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  1. another one for the old timers, keep em coming trev
  2. If you think this is killing the passion wait while bloody var gets to full swing
  3. Fao whitechapel, more please better than watching britains best dancer , ffs
  4. Well done westy, would never have got that in a million years
  5. Can’t get on website is hull away sold out anyone know cheers
  6. Harry is the guy who badly injured himself in a nasty fall on the north stand during the bolton game , just enquiring how he is
  7. Amid the mayhem of the last fortnight totally forgot harry, last i heard he was hoping to be back for preston game , any news anyone
  8. Deepest condolences , stay strong fella
  9. Correct owler, despise manure for that, who the fizz do they think they are
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