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  1. bassdrinker

    Joey Barton

    Wrong on so many levels....... good work that man.
  2. bassdrinker

    How many more points do we need ?

    Evans has a father?
  3. Would *you* pay good money to be dropped off at Normanton?
  4. bassdrinker

    Is the match on? Here’s the info

    That's a phrase I never thought I'd see in print.
  5. bassdrinker

    FAO Katrien Meire and SWFC

    You have to wonder at the mindset of the local police. Surely they should be calling off the game, if only to concentrate their resources on things that MUST go ahead such as genuine emergencies.
  6. bassdrinker

    Tinpot pre walkout music

    Not at all, never seen anything on Netflix.
  7. Small blokes are safe on Fargate tonight.
  8. bassdrinker

    The Big Match

    This post will come as a warning to those who think it cool to experiment with drugs.
  9. bassdrinker

    Safety notice

    Exactly mate, better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
  10. For god's sake man. Stop bringing logic and common sense into it.
  11. Pens are usually on target. (Unless it's Simonsen).