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  1. Keeper and Defence

    Not Pudil at wing back. Hasn’t got the legs anymore.
  2. Barry Bannan in his best position?

    Totally. It makes so much sense as a midfield shape and gets our three best CMs in their best roles. Even with the rest of the squad that season we could’ve played: Hutch Lee Bannan Wallace Forestieri Hooper
  3. Barry Bannan in his best position?

    Knock little balls round the corner for Joao or FF to run onto, play little one-twos with Hooper, etc ...
  4. Really? - Terrible pitches where the ball doesn't run true - Really heavy balls you couldn't bend or swerve around a wall at a free kick - Basic permission to kick flair players out of games Can't imagine that was better to watch than modern teams like Citeh, Barca or even Bournmeouth or us in the first season of Carlos. I've only been going to games for 25 years but even then I think the standard of play by most teams has improved significantly. Good technique is now more important than physical toughness and that can only be a good thing.
  5. The thing I don't understand about the 2-3-5 formation (having never actually watched a game where its played) is there is no one to mark the wingers. Doesn't that just mean the opposition team's wingers could get to the byline unchallenged and put it in crosses all day long?
  6. Has Barry Bannan ever played in his best position for Wednesday? From what I've seen he seems best suited to playing as a play maker in an advanced central role. So far at Wednesday he's either: - played out wide where he can get forward but not affect the game centrally - played centrally but been required to be more disciplined to cover for the forward players Jos's system could now be the making of him as in a midfield three (with plenty of defensive cover behind) could be the making off him and allow him to bomb forward centrally. I think much the same can be said about Kieran Lee and a midfield three of: Lee - Hutchinson - Bannan really excites me. Finally our best three CMs all playing in their best positions.
  7. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    Its clear from the Hutch interview on Saturday that we're not going to take any risk and ensure players are 100% before picking them. Seems very sensible. When everyone is back we've got a strong looking team I reckon: Westwood Venancio Lees Van Aken Hunt Reach Lee Hutchinson Bannan Hooper Forestieri
  8. Snodgrass tweet

    Fair play to him. Some of the abuse footballers get from fans is appalling but the same people shout it then get shocked an appalled as soon as they get a bit back. Its pathetic.
  9. Last Night's Tactics

    Well shouldn't we be aspiring to be? Shouldn't we be trying to develop a team that can play good football? Won't we get the rewards over the long term if we stick to a set of principles? Anyway, what I'm saying this that getting Wildsmith to kick long (not his game) to a load of short attackers and expecting them to win a header (not their game) is at least as risky, in fact probably more risky than trying to build from the back. If you've got the ball they can't score so don't needlessly give it away.
  10. Last Night's Tactics

    What you're saying is your are a pragmatist when it comes to football and don't want to follow one style for the sake of it. But then the issue is that Wildsmith - whilst having many good attributes - can't kick the ball very far or accurately. So if that's where our goalie is at, isn't the best thing to play it short. Pragmatically. If we still had Pressman in nets then its a different story.
  11. Last Night's Tactics

    I'm not sure I agree with this. Is first 5 or 6 goal kicks were all diagonals to Fox who was pushed up on the touch line but they all went out of play as either they were poor kicks or Fox couldn't win them. So then he had to do something different and I'm not sure knocking it long would've worked because (a) Wildsmith's distribution is not his biggest asset and he certainly can't kick it as long as, for example, Westwood, and (b) we didn't have anyone tall enough up front to win a kick that even got that far. So I took the least worse option in playing out from the back. Personally I think playing out from the back is not a bad tactic anyway. At a goal kick your team has posession of the football, with you launch it long you've immediately turned that posession into a 50/50 chance that you'll keep the ball or not. Why give up the ball when you've got it?
  12. Resting players

    If I was going to rest players it'd be during the game against Villa. We'd struggle to beat Villa even with a first choice (as much as any team can be first choice ATM with our injuries) team but three points were there for the taking last night if we had a striker out on the pitch. They'd then also be fresh for Swansea, the biggest game of the week IMO.
  13. Last night's REAL disgrace

    My mate suggested he might not be well and could be following orders. I suggested a man with that physique had never followed a doctor's order in his life.
  14. Few things we learnt tonight

    Loovens and Fox were very poor last night. Also Boyd has qualities but crossing ain't one of them so offers very little wide left. Still think we'd have won with actual strikers on the pitch.