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  1. I've seen the formation and system that Gareth Southgate deploys for England described in lots of different ways: 3-5-2, 3-1-4-2 or 3-3-4 for example. But essentialy its: a back three | two wing backs | one holding midfielder | two "free eights" (attacking central midfielders to you and me | one number ten buzzing around a proper striker. Could this be very similar to what Wednesday deploy next season? A back three with wing backs is pretty certain, in midfield we can have Hutch or Pelupessy sitting, with Banna/Reach/Lee etc bombing forward next to them, then up front Fessi as a free number ten playing off Big Dave. What you think?
  2. beloved_aunt

    Big sam

    Two extremely important points: 1. There is no vacancy. 2. In his last job at Everton he was on £6million per year It simply isn't going to happen. Think.
  3. beloved_aunt

    Next 20 goal striker since MacLean

    He was. Thats why it was such a good idea not to renew his contract and spend all of our transfer budget on Francis Jeffers and pay him twice as much to do nothing for four seasons. I'm still bitter.
  4. beloved_aunt

    Venâncio celebration

    You'd imagine that left side of a back three would suit him really well and allow him to bring the ball out. A back three of Venancio - Lees - Van Aken looks decent but with only Pudil and Thorniley as back up I'd still like us to sign another CB.
  5. beloved_aunt

    Venâncio celebration

    I'm pretty sure when we did the loan deal we had an option to make permenant so we need to excercise that now. Not going to get anyone better who can immediately settle into the side for the same money.
  6. beloved_aunt


    Thats my fav formation and would get the best out of a midfield three of: Lee - Hutch - Bannan BUT ... We would need an inside forward for the right wing to make this work - maybe Patrick Roberts, Helder Costa or Marcus Maddison. But none would be cheap. We have 6 out and out strikers on the books, 4-3-3 only leaves room for one to play so what do we do with the other five?
  7. beloved_aunt

    Five wins in seven games

    Imagine adding Westwood, Lee, Hooper and Fletcher to the squad we had yesterday and things look much stronger.
  8. Lolz. They better have a huge check book. Jog on Leeds.
  9. beloved_aunt


    Have we ever had a manager wearing jeans on the touchline before? In fact, have we ever seen an opponents manager rocking denim in the dugout either? Jos is a fashion icon.
  10. beloved_aunt

    Fraser Preston

    He's 17 isn't he? Only a super special 1 in a 1000 player makes their debut at that age for any club. Give him time.
  11. beloved_aunt

    Thorniley watching Accrington

    It's amazing how many footballers don't seem to like football and don't watch games on their day off etc. So I've always got respect for any that use their spare tie to be at games. Fergie was apparently the same and he also liked players who read books, so if you got on the coach with a book to read for the journey you were in the good books. I think I'd agree with that too.
  12. beloved_aunt

    Basement Bargains?

    I don't think we need to sign any strikers this summer as we've got loads of them. Probably same goes for centre mids if Lee starts the season fit. So my priorities would be wing backs, particularly left sided, and centre halves if we're gonna stick with 3-5-2. With this in mind I'd suggest looking at: LWBs Loans: Luke Garbutt, Matt Targett, Brendan Galloway Buy: Joe Bryan, Brian Oviedo, Josh Tyman CBs Loans: Kyle Bartley, Buy: Jan Kirchoff, Harlee Dean, Charlie Mulgrew
  13. beloved_aunt

    Danny Batth

    Quite simple. Most fans don't know that much about football and don't follow it that widely. Therefore they haven't heard of that many players. So if they want to start a transfer thread they haven't got a huge pool to choose from. Like I said, quite simple.
  14. beloved_aunt

    Danny Batth

    Another one of these threads - I haven't heard of many footballers so I'll just link us with one of the few I have heard of because they used to be on loan here.
  15. beloved_aunt

    Back four

    Jos has only started with a back four in two matches during his tenure. Last night and Bristol City away. Both were unmitigated disasters. How come we are so unable to play a back four?