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  1. Tinpot pre walkout music

    Not at all, never seen anything on Netflix.
  2. Small blokes are safe on Fargate tonight.
  3. The Big Match

    This post will come as a warning to those who think it cool to experiment with drugs.
  4. Safety notice

    Exactly mate, better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
  5. For god's sake man. Stop bringing logic and common sense into it.
  6. Pens are usually on target. (Unless it's Simonsen).
  7. So you're saying that 249 is not over 200????? Piganomics again.
  8. Sorry mate but you're at least the third to say it.
  9. When shall we start Christmas?

    Don't know if it's because of the depression but I despise the whole thing with a passion. Have done for years.
  10. Top Tip. If you're a small bloke, don't choose 12th January to be on Fargate.
  11. Not sure about the maths here, it's arithmetic. Mr double pedantic.
  12. :-(

    Suspect that there's a lot of truth in this. Well, the saving face whether it's cultural or individual. SG was not Chansiri's choice so no problem moving on. When your own choice is failing then that's a problem.
  13. all things Thai

    M8 and two veg.