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  1. You may mock, but many of us are mature in age! We don't feel included in the family anymore! DC, i am sure understands the importance of appealling to all fans! Not just the "mobile and agile" ones!
  2. Ordered around outside the ground, don't stand on chevrons with a beer in your hand or you will be removed inside the ground! Sorry sir! You can't spend your hard earned cash in here! What do you think you're playing at bringing pound notes to a football game you silly boy! 30 quid for the worst customer service experience in a long time! Glad the game improved 2nd half or I'd have been really hacked off!.....
  3. I resent been called a part time supporter! In am a full time Wednesday fan who CANNOT afford to go to all the games! So please don't use the term "part time" in a derogatory, lnsulting way as many many hundreds of fans just cannot afford! Simple as.....
  4. It's a cover up! Come back in 30 years when the documents will be released.....
  5. Thatchers fascist police force! Where racism, bullying, sexism and homophobia is common place! But 30 years on it's all different now..............Mays in charge, not much else changed!
  6. Just remove this thread and never let him be discussed on here again.
  7. The cult of megson was destroyed in Greno woods by leroy Jethro Gibbs many moons ago! The Bruce now reigns in the woods!
  8. Bar hum bug! I hope your Christmas is as miserable as the football he churned out! LJG is on patrol in Greno woods! Beware! You will never be aloud to return!!
  9. Taking everything into account it is astonishing the job that Jos is doing for Sheffield Wednesday! If we really get behind him now! Mind that gap!.
  10. Why does anyone care about England!? Southern team full of overpaid, overrated diks! Why aren't they laiking for nowt in Russia? Might gain more respect if they did......
  11. Why should we all have niggling doubts just because he is a foreign investor??? DC seems to be an honourable man to me! No doubts at all to be honest!!! Explain?
  12. 4 wins in 26 under Carlos previously! 4 in 6 under Jos! Im reight pleased wi lad!
  13. Neanderthal manager! Time to back Jos!
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