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  1. We're a shambles from top to bottom, Jos should go and take Bullen with him. Shame it's not as easy to get rid of the major problem at our club unless someone's got a spare 40m.
  2. Just been having a look on blunt mad and they have a topic about how the teams would fair if they played each other at the moment. The vast majority seem to think that they'd give us a game at the present moment in time. I personally think the gap is far bigger than they can imagine and we'd be comfortable against them 2-0, 3-0. Just wondered what people's thoughts were?
  3. I personally don't want him to leave but it was really poor what he did. Rhodes and Reach would be great business but there are other area's more important to strengthen than our forward line. Give our striker's decent service and they will score plenty. Our ball into the box this season has been nothing short of embarrassing. Fletcher will win balls all day long and it's how we react to the second ball. Play player's in the correct position and our luck will change dramatically. We'll turn it round this weekend.
  4. How do you know he still wants out? We will be in no rush to sell him, most technically gifted player since Waddle that's annoyed that some players have better deals than him. There's more chance of him getting a better deal than been moved on in my opinion.
  5. What a pathetic post, what happened was really poor from the player but you can't blame him solely for our form. We need full back's that can defend whilst also being able to put a ball in the opposition box. Today we had neither. Midfield needs sorting, to lightweight and teams have done their homework on us.
  6. Hope not, unfortunately I don't think he's good enough for the level we are at now.
  7. still think there will be 12k left.
  8. Definitely going general sale. I reckon there will be 12/15k on general sale.
  9. People should chill out on stop panicking about tickets. If you've got a season ticket/membership/ or your a foundation member your guaranteed a ticket. I understand that people want to sit with friends but the club have to look after people that have put significant money into following Wednesday and rightly so. I've only got membership so have to wait whilst Saturday to get mine and the lads but I'll get one. Spending the day at Wembley with my son will be priceless. Can't wait UTO
  10. The train wreck you refer to was unlucky today if I'm honest. Referee wanted to even it up,if you think Palmer can play left back you clearly haven't seen him play very often. Don't think he'll get many games with the squad we have.
  11. A hard thought win but some still want to see the worst in player's. Helan should have been awarded a free kick for the 1st foul on him. Some say a lucky win but how many saves has Westwood had to make? Very happy with the result because that's a game we'd have lost last season.
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