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  1. Don't feel guilty mate Everyone's circumstances are different and at the end of the day wether you're there or not we're all Wednesday.
  2. If SWFC 150 got made into a film

    Aka Roy Figgis And Peter Bowles
  3. If SWFC 150 got made into a film

    Roxy's ten to 2 Last chance saloon Would you ?
  4. The 1990's Forestieri

    You do realise I was on about Frankie Fraser mate
  5. The 1990's Forestieri

    FF isn't even as good as Terry Curran.
  6. Not a penny more Those were the days
  7. Gossip

    Wet chamois
  8. Big Thank You To SWFC

    He's got Bannan strapped on his back
  9. Try smoking it next time mate
  10. Gossip

  11. Gossip

    Denis Leman
  12. Guard of honour