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  1. I'm a Blade, piggy scum sad poopydoo for posting on our rivals forum after a win etc etc... All that aside... Who is this bloke who runs this place? I've noticed that his posts are extremely positive, all of the time. Very strange manner in which he posts. Almost creepy.
  2. Dat dere playoff challenge. I think I repressed that one, no recollection at all.
  3. A 0-0 draw at the Lane and a 2-0 cup win over Carlisle and you're buzzing! Carry on your exceptional form and beat Cardiff for us please.
  4. Shush, you can't post the truth, they'll make something up and they'll say it so much that they'll accept it as fact. I never use it either, it's bloody embarrassing.
  5. It's all quite child like really isn't it? You dirty pigs.
  6. Not at all. I reckon we'll finish about 10th. Fulham will, Leeds are pretty dire though.
  7. That brilliant point you gained yesterday sees you drop to 17th. Our poor point sees us rise to 6th. Not a bad week.
  8. You sound rattled. I hope the 0-0 win comforts you.
  9. I'm pretty disappointed, I'd be in tears if you'd have beaten us 4-2.
  10. I like how the tables have turned so much this season that a point at the lane is considered a huge success.
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