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  1. I have an account so not sure. its just the small screen I think. Better than nothing though.
  2. The match is live on william hill. Just click on the game and it’s there.
  3. S36 owl.. jokanovic or Pearson for me. and I wouldn’t give it to Bullen either. Part of the problem in my eyes. Doesn’t have a clue. Great bloke, brill for the club but not in a managerial role for me yet.
  4. They were in the playoff final, nearly went bust. They spent millions and didn’t get up. Biggest wage bill in the division. Only because of a takeover they are where they are now.
  5. It’s a no from me. If the figures about his wages are true I think we’re been held to ransom. If he couldn’t do anything at villa why would he do anything here. Our squad is a shambles ( full back position) slight in midfield. I hope he proves me wrong. Also heard a rumour he spends a lot of time in Portugal and only comes back for training games.
  6. I think fox and baker will get ripped apart. Dreading this. Could be 8-0
  7. It’s an opinion!!! Been positive doesn’t get you anywhere, being a Wednesdayite you should know this. Player of the season last year...hahaa. I think one of the catering staff came second. Poor for me on and off the pitch. I’m happy to be proved wrong.
  8. Ok, Iv been on the spice for the last hour. But, I really think we will struggle. No striker.( Jaoa and Nuhiu) over achieved last season. We rely too much on Fernando. Midfield is diabolical, reach is poo . If I was bannanand an offer came in I’d be off.. Defence clueless ( van alien, Fox, Palmer)!! The style of football we play is poo to say the least. Hand on hearts awho honestly believes we will do anything. Crowds will dwindle, Jos to be sacked by October. Rate me slate me, but in my eyes we’re doomed.
  9. I’m a life long fan. My seven year old is a massive footy fan. So we got Man City membership. £35 for me £25 for him. This gets us both £5 off a match. We’re going to Huddersfield and it’s cost me £40 for me. This is the premier champions. Swfc are ruining football for the payg fan. I can’t get a season ticket because I work 2 saturdays in 6. Why are we dearer than Man City. Scandalous!!
  10. Thought we’d signed another player.
  11. part of the problem for me. no managerial experience,and 2 defensive players in charge. i remebember dave jones, was a half decent manager till he lost terry burton to arsenal. i like thye bloke but we need a number 2 with experience.
  12. But hooper really. On fire . Our best player needs a top song.
  13. Fernandos on fire Your defence is terrified also agree the we're on our way was quality. Changes the words or something similar
  14. Just ordered tickets online to travel from Wednesdayite car park. Not used intercity before. How does it work?? Are tickets sent out or do I just show details from confirmation email. The sites really vague and doesn't say much. Any help appreciated.
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