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  1. Shows what can be achieved with a right minded / thinking owner. Clearly loved by players and fans.
  2. I was saying to my lad, I hope Leicester win cos that’s Vardy with a league title and FA cup win, he now needs to come home.
  3. What, if anything have they worked on in training. I had 100% confidence that was going where it ended up.
  4. I’m looking at sky bet right now
  5. We should print it off and stick it under their car windscreen wipers at training ground. * * if anyone does do this it wasn’t me.
  6. I’m actually looking forward to this game and I can’t remember the last time that happened. So please don’t let me and Gurujuan down today boys. UTO RIP Guru.
  7. I think this. If we win it’s game on. If we lose it’s game over and hello L1
  8. Exactly this. I also thought he was a little flustered afterwards but that could be too many San Miguel and the excitement of the win making me think that.
  9. I hope that our coaching staff heard that as well.
  10. I’m going, after I said I would never go to Preston again following the 1-0 defeat at the start 2017. I still have nightmares about that now.
  11. Hope it goes better than the last two times they played on my birthday. 7 - 0 away at Man City and last years Derby at Hillsborough FFS.
  12. Scratch above. Coverage starts at 19:40 FFS!!!! Having seen the line up, I'm not sure I want to watch it now. Haha haha.
  13. Just found out I can't watch it on virgin tv either as you have to subscribe to HD and I haven't. Just wasted £30 for a months subscription for fizz all. Going to ring em now for an upgrade for nowt or tell em I'm not paying. God help us.
  14. I've googled it and apparently not. It just shows the default match. Don't take my word for it, double check but I fear it will be same as Now TV.
  15. I know I'm boring you all now, so this is my last post on the matter. Red button is available on virgin but have to wait until 19:30. HOPEFULLY !!!!
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