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  1. I think its Brian Marwood, also Gavin Oliver just above Marwoods head? and is that Carl Shutt at the back ?
  2. Was in with the Peaky Blinders today. Massive Wednesday voices to our left. Well done great noise.
  3. The diahorrea comment made me flipping laugh too. I cant change anything at Hillsborough or on the pitch but I can change how I feel after each result. I will be firmly stuck in the FOW thread tonight.
  4. Ha ha this a great thread. Youve un-workable up my weekend again you bunch of flipping Muppet lobsters. My wife will divorce me soon if I continue to sulk at these defeats you thrust upon us you useless rumblezoids !!!
  5. That has to go down as one of our least celebrated goals in history.
  6. There was some real pissed up guys there today. 1 bloke was ejected twice, he must have been about 65!! There was another proper angry bloke as well who got turfed out. I couldn't tell whether they were Carlos in or out though it was that nasty.
  7. Just down the road from me. I'll be walking past Elmwood with the dogs before setting off with my son, then on to pick up my dad on the way.
  8. Do I not like that Carlton, CARLTON, FFS CARLTON !!!!
  9. Mine too (and the day after Wilders 50th). Hope we ruin his 50th like Man City ruined mine.
  10. I like it. Im sure my first season tickets allowed you could choose between kop or lep.
  11. Winnall Has to start on Wednesday night. So does Hooper.
  12. I like it. It's the shirt we wore when I first started watching the Owls. Thought the socks were a shade too light and were borrowed from the white 3rd kit. That said I like it for now.
  13. I bet there aren't many chairmen that visit the club shop before each game to have photos and interact with supporters. Ours does. Top bloke!!
  14. No just 2. I was stationary. One on the horn one fisting the air. Seemed to go on forever!!
  15. One hand on my horn, the other out the window - fisting the air. I can't believe none of the other motorists joined in.
  16. No following but if I'd got a ticket for tomorrow I might have.
  17. Yes but I've been laying insulation this morning and it would have made me itch.
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