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  1. killamarshtrekowl

    Chairman’s statement

    Anybody tell me what ‘the decision’ is?
  2. killamarshtrekowl

    Alan Nixon

    This is what he sent me.
  3. killamarshtrekowl

    £20 vs Brum

    Had no idea. I’ve also got so used to being priced out it never occurs to me to check anymore!
  4. killamarshtrekowl

    Alan Nixon

    It was me who asked Nixon about transfer money. The impression I got is that he is speculating that if we can suddenly come up with £2M for Bruce then that’s a significant departure from the previous strategy of cutting out all spending whatsoever. Don’t think he knows there is new money incoming, he’s just putting 2 & 2 together!
  5. killamarshtrekowl


    He always seems to answer my questions. Don't know why!
  6. killamarshtrekowl

    Chansiri out !

    Will somebody just tell us who this DB is and what all this cryptic stuff means please?
  7. killamarshtrekowl

    Middlesbrough were just stronger than us

    Agree completely. Similar game to Leeds except we got away with that one (& they were better than boro). There are teams who will let you play it out from the back and that’s where we’ve got our points this season, but we need a plan B for the teams that don’t. Against teams like this we simply don’t have the time and space to play the way we want. Too slow, ponderous, no energy, not enough control of the ball, quite simply, if we play this way against dem blades they will muder us!
  8. killamarshtrekowl

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    Absolutely spot on! This is everything I wanted to say but didn't have time to type! :) There will be students, people new to the area, immigrant workers etc, people who have no allegiance but fancy giving the football a try who are faced with a choice of Championship football at Bramhall Lane for £25 or Hillsborough for £39. To someone with no allegiance it's a no brainer, unlike us they don't know any better! Over the last 3 seasons and the next however many till this outrageous policy is dropped, that will be thousands of potential Wednesday fans drifting over to the dark side. It is short sighted madness!
  9. killamarshtrekowl

    This is how easy it is for the club...

    It looks like her role is to extract as much cash as possible from the 'Customers"!
  10. killamarshtrekowl

    Do we need more pace in the team?

    If you're playing an essentially defensive game (which we do, especially first half). You're pretty much relying on scoring either from a set piece or a counter attack. We have the players to score from a set piece, I don't believe we have enough fast players to score on the counter though.
  11. killamarshtrekowl

    Positives from this evening

    Managed to borrow a ST for last night and the positive is - it's saved me from wasting £20 on that sh****te against Bolton!
  12. killamarshtrekowl


    What a couple of muppets those pundits are. First one, ok should’ve been a penalty, 2nd one, forward was already diving before fox caught him, nowhere near a penalty. Aren’t these ex players supposed to know what they’re talking about?
  13. killamarshtrekowl

    Another striker???

    He will know Álex López from last season. Might put a word in!
  14. All I can hear on there is the Villa v Blunts commentary!