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  1. I must be missing something here. In the game I watched, we got a lucky 0-0 draw because the opposition missed a penalty. I can't understand why some of our fans have creamed their pants in excitement over a game where we drew 0-0, hardly had a kick of the ball, and had 1 shot on target. If people find that encouraging, it goes to show how poor we are at the moment.
  2. 10% would be a start. Why would you think 20% is bonkers? What we consider the away end at Hillsborough is around 20% of the capacity. Why are clubs happy to throw away a couple of thousand ticket sales at £25-£30 a pop plus all the extras, when they play well supported clubs. That's over £50,000 a game.
  3. NO - I've re-read what I wrote and I can't see where I mention priority points. It's got nowt to do with how clubs sell their allocation. I'm making a suggestion that the football league should have a think about away allocations and insist that clubs offer 20% of the ground to away fans. The only argument against this might be if a club already has over 80% of it's capacity allocated to season tickets. Does that actually apply to any football league clubs?
  4. In the good old days away fans use to be allocated a whole end of a ground. Over the years clubs have been cutting down on the number of away tickets allocated. Given that atmosphere is always far better at any match with a large away contingent, and the home clubs would make more money, why are the allocations so small? Two prime examples are Villa, next week, and Sunderland last season. Villa park holds over 40,000. They get an average crowd of just over 30,000. Sunderland was half full, yet they gave us a really poor allocation. Why don’t these clubs want our money? I can only make a few games each season. The Villa match being one of them. Looks like I’ll have to go in the main stand with the Villa fans and sit on my hands. Something I forgot to do against Sunderland. Suddenly finding myself jumping up and down, with lots of glares from the few Sunderland fans who weren’t walking out at the time. I would love to see the football league introduce proper allocations for away fans. 20% of the ground would seem about right. Any club could split the away end into 5%, 5% and 10%. Away clubs could then request 5, 10, 15 or 20% depending on their following. Any other suggestions on what the football league should do?
  5. mcowl

    Adthe Nuhiu

    Nuhiu was terrible. Don't forget that his assist for our goal was cancelled out by his assist for Villa's second.
  6. We've had stranger. Didn't Trev once pick 2 centre backs and 8 mid fielders. including Chris Bart Williams playing as the main striker.
  7. 1. Only 2 hours travel each way. Much shorter than 4.5 hours each way to Hillsborough 2. Proper standing. Every ground should have this. 3. £1.50 for a cup of tea. 4. First game, the new manager got to see exactly how bad Nuhiu is. Even by his standards it was bad. 5. Only 4 of this team (at most) could have any hope of a starting place when we have a fit squad. Negative - The players wouldn't listen to the master plan of the guy stood near me 'GERRITUPIA', 'GERRITUPIA' etc.
  8. Interesting thought for the people who think we're too big a club to appoint someone who's never been a manager before - If you'd been the owner of Liverpool in the 70s, you would have missed out on Bob Paisley (3 European cups, 1 UEFA cup, 1 super cup, and 6 league titles)
  9. Carlos clearly has something against Abdi. For me he'd be straight into the team. I would like to see us play and Abdi And Jones as a central pair in this side Westwood Hunt Lees Hutch Reach Boyd Abdi Jones FF Hooper Rhodes Give Boyd or FF a free role. Then again, I suspect they'd never all been fit at the same time.
  10. mcowl

    Time for Abdi

    The time to start him was from the day we signed him. He should have strolled into our side. I've never been able to understand why Carlos doesn't think a proven premier level central midfielder isn't as good as our championship level midfielders.
  11. mcowl

    Monday morning..

    I'm making the trip down from Scotland this weekend for my first game of the season. So far I've struggled to work up any enthusiasm due to this appalling style we insist on playing. Personally I would rather see us play a positive style and lose rather than a boring negative draw. What's the point of football without goalmouth action? When I pay 30 odd quid for a game I expect to be entertained. Trying to be positive, but I suspect that the highlight of my day will be my pre match curry and chips.
  12. mcowl

    Normal service resumed

    WINNING? - Wasn't it 0-0, and not a shot on target?
  13. mcowl

    We need to buy Brooks

    Completely agree, we should buy Books How about - How to coach a soccer team defensive soccer tactics The goalkeeper training book Alex Ferguson - Leading. Are books included in FFP?