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  1. Having the mobility of a lighthouse does not make him a shining light!
  2. Just like the constipated mathematician....he worked it out with a pencil too.
  3. Maguire was rightly booked. Not quite a Gordan Watson dive but a bit embarrassing all the same. Only blot on his copybook today tho. Looks so comfortable on the ball and always wants it...even during Fergie Time
  4. Loved the fact that when they went down to ten men we went for jugular. No sitting back and giving them a chance to come back into it a la Yeovil. Gray deserves great credit for this.
  5. No, I'm not sure Mayor Collymore would allow that to happen....
  6. Where i m from the local paper ran a front page article about our new pubic park. Apart from the odd bush I couldn't see what all the fuss was about.
  7. Pubicly humiliated? Did they sign a dodgy Brazilian?
  8. I know Patrick Fitzmaurice but not if Maurice Fitzpatrick
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