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  1. I think the point is that he wants first team football and won't get that at city. This doesn't mean he's a bad player because they are allowing it to happen. He could be a good premiership level player for all we know but that doesn't mean he is good enough for city as their standards are so high. To say they aren't going to get rid of anyone good is a bit short sighted. We don't need the next Phil Foden we need a player who is going to be a good championship player. This is world apart level wise.
  2. They got rid of David Brooks
  3. Would honestly snap their hands off for 9 points and a fresh start
  4. Would you rather give a young player a chance or someone who isn't going to be here next season? Very easy choice for me
  5. He's barely kicked a ball for us. Our fans never give anyone a chance
  6. Sums our fans up. Kids hardly played for us and already getting called a very poor player
  7. And this is my point. People have wrote him off as the result of that bad game. It's been 18 months since then.
  8. Would love him to get an actual run in the side instead of everyone writing him off after a couple of games. Our fans must be up there with the worst for giving players a chance. Didn't fans used to slate Sheridan?
  9. I'm fine with this. Try and move on Rhodes and Westwood because of their wages and offer a deal to Fletcher on reduces wages then try and build with a much younger side. There are so many good players in league 1 and league 2 who we could try and sign and would have a resale value as well. Players like Scott Fraser at Burton, who has 5 goals and 11 assists this season, is 25 and out of contract. Surely worth taking a chance on a few like this
  10. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/quiz-can-you-remember-which-sheffield-wednesday-manager-signed-each-of-these-15-players/ Decent little quiz if you are bored. Can you name the manager who signed each player. I got 12.
  11. This isn't right though is it? When you say 21st you mean first in the championship so the average is completely different. Also, the 12 years before Ashley were before the mega rich owners came in. Newcastle were one of the big fish then.
  12. Sums up our fans. Best start we've had to a season in years and people still moan about the squad and want half the players moved on.
  13. Hope it's not so people have to actually go to watch the game. Our away following at Leeds in recent years has been awful
  14. Don't really get the big hissy fit over the subs. We were 3 nil up in what essentially is a nothing game and Bruce obviously wanted to try a few things and also make sure players are as fresh as possible for the next 2 games. Absolutely fine isn't it
  15. And how long did it take Wallace to find a club? Had to drop down leagues as well. Doesn't just work like that
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