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  1. Things to take away from all this: 1. We need someone to actually help the chairman. Good bloke, but needs guidance to not mess the club up. He’s sailed close to the wind there and needs support. 2. Charlton can pipe down now. This point deduction should have been applied in the 18/19 season and that’s that. It’s embarrassing that the EFL tried to wait to apply a deduction until we were in a place where they could potentially relegate us. That’s like waiting until someone murders 4 people instead of 1, so you can apply the death penalty rather than just a prison s
  2. A topic which you often hear, especially given our previous transfer activity - we don’t need a journey man who is old and want £25k per week, we need hungry younger players from L1 and L2. Keen to understand who you think are realistic targets and if there’s anyone in particular you’d want to see?
  3. I’m sure we could make him look average in our team.
  4. Poor effort to not make it work for Lewis. Good player, scores goals from midfield, a rarity.
  5. Think Man City need another option up top by the looks of it.
  6. We should isolate him. Play the ball around him but not too him. Further to this, we should cut off the supply line by not crossing the ball, nor playing through balls. Failing this, I've played football manager, and know that he particularly enjoys playing just ahead of Messi and Suarez.
  7. We also lack a decent scouting network.
  8. Square pegs for square holes. Hoops is a front man, and one of our better ones at that. Get him up top with Rhodes. Paul Warhurst might be one of very few examples of playing out of position actually working.....ever!
  9. Are you kidding?? She'd rise to the occasion for sure. she'd have the jury eating out of the palm of her hand!
  10. Let's be fair, he's played the last few seasons in a mid-table German top flight team, so he should be able to adapt to the championship - i.e. not be blown away by the quality. If we get him, happy days, we could do a lot worse.
  11. Hutch is great cover at CB, but where possible / round pegs for round holes is the best way. We need a decent CB and fingers crossed Djourou will be that guy, this frees up Hutch to play where he plays best at CM. Then we just need to sort the formation...!
  12. With Pep now saying that City are in for a CB too, we really will struggle to get our man.
  13. Will jump on this bandwagon - gutted to miss getting hold of tickets, so anyone able to help will be treasured forever!
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