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  1. But David Pleat called him the "best header of a ball in the world"
  2. I always thought his ideal position would be spare man in a back three. Why I'm surprised Jos never played him there when he gave people like Jones a go in that position.
  3. Obviously the England point is tongue in cheek, but he is also eligible for Nigeria which is entirely plausible.
  4. 15 posh blokes rolling around in the mud in an interminably boring 'sport' - or the mighty Wednesday winning any match - hardly a choice is it?
  5. Glad to see he’s finally getting the universal credit he deserves. Been a brilliant signing for us.
  6. Was really surprised he got the nod over Bates, but probably because he hadn’t been on international duty so Monk has been able to work with him all week. That electric pace at the back means we can push up ten yards which helps so much.
  7. Dont think he’s set on one system. Has played 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 and different clubs. If we’ve got a manager who will choose a team based on the squads strengths, rather than shoehorning them into a set formation that’s fine with me.
  8. Dawson Iorfa Lees Bates Thorniley Pelupessy Luongo Reach Murphy Winnall Forestieri
  9. He wasn’t in the stands today he was at Anfield doing the commentary on TS. Get a grip FFS.
  10. It is the best way to play football and create scoring opportunities. But only if you’ve got the personnel to do it and they tend to be found at the elite level. Another reason I’m more scared of ditching Bullen and bringing in a random manager, it could really stall the progress we’ve made since January.
  11. Why do people keep putting Luongo as an alternative to Hutchinson at DM? L is more of s box to box all action midfielder who would come in ideally for Lee if he gets injured. If Hutch can’t play for any reason it’ll be Joey who takes his shirt and position.
  12. Who is “Audio Question” and why are you following them?
  13. Get the Sky App on your phone. Highlights live by 5pm and don’t need a subscription.
  14. 24 teams have won the title (19 more than once) feels to me you’ve got to start with them teams and can’t have in clubs who have never won it all like Palace (who also have a tiny stadium and vocal but small support) ahead of them.
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