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  1. beloved_aunt

    Please play Joao in a 2 today....

    Well looks like Jos has partially listened to me. Not it that I would ever start Fox.
  2. beloved_aunt

    Please play Joao in a 2 today....

    Agree he’s not a winger and should play in a two up front (how good was he alongside Dave in a two at the back end of last season? Only for Jos not to even try it this year, weird). But we don’t have the personnel to play a 4-4-2 you suggest. Play better as 3-5-2. With players currently available I’d go: Dawson Lees Hector Thorniley Palmer Pelupessy Bannan Penney Reach Fletcher Joao
  3. beloved_aunt

    Are you always on the same side?

    Lots of people make excuses for Jos and he’s been dealt a tough hand but: - does anyone think he’s actually making us the sum of our parts or more? Surely not he’s making us less - would anyone actually trust him with the kinds of money CC was given in his first two years? - do we think our squad is as bad as the one Cardiff had when Warnock took them over on the verge of relegation, so we don’t think any manager could do better? That seems quite simple to me.
  4. Gone 3-4-3 it seems which is our best formation (results at Bristol and Villa for example). Why haven't we just stuck with this?
  5. beloved_aunt

    To the Jos supporters

    As f*cked as say Cardiff were when Warnock took over 18 months ago? Even in dire circumstances good managers can get more out of a team. The current manager is getting a lot less than the sum of its part out of this squad. Despire all the other mess this isn't hard to understand.
  6. beloved_aunt

    Fletch a Guardian 'talking point'

    By far our best number nine. Will definitely be benched on Saturday.
  7. If we're not part of the conversation about PL and not considered to be part of the biggest 15 clubs in the EFL by our peers then I'm seriously, seriously worried. A 20 team division would work out very well for us parochially, wouldn't have to carry as big a squad with few midweek games, would get more TV money and have a better chance at promotion. But is it what we want for the English game as a whole?
  8. Do feel sorry for the EFL to some extent. Whereas the PL just has to look after the interests of 20 clubs, the EFL have to watch out for clubs as diverse as Aston Villa and Forest Green Rovers. Not sure their interests can ever coalesce and if the 72 as 1 is a viable prospect for the future. The decision simply comes down to this: We're one of the teams picked for TV more often out of the 72 because we have a big fanbase and bring an audience. Currently we make very little extra for being chosen on TV (something like £50k a game?) especially as the crowd is usually also lower when screened. The argument from big clubs in a similar position is that this is unfair as we're bring the TV audience and should get a bigger share of the pot or a bigger fee each time we're on air. However, without all the clubs in the leagues there wouldn't be a product to sell and further dividing the haves and have nots with TV money (on top of parachute payments etc) isn't good for the competition. Image if we'd been promoted to the PL in the last couple of years and were bobbling around 15/16 now and the "big six" in the PL made the same argument to have a bigger share of the PL TV money at our expense, what would we think then? Self interest or solidarity?
  9. In terms of ability Jon Beswetherwick is the worst player I've ever seen at the club. Couldn't run, shoot, tackle, dribble, turn, cross, pass or defend. Others have had worse attitudes but he is actually the worst football player to play for the club in my lifetime.
  10. beloved_aunt

    Team for Derby

    Some key thoughts. Def need to be three at the back. Since Jos took over we've conceded fewer goals and won more points playing a 3 than a 4 and we just kept our first clean sheet that way. Fletcher and Dave both been on international duty and not training with the team so I think Joao might well start instead. Hopefully at home we play at least one offensive wing back so its not just 5 at the back like last time. Our best results have come with 3-4-3 rather than 3-5-2 (eg Villa and Bristol away) so got to consider this again. Dawson Lees Hector Thorniley Baker Pelupessy Bannan Penney Reach Joao Forestieri/Matias
  11. beloved_aunt


    Joao was on the bench. Matias was only brought on after 75 plus mins. They were out of steam and ideas by about 55 mins, I think if we'd hit them then we'd have had a chance of picking up the W.
  12. beloved_aunt


    I should also highlight how United aren’t all that either. People are talking like we were away at Barcelona last night but they ran out of ideas completely after about 60mins and I wish we could have pounced then. Wilder’s reaction focussing on wage bills and moaning about tactics (if you’re favourites you should be able to break down an opposition) was so petty and smacking of a small club mentality too. No wonder we’ve both been in the doldrums for so long.
  13. beloved_aunt


    Wow. I’ve got a lot of stick for this. I just can’t believe so many have such low expectations for their football club. Particularly when they support a side who are meant to be MASSIVE. If if you have a small club mentality you’ll become a small club.
  14. When I read the thread name I thought this was gonna be about Pelupessy who did his best Hutch impression tonight, flying into tackles!
  15. beloved_aunt

    The 'pen'

    It wasn’t a penalty. There should’ve been no penalties in this match. But if that dive was a pen, Penney should’ve had one too.