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  1. I've done 9. Was 2 years old for 66 cup final. My dad went does that count ?
  2. 23/09/1964 Sheffield Wednesday - Burnley FC 5:1 Day before I was born, at home, approx 500 yds from the ground.
  3. I've got two cockers and their recall is shybo.
  4. I hope the players are more focused than I am at the minute. I'm a mess!! I'm a believer in the Wednesday way but tonight let's put this in the past. Come on you blue and white wiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzrds
  5. I'm as emotional as when I first heard Adele sing someone like you at the brits. If / when I see Jordan Rhodes in a SWFC shirt I don't think I will be able to contain myself. I'm struggling now FFS!!
  6. I'm that happy I'm just plussing everyone ( so far ) in this thread. Happy transfer deadline day. Fooook me !!!
  7. Funny thing is, if my wife treated me like Sheffield Wednesday do, I would have no hesitation in getting divorced but I will never leave SWFC. I have a brilliant wife by the way.
  8. I agree. Let's get real Wednesday. Take no prisoners. We are Sheffield Wednesday after all.
  9. I'm not as angry as I was last night. I'm still gutted thinking about the what ifs. The frustration of supporting SWFC for nigh on 50 years does this to you. So near, but yet still so far. But hey, looking forward to a Saturday without any stress.
  10. This is probably what I would say had I not been sooooooo flipping angry. A defeat always leaves me like that but this one takes the flipping bourbon.
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