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  1. Brighton will be like Ipswich after Dingle Mick.
  2. The bookies have got it spot on though. Their job is to balance a book according to the weight of money gambled.
  3. One of Captain Beefheart's finest albums.
  4. Wouldn't wish it on anyone but this is pretty much nailed on. Ending your career being despised by the fans of your boyhood club must be bad. Blue tinted glasses aside, god knows why he's doing it to himself.
  5. Fake news mate. Unless someone hears it from Hirst's own lips it didn't happen.
  6. I didn't know that. Is it common knowledge?
  7. I live in Toytown. End if the 70's early 80's the last bus used to go past Millmoor and we would be serenaded. "Who put the ball in the Wednesday net Jooooooooooa, Jooooooooooa Who put the ball in the Wednesday net, Jooooooooooa Mc Bride. Jooooooooooa McBride, Jooooooooooa McBride. Who put the ball in the Wednesday net, Jooooooooooa Mc Bride. And onward and fecking onward.
  8. The traditional ball is a dark brown leather casey.
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