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  1. As much as we want rid, I don’t think there’s anyone we’ll release this summer that will have any difficulties in finding a new club.
  2. I think a slight tweak of the midfield triangle to make it 4-3-3 would make most sense. First and second choice below based on who I think will be starting and going. Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Dunkley ??? Hutchinson Luongo Bannan ??? Paterson Green Dawson ??? Brennan Borner Galvin ??? FDB Hunt Hagan Adeyon ???
  3. This might be sacrilege to say but ... Joey has been one of our better players this season. He’s got his limits, obviously, but also his strengths. If you just ask him to sit in midfield, break up play and give the ball 5 yards to Bannan he’s very effective. So ... couldn’t you say all the same about Semedo? Isn’t Joey about equally as talented as Jose? Semedo was dominant in League One and that’s the first impression he made on fans who’ll always love him for it. But he did struggle when we got up to the Championship. If we go down I bet Joey would similarly boss League One, but because he signed at a higher level his first impression wasn’t so good. If fans love one why do they hate the other.
  4. He says he’ll asses the squad and play to our strengths. In my mind one of our strengths is a potentially quality midfield three of Brown/Luongo/Bannan. So I hope he sticks to his word, recognises that and plays quickly through midfield - not smashing it over their heads.
  5. Predicted team given all the injuries and suspensions: Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Palmer Luongo Bannan Windass Brown Reach Rhodes
  6. Rudy Gestede. Currently out of contract. If Pulis doesn’t think Paterson is a striker he’ll need to find a new target man somewhere.
  7. Timing isn’t weird at all. Lots of clubs like to change managers at the start of an international break as it gives the new guy two weeks to prepare for their first game, not two days like if they’d sacked Monk after Wycombe.
  8. First day of an international break is the ideal time to sack a manager as next guy gets the most time before their first match. DC will have been planning this since Rotherham and I’d be amazed if there wasn’t an announcement tomorrow.
  9. Chansiri is learning. Good. When he let Carlos go he had no clue and drifted until he ran out of options and appointed Jos. But when he replaced Jos he already had Bruce lined up. Sensible chairmen line up successors and give them two week international breaks to bed in. Bet there'll be an announcement in the morning.
  10. Mostly agree with OP. 4-3-3 like this would suit us best atm. Only thing is I’d play Reach on the right so he can cut in and shoot, and Harris has always been better (when playing as a winger not a wing back) on the left. As wingers both of them would receive the ball closer to goal than they do and so be better able to deliver and end product quickly than how they do now.
  11. Football in 2020 has left both of them behind
  12. The singers should probably swap constantly throughout the match in fairness, to stop the opposition full backs selling into a rhythm.
  13. Bannan, Brown and Luongo are a midfield trio who can play. FDB was brought up at City and can play. Reach can play football. Iorfa and JVA are both decent on the ball for centre backs and could play out if allowed. Our current direct style of play doesn’t get the best out of any of them.
  14. Main problem with Monk is that his hoof ball game is out of date and negates the skills of our more talented players like Bannan and Brown. Pulis/McCarthy/McCarthy etc would not fix this. Need a manager who plays football.
  15. Paul Cook is most people’s pick but not even on the list?
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