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  1. Where can you read this council statement?
  2. If he can't afford a new shirt for his kid, how does he expect us to?
  3. Guess you guys have never been involved in any kind of price negotiation. You never tell them the price you actually want. You tell them a higher price and settle on a lower one. Thought most people knew this!
  4. Nixon is usually spot on with things like this. He’s only saying United want FF and Chansiri wants £14m for him, doesn’t mean that’s what we’ll get!
  5. I would suggest ours needs to be raised significantly then!
  6. I'm told by a friend who is 'in the know' at Udders that they've dropped their interest in Westwood due to his injury record. Apparently they have a fitness standard (probably something we should look at!) which his injury record is not up to. Don't know why they wouldn't have known this before offering him a deal but that's what I've been told. Obviously this doesn't mean someone else wont take the risk but i'd say the odds of him signing just raised significantly! P.S. Don't shoot the messenger!
  7. Pretty sure he played for United on loan!
  8. It’s the ultimate expression of their inferiority complex for all of football to see! Let them show themselves up I say!
  9. Chansiri has congratulated United on their promotion, let’s see if he reacts to it. Surely he can’t possibly be seen to be charging more for Championship football than across the city for PL football!
  10. Anybody tell me what ‘the decision’ is?
  11. Had no idea. I’ve also got so used to being priced out it never occurs to me to check anymore!
  12. It was me who asked Nixon about transfer money. The impression I got is that he is speculating that if we can suddenly come up with £2M for Bruce then that’s a significant departure from the previous strategy of cutting out all spending whatsoever. Don’t think he knows there is new money incoming, he’s just putting 2 & 2 together!
  13. He always seems to answer my questions. Don't know why!
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