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  1. Sad, sad news. Condolences and lots of love to your family Jose. Thoughts are with you
  2. It did flash through my mind you might be doing that when I saw your name. Good luck hope you get sorted.
  3. I’ve got 4, 1 adult + 3 under 18. Can’t go now as I’ve got covid.
  4. I’ve tried calling ticket office but no answer. I’ve emailed them so I’ll wait and see. Definitely not Ipswich as didn’t go. Started with symptoms Friday and tested + Saturday. Horrible virus.
  5. I’ve got an adult and 3 juveniles, plus a car parking slot in local Asda, 10 mins walk from ground that I can’t use as I now have covid. Be reyt though as me (us) going is usually kiss of death.
  6. Bumped into a mate who left Sheffield to live in Cornwall 20 years ago. I didn’t even know he’d gone. I’m sure he is a member in here so CW great to see you again in another 20 or next season if neither of us go up.
  7. nightmare days. But it’s not like we have a choice. Wednesday chose us and we have to keep doing it UTO
  8. I wasn’t suggesting you were having a go at the fans Owls2k, not at all, but I know I felt a great deal less despair following defeat at Morcambe than I did today. We were unlucky against morcambe and should have won. I didn’t go, it didn’t cost me anything so I felt ok (ish). I most certainly don’t after today. Still planning on going to Wigan though
  9. For the avoidance of doubt some vented their splines but a lot more applauded.
  10. I honestly don’t think the OP is suggesting we should expect a refund or is asking for one, I think it’s more about VFM, and that today fell well short. There has to be a direct correlation with amount spent (both in time and money) / performance pitch = ******** outright disappointment. When the players came over to fans at the end, I for one clapped them. I don’t know why. I think I’m trying to play my part and thought at that moment that was a better way for me to contribute than offer a ******** sign and hurl abuse. A lot of others did, but more didn’t.
  11. Match tickets £60 Fuel £100 Food / drink £45 Having the ghosts of Preston 2017 exorcised and replaced with something far worse - Priceless. My problem is the way of the defeat. We’ve had 2 weeks a full 14 days with 99% of our players available to work on whatever in training. I don’t recall their keeper making a save apart from the g/mouth scramble, when he made a worldly.
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