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  1. We have three seated tickets for Brentford but would prefer to stand on the terrace below. Is there anyone who has tickets for the terrace but would much prefer to be above? I’d need takers for all three so we can stay together. Hope this can help someone.
  2. A thoughtful, well-written and well-intentioned OP. But, on this point ... "I don't honestly know a single fan of Sheffield Wednesday who wants Mr Chansiri to go, or who doesn't like him, or who thinks he's a bad chairman" ... I have to say I want Mr Chansiri to go, I don't like him, and I think he's a bad chairman.
  3. Dejphon Chansiri has done (and will do) much, much more damage to Sheffield Wednesday than Carlos Carvalhal ever did. I continue to rue the day Chansiri ever came near us.
  4. Yeah, we played Southport in the FA Cup under Irvine in 2010-11, but that was on ITV. I'm pretty sure the last time we wee live on the Beeb before Palace in 2010 was the Cup quarter-final in 1997 and, before that, the Cup Final Replay in 1993. Theres not been many!
  5. Absolutely love the OP ... and agree with every word. Well done, mate.
  6. The Southport game in 2010-11 was on ITV ... a rare terrestrial appearance. We were on BBC1 the day we got relegated against Palace in 2009-2010, and that was the first time we'd been shown live on terrestrial television since the FA Cup quarter-final against Wimbledon in 1997. Our FA Cup first round tie at Morecambe in 2011-12 was shown on ESPN, who had the rights at that time. I regard myself as a bit of a nerd on such matters ... so I hope I'm right here!
  7. Just you do that, pal, and we'll keep supporting Wednesday in our own different ways. PS Your post was incredibly patronising (and pretty brainless imho).
  8. Excellent post. I agree with every word.
  9. If ever there was a metaphor for Sheffield Wednesday's decline in the last quarter of a century, it's the physical deterioration of poor Ozzie Owl in that time. Look at the big fella in 1994, delighted to welcome visitors to his home, absolutely dominating the scene with a beaming smile of Premier League pride and a belly bursting from the joys and excesses of life in English football's fast lane. And look at him in 2017, now a sadly scrawny and apologetic figure who seems almost ashamed to even have his photo taken. The beak is downturned, the formerly spiky hair lies
  10. Each to their own of course, but I find it absolutely incredible that anyone can be of that opinion. Carlos has very much lost his way and should probably be replaced, but Chansiri is a much bigger danger to our club imho. I think he's done much more harm than good since taking over and I regret the day he ever did.
  11. Absolutely disgraceful pricing ... albeit entirely unsurprising. There's not nearly enough criticism of Chansiri imho. Things have improved on the pitch a lot since he took over but, bit by bit, we really are losing something in the process. He's imposed immoral ticket prices (in a relatively deprived part of England); robbed us of our stripes on a bizarre whim; and now released a kit (shambolically four months late) for £59, reduced to £49 if you're lucky?!! The commercial side of the club is as bad as it's ever been. I think Chansiri's treated the fanbase with disdain
  12. Why bother making an unhelpful response like that? Harris wasn't complaining ... just looking for help/advice.
  13. I have a spare ticket for the Kop for tonight's game. Face value: £20 PM me if you want it. Cheers, Ronan
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