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  1. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Absolutely the worst refereeing display I've ever seen Corrupt as fizz!

    Haven't we got history with Swarbrick? Seem to remember another incompetent display from him before.
  3. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    And look what happened to those 3
  4. Forget about the Premier League.

    We are not any further forward than we were 3 years ago.
  5. You'll be on one when she bends over to take the tea out of the oven mate
  6. Ply her with ale take her to the local A and E she'll never notice the difference FFS
  7. Hope you're right mate because if Chansiri gets it wrong again it will set us back years.
  8. Tried that and failed Neil. Seems hell bent on going down the same road to me. Caution is needed now not more spaffing of cash.
  9. It's got disaster written all over it IMO.
  10. Wales Online Poll

    One more here
  11. Alarm bells are certainly ringing for me SiJ.