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  1. I remember someone posting on here that the late great Sammy used to sink a pre match pint of barley wine in there. Class.
  2. This is it. The last time we were in League One at least we had class and dignity. This time it's a bit shabby.
  3. You can lay Wednesdays relegation on Betfair for 1.2. That's odds of around 4/1 if they stay up. *DISCLAIMER* Check my arithmetic. Other odds: Rotherham 1.42, Derby 2.32
  4. The Wednesday way is. We go on an unprecedented run. All other results go our way and we head to Derby needing a draw or better...... Then we get hammered.
  5. Was that when they beat us 3-0? Around 1981/82. Remember them taunting us with "We're the barmy Wrexham army". Quite funny tbf.
  6. Thank you mate. Credit where it's due, there have been some top Blades on twitter wishing him well. Reminds us that we are rivals and not enemies.
  7. All the very best DM. Put your health first and everything else will work itself out.
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