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  1. Luongo is our most important player. We’ve not got a total like-for-like replacement but the closest is Pelupessy. At least he gets stuck in and has some defensive instincts. So think he hast to start for the tine being. I’d give a Windass a rest as he looked way off the pace on Wednesday. Rest of team depends on who is back fit, but something like: Dawson Iorfa/Palmer - Flint - Van Aken Harris Reach Brown/FDB - Pelupessy - Bannan Paterson Marriott
  2. He means players who can play in the position. So Palmer would be counted at right back and left back. Reach at left wing and right wing. Etc.
  3. Dawson Iorfa Börner JVA Harris Luongo Bannan Reach Brown Paterson Windass
  4. Looked certs to go down in 2001. Shreeves bringing in Palmer & Soltvedt as a couple of solid defensive midfielders, really turned it around. Also their experience was key in a team made up mainly of youngsters - Geary, Haslam, Stringer et al.
  5. I don’t get this “if Lees was on the pitch we wouldn’t have conceded” line. No one closed down the cross. Lees would make no difference to that. Paterson went back to centre half. All he had to do was stand roughly equidistant between JVA and Odubajo and head away anything that comes into the box. That doesn’t take the positional awareness of Fabio Cannavaro to do.
  6. I’m not demanding Tiki-Taka. Just trying to highlight how unusual our style is. It’s as extreme and ideological as the managers who pass out no matter what. And I don’t think it gets the best out of our squad. I want something in between.
  7. Ultra direct, route one - https://theathletic.co.uk/1988826/2020/08/27/does-monkball-exist-how-do-wednesday-play-under-monk/ And why? I don’t know. Wastes the talents of our midfielders and others.
  8. Played a whole season there for Preston and was obviously impressive enough for us to pay £4m for him the summer after. Got to get a run of games there now.
  9. Understand that managers will tweak their style depending on players at their disposal. My original point was about how weird it was that Monk has progressed from being a possession based passing manager at Swansea to being such a good all manager now. We’re not just a bit more direct, he’s got an ideological commitment to route one. This analysis of the stats shows we were the second most direct team in the week Champs last season - https://theathletic.co.uk/1988826/2020/08/27/does-monkball-exist-how-do-wednesday-play-under-monk/ - only Cardiff, managed by Warnock & Ha
  10. Garry Monk learnt his trade and took his coaching badges at Swansea during a time they played their way out of the Championship playing beautiful, passing, possession-based football. As their manager he got them into the top half of the PL. They were known as “Swansalona”. Flash forward just a few years and how has he ended up coaching a team to be scared of the ball and hump it forward as soon as it comes their way. Of never taking a short goal kick in 40+ games? Bizarre.
  11. Your argument is completely circular. - We only have one player in the squad who can take a proper king throw - You want him to be in the box to be on the end of the long throws - But if he’s in the box then there are no long throws
  12. Hope it’s not a diplomatic injury cos Iorfa is off. But then again if we’re gonna lose about ten mill in revenue all season with no crowds and we can settle that with one player sake you’d be daft not to consider it.
  13. Seriously this is like 1980s style football. - By design? - Because of the weather? - The players seeing a new target man in the team and thinking they’ve got to hit him every time?
  14. Don’t get this. So much to grumble about our tactics on the first half but if you’ve got one player with a long throw use him. Especially if you’ve got three big centre halves to fill the box with so won’t miss your striker’s height.
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