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  1. Mine too (and the day after Wilders 50th). Hope we ruin his 50th like Man City ruined mine.
  2. 'Sit Anywhere' stands...

    I like it. Im sure my first season tickets allowed you could choose between kop or lep.
  3. So, a red card?!

    That's how I interpreted it as well.
  4. This would suggest he's here and signed.
  5. Winnall

    Winnall Has to start on Wednesday night. So does Hooper.
  6. New kit get its first run out

    I like it. It's the shirt we wore when I first started watching the Owls. Thought the socks were a shade too light and were borrowed from the white 3rd kit. That said I like it for now.

    I bet there aren't many chairmen that visit the club shop before each game to have photos and interact with supporters. Ours does. Top bloke!!
  8. Come on Wednesday. Let's flipping do this !!@@
  9. Single fanfare weirdo

    No just 2. I was stationary. One on the horn one fisting the air. Seemed to go on forever!!
  10. Single fanfare weirdo

    One hand on my horn, the other out the window - fisting the air. I can't believe none of the other motorists joined in.
  11. Single fanfare weirdo

    Don't you ?
  12. Single fanfare weirdo

    No following but if I'd got a ticket for tomorrow I might have.
  13. Single fanfare weirdo

    Yes but I've been laying insulation this morning and it would have made me itch.
  14. Single fanfare weirdo

    He might have, it might have been him driving. The driver looked serious.
  15. Single fanfare weirdo

    If I could have, I might have !!!