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  1. Honest opinion on the derby

    Well it certainly won't be a Bannan 57'th minute free kick
  2. So just after forking out 40 odd quid to watch 2nd division football you'll be expected to buy a bit of tat for about £60
  3. Currently in a freight container in Sydney harbour
  4. On this day 1982

    Reyt warrior
  5. They really are a thick bunch

    Don't hold back mate
  6. They really are a thick bunch

    Hence the smiley face.
  7. They really are a thick bunch

    They'll be walking down penistone road like the Spartans
  8. Was in the upper tier Tuesday night game season before last , loads of people stood in gangways and it took 15 ,20 minutes to get out at the end.Accident waiting to happen and not very nice for kids.
  9. Wonder if any members of the SAG have ever been on the upper tier of the away end at loftus road?
  10. Caption This

    They spent 6 years in the pub league tho Colin.