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  1. Coleman gets linked but never Michael O’Neil, who when you consider the relative resources of NI and Wales, has done a far better job in recent years. Is is a great motivator and man manager and used to getting the best out of limited players. I think he’s well worth a shout.
  2. There is a ceiling on his style of football (which is similar to Bruce and Hughton’s which no one seems to have a problem with) but that is way, way higher than we are now or have been for 25 years. Certainly worth considering IMO.
  3. You might be right, but on the other hand they said the same about: - Hughton when he first took Newcastle up - Adkins when he took Southampton up - Brown when he too Hull up
  4. Think that’s our aggregate score after four pre season games. So the whole situation doesn’t seem to be having an undue effect. We also seem seem to have developed a clear style of play: * 4-4-2 with wingers cutting inside to shoot and creating overlaps (Joao/Nando on left for example) * high energy and closing down * one tackler (Hutch/Pessy) and one passer (Baz/McEachran) in the middle As we’re so close to the start of the season and as Bullen has been so involved in all these preparations and organising the team this way would it make sense just to leave it with him at this stage and let him have a run at the season? Anyone new might want to change the whole style and bring in new players or disagree with signings we’ve made.
  5. Why is Sol Campbell not being touted at all? Lots of the "golden generation" now coming in and doing good jobs and he performed wonders at Macclesfield. Also great contacts (got Andy Cole in as finishing coach for example).
  6. Guaranteed we will draw Newcastle at home. Get your money on it and planting your cabbages so they're all grown in time.
  7. So was Borner yesterday, Moses today, tomorrow I'm guessing Harris then a new kit on Saturday? Lee and Palmer next week.
  8. "After one season with the Bees the England Under-20 international caught the eye of the Tigers" Got to admire what they've done there. Big hand for whoever writes the website stories.
  9. Presumably this would mean he would be in breech of contract and owe the club a lot of money or not be able to take a job elsewhere. These contracts must be pretty watertight otherwise the scenario you suggested would happen all the time. Why would Chelsea pay Derby £4m if Lampard could just resign and walk over to them etc.
  10. List of our record transfer departures: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/sheffield-wednesday/rekordabgaenge/verein/1035 Bruce going to Newcastle could be in our top three ever "sales" not bad really!
  11. 100%, also his style is similar to Bruce so won't be as much of an upheaval as going for someone very left field.
  12. The Star now reporting we could get as much as £5m compo for Bruce: https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/sheffield-wednesday-newcastle-united-set-to-offer-steve-bruce-transfer-war-chest-to-secure-st-james-park-switch-470278 If this anywhere near accurate we've got to take it haven't we? We've all been saying for a while that we'll need to sell players to get out of financial doo-doo, but if we get hard cash for a manager who's only been here six months and then appoint someone like Hughton who I see as being on a similar level to Bruce, that's a deal you've got to take isn't it?
  13. I think theres very little chance of Bruce going. Who in their right mind would want to work for Ashley and they have just got rid of their two top scorers from last season to boot. Relegation certainties at the moment. We've been really good for Bruce which he'll want to repay that, but also if you cast forward 24 months I honestly think there's more chance of us being in the top flight than them. Having said all that, if he jumps ship, we get some good compo and hire Chris Hughton its hardly the end of the world either. Overall I'm very zen about it.
  14. Borner just been announced, so that answers my question.
  15. Westwood was announced yesterday which means we must be out of the embargo, so I think the club will now keep drip feeding out the good news day by day to build up some good feelings. So who today? Palmer? Lee? Borner? Moses? Harris?
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