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  1. Are priority points awarded for this fixture?
  2. Great post, I’d love to go along with it , however you’ve forgot the 6,000 fans still awaiting a refund of which I’m one so my attitude isn’t going to turn anytime soon
  3. I bought early bird for both tha relevant seasons, myself two sons and three grandkids, heard nothing
  4. never liked Bristol but I wouldn’t wish reach on you
  5. Did Dion Dublin play that day or is my memory playing tricks
  6. still waiting , me two sons and three grandkids, south stand
  7. Alarm bells were ringing last night when he didn’t make the team or bench
  8. Got to agree with that , was showing and using he ball better than most , don’t get the hate he’s a decent midfielder , needs a few games
  9. Drove down from the old Harrow near you
  10. Went to all of them , went to Highbury and somehow wound up on the clock end , was sneaking out at full time when Liam Brady equalised , had to celebrate like mad in the middle of the arsenal fans . Went under the stand at full time drinking in “ the gunner “ I think it was called , too scared to watch Extra time upstairs
  11. If we’re now saving £30k a week, can I have my season ticket money back please, by the way whatever Rhodes had he lost it five years ago
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