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  1. Not preachy at all mate. Very courageous of you to speak out. It's taking time but, as someone else has said, attitudes are slowly changing for the better.
  2. BUT....the bookies didn't get it wrong. They made a fortune from fans of Man Utd/Man City/Chelsea etc by doing their job and MAKING a balanced BOOK.
  3. bassdrinker

    Sean Clare Signing for

    What makes it worse is the amount of money that he's paid a professional agent for this "advice".
  4. bassdrinker

    Wednesday TV

    You could never top Helium Boy.
  5. bassdrinker

    Was it more enjoyable...

    We used to DREAM of a 28k modem.
  6. Why has he gone somewhere? They kept that quite.
  7. Why? Has he gone somewhere. They kept that quite.
  8. bassdrinker

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Don't think it's corruption mate. But it certainly is spiteful.
  9. bassdrinker

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    That's given me a semi.
  10. bassdrinker

    Joey Barton

    Wrong on so many levels....... good work that man.
  11. bassdrinker

    How many more points do we need ?

    Evans has a father?
  12. Would *you* pay good money to be dropped off at Normanton?
  13. bassdrinker

    Is the match on? Here’s the info

    That's a phrase I never thought I'd see in print.
  14. bassdrinker

    FAO Katrien Meire and SWFC

    You have to wonder at the mindset of the local police. Surely they should be calling off the game, if only to concentrate their resources on things that MUST go ahead such as genuine emergencies.