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  1. Essex, you must have been a couple of rows in front of me. I was on the row where the young lad vomitted everywhere at half time. The stench caused a big void if anyone wondered why no one was stood behind the goal in second half.
  2. Look after my boy. He’s going with his mates and a couple of parents. I couldn’t get a ticket.
  3. Lewises bar owner great guy tbh. He’s a friend of Simon Donnelly who is visiting the bar next week. He’s got a photo of Simon Donnelly and Phil O’Donnel in the bar which apparently was the last one taken before Phil passed away. I’ve got to go now as I’m seeking a pedicure.
  4. ******** bar owner taking the pishh. He’s given me this to sound every time we score.
  5. In and seated. Watching Man U fans crying in their Guinness. Let’s hope we aren’t later.
  6. Gi orr, nowt wrong wi them. Years of hand me down shoes when we were younger.
  7. Hotel Triton, Benalmadena, cheeky week away. Not been before but would recommend. ( apart from the odd mucky sun bed )
  8. Didn’t know whether to sit closer to the beach though. I’m 2 feet away from the balcony.
  9. Watching from Lewis’s Bar again. Excitement is building here around the pool. Come on you blue and white wizards.
  10. I think we are getting shoved into a back room at Lewis’s bar so Man U v Liverpool can be shown on main terrace. I’ll send photos updating how many of their fans are in. So far in our hotel 2 pig fans and 4 Owls (including me and my lad plus 2 others). That makes us massive, with twice as many fans as them. UTO.
  11. Haha it’s not tenants. I thought that when I posted the photo, it’s actually San Miguel but I’m not complaining as he’s also showing manu - Liverpool game as well. So long as he shows our game on one of his screens he can pour it into an egg cup and I won’t complain. Does Tenants still even exist ?
  12. Home / away day for us today I’m afraid. Hunted down Lewis ‘s Irish pub in Benalmadina and he’s putting it on for us. GTFI
  13. We arrive at the same time. Any coincidence. UTO
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