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  1. I would have because our home games are always at Hillsborough
  2. gravydownshirt

    Advice please for this Saturday

    Check out this great new app for public transit trip planning: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.totaltransitapp.europe.uk
  3. gravydownshirt

    three worst teams

    Well corrected..
  4. Check my post title that got moved other day..had reference to us.
  5. Wrong section I believe..
  6. gravydownshirt

    What tactics next?

    If he's protecting his strikers we will probably have same line up as at Millwall
  7. gravydownshirt

    The summer out list

    I thought Bannan too.. He's been a regular first choice in Carlos' teams and rarely missed games. Since Carlos left he's suddenly become injury prone. That's more than a coincidence to me..I reckon he's got the mardies on.
  8. gravydownshirt


    Yeah, but still missed out the apostrophe
  9. fizz off Giddings ... Where's the "h" in Matias?
  10. gravydownshirt

    Get your bets on now....

    I think if we win on Friday all bets are off... OR...I would back us for promotion via the play offs. I'm very indecisive at this point in time.
  11. Just looked at our odds against being relegated...28 to 1 on Sky Bet.( 33's elsewhere) This has got to be a great time to wallop the bookies the way the season is going. Lets see...£50 at 28 to1 returns......£1450 if we go down, surely that will soften the blow?
  12. gravydownshirt

    Jos Luhukay Train Like A Pro...

    The one touch passing looks good too. Hope we adopt that.