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  1. A broken leg is an injury. Well done on verbal gymnastics. No one who is injury prone is constantly breaking down with a broken leg though. Dunkley doesn’t break down with a broken leg every few weeks, so is therefore not prone to broken leg injury prone-ness.
  2. Crazy! Sorry I just can’t approve of that. He had a broken leg which is not the same as being injury prone.
  3. Anyone not offering Dunkley a new contract hasn’t been paying attention. 2 years minimum for me.
  4. Aye, his instinct is to drive us forward. I think he's pretty critical to us now.
  5. Palmer was terrific, as usual. Paterson is better as a right back. Happy days
  6. If we pull this off with that back three it will be a mighty achievement
  7. Bad tackle. Shame about the red but not too disappointed on who received the studs. Bit of a melt that guy.
  8. And there he goes again, rolling away. Pathetic.
  9. Only tuned in 10 minutes ago, but the absolute state of the fakery on show really makes me despair. Grown men screaming and flailing. when you don’t watch much prem football you stop being desensitised, making it even more apparent when you do watch. Not a player on the pitch isn’t willing to fall over and scream. It’s really a sad sight.
  10. Definitely Dunkley. But we wouldn’t have won without Luongo or Windass. But definitely Dunkley. What a critical player he’s become over the last month.
  11. Huge fan of Dunkley. Fundamental to the system and critical to the fight in the team.
  12. I thought this was an Ad based on my browser history and panicked in case the Mrs was overlooking
  13. If you don’t love Dunkley you’re not a Wednesday fan FACT
  14. Shithousery should be yellow. It’s SO obvious how is it not like a dive?
  15. McDons aren’t great. We should be 1 or 2 nil up. Random screamer might settle it
  16. Well, that 10 minutes was as good as we’ve got and it probably isn’t enough.
  17. Having Windass and Luongo fit will surely change things overall. The quality has gone up significantly
  18. From these brief few minutes it’s clear why Luongo was once on the shortlist for Balon D’Or
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