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  1. Fake news mate. Unless someone hears it from Hirst's own lips it didn't happen.
  2. I didn't know that. Is it common knowledge?
  3. I live in Toytown. End if the 70's early 80's the last bus used to go past Millmoor and we would be serenaded. "Who put the ball in the Wednesday net Jooooooooooa, Jooooooooooa Who put the ball in the Wednesday net, Jooooooooooa Mc Bride. Jooooooooooa McBride, Jooooooooooa McBride. Who put the ball in the Wednesday net, Jooooooooooa Mc Bride. And onward and fecking onward.
  4. The traditional ball is a dark brown leather casey.
  5. Exactly, look at Rotherham (as a club). Their fans by and large feel included and valued as part of the set up. The really tragic thing is that as a club, it costs very little to achieve this. As Ping says, show you care as much as we do and we will appreciate it.
  6. That's all the keyboard warriors gone then.
  7. I would *not* want to be the smallest bloke on Fargate this time tomorrow. Just saying.
  8. I know that you're taking the p1ss mate but... let's not tempt fate eh?
  9. Feel sorry for him TBH. Another season at Hillsborough under his belt and he might have cracked this Scots football malarky.
  10. Megson does *not* do mere jogs around Greno woods.
  11. For some of us, the first 30 years included the mid 70's.... Don't know you're born son.
  12. I'm not ITK either but I've got a mate well located in the club who reckons that Chansiri and Luhukay are having a side bet about this getting to 25 pages. No clue as as to who's going under/over.
  13. I also feel uncomfortable with the sneering attitude towards "Pashun". Fact is that Bullen/Semedo etc had high professional standards and, unlike others, never let themselves down.
  14. Hence the job title. Whatever the outcome, as long as they've MADE a balanced BOOK, they will profit.
  15. Annoying Stateside nonsense. Just tell them that you'd love to give them some candy but would hate to spoil their appetite for Thanksgiving.
  16. Bet they're not poo enough to have signed Bothroyd though.
  17. Mental health is a classic example of the last straw breaking the camel's back.
  18. Thank god for that. It was never meant to be comedy gold.
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