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  1. Westwood Mattock Lees Loovens Palmer Semedo Hutchinson Helan McGugan Maguire Keane
  2. yup get it done, arguably, Milan has to go up there in the top club legends of all time, we would more than likely have no club to support if it wasn't for him, big thanks to Nick Parker & Howard Wilkinson also for bringing him here Lets hope the John West era is here to stay and is a long successful one WAWAW
  3. People always talk about, Di Maria Wayne Rooney & Van Perise - optional line in the middle I Don't care what the others say Cos We've got Will Keane Whoooooaaaaa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MnELifX3sQ
  4. Should be about a club legend rather than hating that lot every single one of us, loves Howard Wilkinson... now, everyone who thinks im talking bullshit stand over that side...
  5. Was a big fan of the 2Unlimited music to be fair
  6. roger Palace North stand & on the concourse at half-time on away days is the future!!
  7. My My Myyyyy Dielna Why Why Whyyyyy Dielna......
  8. Hi guys Just looking into travel for this one, cheapest i can see trains are about £70 anyone been able or think it could be done for less? thinking Megabus but only drops I can see are in London then get another train down? Thoughts? WAWAW
  9. HI I think ive lot my matchday tickets for tomorrows game, i rang ticket office and they passed me a number for the supporter soceity 01143240708 ? No answer on that number will they be closed now? has this happened to anyone before? I used my member id when booking so should be able to trace the transaction shouldnt they? any help much appreciated uto wawaw
  10. When Roland Nilsson was appointed on Fri 6th Dec 2013...
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