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  1. did he stay for the second half though
  2. Heartbroken, thanks for some truly amazing times , rip sir
  3. He got mine , thought he was great , first half especially
  4. Just ordered, cant wait for this , this is when wednesday really were loud and proud , wouldn’t have missed those times for anything
  5. Van aken for handing revenge on a plate to the pigs after 40 years
  6. Not Wednesday but really worth reading , we don’t know what we’re doing, by adrian childs , bit dated now ( 2007 ) it’s hilarious in places and can certainly relate to his away day followings with wba , can see myself in there going away with Wednesday, funny and for the most part true, try it
  7. Wednesday v palace fa cup replay ( 1973 ? ) at villa park , joicey hat trick , was mental that day
  8. Probably the strangest and certainly the funniest was the flying duck that flew over leppings lane and dive bombed into the kop , couple of seasons back
  9. The guy falling from the upper west stand ( bolton fan ? ) down into the seats below
  10. It was worth the admission money just to watch these two in the warm up , sublime skills
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