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  1. Hope it's not so people have to actually go to watch the game. Our away following at Leeds in recent years has been awful
  2. Don't really get the big hissy fit over the subs. We were 3 nil up in what essentially is a nothing game and Bruce obviously wanted to try a few things and also make sure players are as fresh as possible for the next 2 games. Absolutely fine isn't it
  3. And how long did it take Wallace to find a club? Had to drop down leagues as well. Doesn't just work like that
  4. We could easily have a starting 11 of Dawson, Palmer, Lees, Pudil, Van Aken, Reach, Bannan,Hutch,Fessi, Joao, Nuhiu and a bench of Fox, Wildsmith, Fletcher, Matais, Boyd, Joey P and Jones with Hooper and Lee back in a few weeks. Hardly a team full of youngsters. I think people forget how big a squad we actually have. The youngsters coming through and getting game time is a bonus.
  5. I see were you are coming from with it. Not exactly been a great pre-season but we did well at the end of last season and Jos now has Westwood, Hutchinson, Fletcher and Van Aken to add to that team as wll as hopefully having Lee and Hooper back soon. I think this gives us a pretty decent side. I think it will do us good to have no real pressure on as well. No one else thinks we will do anything this season..
  6. Surely your memory goes back more than 3 years? We've had a garbage championship team for years apart from about 3. The team we have now might not be top 2 material but can more than hold it's on in this league. Think you are also forgetting we have players like Fessi and Bannan who are miles better than we've had for years. Hardly all doom and gloom.
  7. You do know we are allowed to sign another right back?
  8. Did anyone else last night look at the team sheet with more optimism than most weeks? Seeing a side without Fox, Palmer, Wallace, Butters and Nuhiu in it and replaced with a bit more pace and attack minded players was a nice surprise. Not sure why it has taken so long for Boyd and Clare to be given a game but both were good as was Hunt. Although both Palmer and Nuhiu did well when they came on I thought the team that started can actually compete in this league. Hopefully Lees is back for the villa game to add to it and it suddenly doesn't look so bad after all.
  9. Since coming into the side against Forest he has been our best player Imo along side Reach. Even against Burton were we we awful he looked a threat. What impresses me the most is his hold up play. I always thought he was a bit of a weakling but he Is very good at getting his body inbetween the ball and defender. Yes he is unpredictable and gives the ball a way at times but he's always a threat and has something special in his locker. Building for next season I would love to have him Fessi, Hooper and Winnall as our strikers options and move the rest on.
  10. Bit silly to even attempt to compare them. Man city are one of the best sides in Europe at the minute and Cardiff will probably just make the play offs in the league below. Man city beat most premiership teams by 2 or 3 goals never mind championship teams. The difference between most of the bottom half and the top 6 in the championship isn't that big. Wolves could probably give most of them a game now. All 3 sides that went up last season are holding their own as well,
  11. I don't get paid till next week so couldn't afford it and to be fair I wasn't that fussed about an FA cup 4th round game against Reading. If it was a more attractive game I'm sure I could have found the money though. Not sure why people don't get this. People prioritise how they spend their money and many would rather spend it else where then on a game like this. It's not just £15 quid either you have to add the cost of a few pints and food. Soon adds up
  12. Hutch starts tonight. Have it on good authority. Clare is on the bench also.
  13. Some reyt fannies on here. Probably all the same people who slated the idea of Moyes being manager and look how he is doing at West ham. He wouldn't be my first choice but he knows the division and has also won the Dutch league and League cup as well as getting to UEFA cup final. A better pedigree than most. And Monk is seen as a good appointment by most despite one good season?
  14. Dunno if it helps but I have a membership you can use
  15. You seriously think we need 6 players? Where on earth will these players fit in?
  16. You probably wanted us to sign Danny Batth
  17. Brightons 2 main strikers are prem rejects and it worked for them.
  18. What have Hull, Sunderland and Norwich spent this season? We have stronger sides then all these imo. All have lost players without really replacing them
  19. They've signed 2 defenders and a defensive midfielder. Hardly "assembled a heck of a squad".
  20. One has had years playing in the premiership, played at international level and has been bought for big sums of money the other is a very average championship player who can't attack or really defend
  21. The majority of Huddersfield's side were loan players. Would you want to copy that as well?
  22. Didn't know he had been at Villa 7 years. Loads on here calling him a journey man as well.
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