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  1. beloved_aunt

    Total Football.....Jos Style.

    We're not exactly playing total football, but what Jos does is see a player's attributes and deploys them wherever required on the pitch rather than just seeing players simply as a "right back" or a "left winger". Eg he's played Reach, Penney, Hector, Forestieri and Hutchinson (amongst others) in other positions. Stuart Gray was similar in fairness, he made Lee a CM, Palmer and RB and Hutchinson a DM when they hadn't played there before.
  2. Matias' shirt to lose surely after two goals in a week. What a great option on the bench though!
  3. I would expect us to finish in the top half TBH. It's question of whether we can push on to top six.
  4. beloved_aunt


    Whenever he's had a run of games he's contributed goals and assists. Just hope he can keep fit and he is consistently selected and he will deliver again.
  5. beloved_aunt

    Hector report

    That's a point. When we signed him it was reported in much the same way as Onomah, eg a youngster on loan from a big club out to get game time. But at 26 he's not really that, he's a proven and experienced Championship performer.
  6. beloved_aunt

    Hector report

    They've clearly never played Football Manager, he's quality on that.
  7. beloved_aunt

    Playing from the back..

    If you have possession on the football why would you give that up to lump it forward and make it a 50/50 dual? If you have the ball on the deck and pass it on the ground it will be easier to control and use by your forwards when it gets to them. When your team has the ball you make the opposition expend more energy than you do and they come out of their defensive shape creating space elsewhere to exploit. Some simple reasons why modern teams play from the back. I remember when I first started going to football in the 90s and everytime any team had a goal kick all 20 outfield players would congregate in a tiny space you could chuck a blanket over around the half way line whilst the goalie banged it into that space to contest. Now THAT was stupid football.
  8. beloved_aunt

    Team at Forest

    I doubt if Penney will play. Jos has been quite clear that the young lads coming through aren't ready to play full intensive Championship games every three days, he has said Thorniley only got physically ready for that this season. So I reckon: Dawson Baker Lees Hector Thorniley Pelupessy Onomah Bannan Reach Joao Nuhiu
  9. beloved_aunt

    Onomah And Reach.

    Nah, Reach as part of a front three: Hutchinson Onomah Bannan Reach Forestieri Joao
  10. beloved_aunt

    Team for Stoke

    I'd start with no defensive midfielders and Boyd oddly included. But that's only where I'd start.
  11. beloved_aunt

    Squad Value

    The Chairman is picking the team now? You know something we don't?
  12. beloved_aunt

    Squad Value

    Believe me, if it was remotely possible to get £80m for that squad they'd have been shipped out this summer pronto. The likes of Fletcher, Hooper, Lee, Hutchinson, Westwood are older and on big wages. We'd only be able to give them away, would never get a transfer fee for them.
  13. beloved_aunt

    Youngsters and Checkatrade

    Wouldn’t you love a trip to Wembley to cheer on a team featuring Nielsen, O’Grady, Borukov et al?
  14. beloved_aunt

    Youngsters and Checkatrade

    How do we get that though and how far off are we? Some Champs clubs don have u23 teams in the competition so surely we can aspire to?
  15. Or youth development is doing great with the u23s getting to play off finals in the last two years and plenty of lads breaking into the first team. So should we be looking to get a team into the Checkatrade Trophy next year to aid the youngsters development further? Anyone know the rules on this?