.
  14. FF to Brighton

    Don't think it's a happy clapper moment here, its a matter of opinion and my opinion FF is a very good player. But I don't personally think he's our best player I rate a few over him. We have has a few better players than him since we went down Brunt, Whelan, Antonio, Westwood. Whilst he is a fantastic player and I would love him to stay, he's not Messi and if he wants to go he's replaceable. His attitude at times (transfer windows) stinks imo and this 'happy clapper' blah blah blame the fans in this scenario is very wrong. He has been shown nothing but love by Wednesday fans and he's kind of thrown it back in our faces every transfer window. If we need to move on so be it, it will be a blow but we venture forward. Sometimes we have to think long term.
  15. FF to Brighton

    He's a good player, but don't know how you've worked that out. He's not even the best player in the current squad imo. Sadly don't think FF is on the same wave length as the club. He's looking for a quick move to a lower end prem team for a few extra grand a month thinking short term. Whilst we are trying to build and move forward for the future. He's no where near as good as Di Canio as people keep saying on here. That's just embarrassing talk, like when the blunts compare Deane to Hirst. Very good player but not irreplaceable at all.