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  1. Just remove this thread and never let him be discussed on here again.
  2. The cult of megson was destroyed in Greno woods by leroy Jethro Gibbs many moons ago! The Bruce now reigns in the woods!
  3. Buzz

    Christmas with The Cult

    Bar hum bug! I hope your Christmas is as miserable as the football he churned out! LJG is on patrol in Greno woods! Beware! You will never be aloud to return!!
  4. Taking everything into account it is astonishing the job that Jos is doing for Sheffield Wednesday! If we really get behind him now! Mind that gap!.
  5. Football is completely bolloxed
  6. Why does anyone care about England!? Southern team full of overpaid, overrated diks! Why aren't they laiking for nowt in Russia? Might gain more respect if they did......
  7. Buzz

    Dejphon Chansiri club statement

    Why should we all have niggling doubts just because he is a foreign investor??? DC seems to be an honourable man to me! No doubts at all to be honest!!! Explain?
  8. 4 wins in 26 under Carlos previously! 4 in 6 under Jos! Im reight pleased wi lad!
  9. Buzz

    Mick McCarthy

    Neanderthal manager! Time to back Jos!
  10. Keep him! He'll get 25 minimum for us next season
  11. Who the f*ck does Jon Newsome think he is! Moaning tw*t!
  12. Sim! Time to take the cult back thru time when football was played by thugs who kicked the ball and fellow professionals as high and far as they could! The cult of Bully is the future!
  13. Warlock, alladyce and hodgson are top managers! Unlike Megson! End of