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  1. They buy into the victim syndrome. They always 'av it 'aaaaaaarder than everywun else .
  2. Football managers who think they know anything about hairdressing... I'm looking at *you* Chrissie Wilder.
  3. Never had a selfie with any player. I am however, up for being paraded naked.
  4. Never realised that mate. Very interesting, and sadly only too believable.
  5. I'm also from Rotherham and understand just what you mean. It's the the weird obsession though. They've only just stopped talking about Joe McFeckingBride.
  6. Just seen this sign when passing a local pub. It would appear that having the game on TV is rather a turn on for them.
  7. Can you imagine similar post match interviews with Evans and Wilder?
  8. Love that video. Always thought that he had a Milan Mandarin look about him. (In a good way). RIP Bernie. Too few characters around these days.
  9. It's rather sad in a way that those days are gone. I still get nostalgic about Eric Morcambe (Luton) and Elton John (Watford). In those days, a successful season was one that didn't cost the chairman too much. Gone forever though.
  10. I'd be interested as a key ring. What material would they be?
  11. £495 If you order now for 2027 delivery.
  12. It gets me that some on Owlstalk assume that everyone will automatically move for more money. Rooney appears to be planning his career wisely and by investing in himself will probably earn much more over his entire career. Not really a fan but beginning to respect him.
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