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  1. beloved_aunt

    Team for Sunderland

    Wildsmith Nielson Lees Thorniley Palmer Pelupessy Jones Penny Boyd Dave Matias Stick with the 3-4-3 which is clearly out best formation but risk as few players as possible.
  2. beloved_aunt

    Another formation thread - back to basics

    I endorse this message.
  3. beloved_aunt

    Big Sam anyone?

    Are you high? Seriously? He came out of retirement for his last job because it was Everton a top ten club, they offered him £6m a year and he had a wealthy backer and loads to spend. The idea he'd come to a mid table (or worse) champ club with a transfer embrago for a (relatively) tiny salary is absolutely crazy. Why don't you just suggest we go for Pep whilst you're at it? Insane.
  4. beloved_aunt

    Marco Matias

    Owlstalk has regular cried out for us to go with more pace. So why not go with a front three of Matias - Joao - Forestieri? The paceyist we can field and they can all interchange as well. Better than boring square pegs football for sure.
  5. beloved_aunt

    Is football becoming uninvestable?

    The intention of FFP is to pull the drawer bridge up. The elite clubs do not want another Man City or Chelsea (or Blackburn if you go back far enough) joining their ranks on the back of investment from a sugar daddy. More competition means they've got less chance to win stuff and won't have as many fans in the far east. At our level this means they want to limit the number of clubs who can get into the Premier League so they rig it with parachute payments and FFP rules which mean relegated clubs are allowed to lose more money in one year than we are in three. I can understand why its not healthy to have football clubs built on loans and debt (eg Man Utd bought against the assets the Glazers didn't even own yet, or us buying players from money Dave Allen lent us and expecting back with interest) but if a faceless sugar daddy wants to chuck their fortune at a football club and is clearly willing to cover the costs why shouldn't they be allowed to?
  6. Ok, we're under a transfer embargo and its going to take us 2-3 years to get the house in order before we can ever really "have a go" again. In this time period almost all of the big earners' contracts we have expired and we'll need to start again. So shouldn't we be using this time to develop a better recruitment policy to ensure we don't get in this mess again. In the first season under DC we had a transfer committee who recommended players to CC and though it was mocked, this was largely successful - Forestieri, Wallace, Joao, Hooper, Bannan, Hunt, Pudil were all successful signings IMO. There was of course a few duds too but you'll never get it 100%. In the second season, CC was given more control over transfers and went for a "one more push" strategy, bringing in olders players he thought could get us over the line with just a bit of nous, but it didn't work and most of these signings didn't work out, and those that did like Fletcher and Reach were very very expensive. In the third season we just seemed to buy whoever was available. So from this we have learned that transfers can't be left to one person, and that signing older players with no re-sale value leaves you in a financial hole eventually. When we're next prepared to have a go we need to have a better scouting system, go for younger players we could sell on and who will accept lower wages. We need to start laying the groundwork now.
  7. beloved_aunt

    Front three

    Joao isn't a right winger.
  8. beloved_aunt

    Is it time to ditch 5 at the back?

    Its the full backs (or lack thereof) that makes it hard for us to play a back 4. Also remember QPR and Bristol City away?
  9. beloved_aunt

    Front three

    Perhaps, but as I've also said I like the idea of going with our quickest three players. Then when they've stretched and tired out the defence stick Fletcher on to finish them off.
  10. beloved_aunt

    Back four

    Seen a few calls on here for us to go back to a back four because a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 suits us best. I agree that this would suit our front six players and would make sense. I think in an ideal world Jos would like to play like this as he's always been a back four manager in the past. But... - He's only tried it twice with us and it was horrendous, I was at both Bristol City away and QPR away when we got proper, thorough spankings. - Who are your full backs if we play with a 4? Reach/Boyd are really wingers converted to wing backs, Pudil has lost too much pace to play LB leaving us with Fox *cringe*. And on the right it'd be Palmer who already gets loads of grief on here. So how do you solve those problems?
  11. beloved_aunt


    It doesn't matter if we get new owners. No one can basically splash cash for another two seasons. And if they just dropped ticket prices etc instead then it'll be even long. Do a bit of reading up and FFP y'all.
  12. beloved_aunt

    Front three

    Maybe long term, though just not sure Fletcher can start a game yet. I just thought as we've all been decrying the lack of pace in the team for so long it might be nice just to put our three quickest players out there and get them interchanging and see what we can do.
  13. beloved_aunt

    Team v Hull

    Dawson Hutchinson Lees Pudil Baker Pelupessy Bannan Reach Matias Joao Forestieri pace up top!
  14. beloved_aunt

    Front three

    We looked better with a 3-4-3 than a 3-5-2 Nuhiu will be suspended for the next game Fletcher is not ready for 90 mins So ... lets hit Hull with the most pacey, dribbly and dynamic front three we can and get them all interchanging. Matias - Joao - Forestieri