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  1. Ha I didn’t realise it was the stain, walked past the telly at half time and thought “not a very big ground for a semi”
  2. You can see this being something of an end for Liverpool if they don’t replace Mané and Firmino. They were bette me tonight, even if you hate them.
  3. The front three have gone off the boil, so no they’re not. But they were better than Madrid. We all know City should have won this, glad they didn’t, but Madrid were probably 8th best
  4. Spanish football sucks. Madrid have looked like a relegation standard prem team with a great keeper and will win yet another CL
  5. Possibly, but there would still have to be the level of demand from the visiting team. Shame we aren’t top of tables that matter though.
  6. Phil is a reyt chav isn’t he. No doubts at all that he’s from Stockport
  7. Nice message. Good luck to him, always found his engagement with the fans to be honest, much like his style of play.
  8. Careful not to incite anything nasty, but I’m tired of religion having protected status. It ain’t real, but homosexuality quite clearly is, and I know which one is much more “damaging”
  9. They’re reyt trampy aren’t they
  10. Yes, but we’re not the scrubbers. Awful chav behaviour that and I hope the police get involved.
  11. Lawsuit coming at the beeb in the morning.
  12. Diving piggy piece of turd. Guaranteed to score winning penalty
  13. They should have put this to bed in the first 1/4 at the sty
  14. Forest look shocked, but pigs lack quality
  15. Didn’t he make it into a combined XI once? One half decent year for the Scottish midget and now back to pants
  16. If, and these are all very big ifs, the following happens : - Liv win 6-0 tonight - Man C lose 1-0 saturday - Liv draw 1-1 satirday There will be a 1 game decider. Amazing if it happens.
  17. Stockport is a reyt dump though. Lived there for years.
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