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  1. Just a rumour...

    I've seen that film.
  2. Just a rumour...

    Nailed it.

    If we include fans then I believe that Fishcake is also the name of a popular local delicacy.
  4. RIP Derek Wilkinson

    What a treasured memory mate. Condolences to you, but good to hear that such a gentleman is part of your heritage.

    Naah, reckon chip butty option is a loser. Would remind her of the Blunts.
  6. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Nail on head. Can't say I like his attitude but he has a history of having a productive first season. Don't want Fulham to have the benefit of that right now.
  7. The band to Leeds

    Fishcake is worth 1000 Hemminghams.
  8. FF to Brighton

    No. Cantona couldn't get a game.
  9. Carlos being honest

    Repugnant is the new milky.
  10. Can you do Mornington Crescent from there? I thought we were playing Campbell's reverse Spode this season. Hendon would be the obvious choice.
  11. Carlos- best manager in the history of SWFC

    Charlton never said milky - FACT.
  12. Chansiri's fishy business

    Teletext holidays = Blunt sponsors.
  13. Chansiri's fishy business

    I don't use Teletext to book holidays. Seriously.
  14. Bye Bye Carlos

    Summed up in a nutshell.
  15. Is this why Evans wanted to manage us?