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  1. My preference would be City to lose, but somehow Pep to win.
  2. If screaming resulted in goals this game would be worth watching. So pathetic
  3. I only care whether Borner is playing at CB next year. If he is we’re in trouble. I think he’s L2 standard
  4. Aye. If we weren’t “Sheffield Wednesday”, this historic club, I’d take an enormous sense of pride being amongst a division like L1. Teams who are connected to their fan base. once we shelve all the sense of entitlement, it won’t be all that bad. It’s just a game, after all.
  5. If you’re a neutral this is a pretty exciting day
  6. Predictable, quicker than I expected but inevitable
  7. Fair enough, haven’t had the courage to look at who is in L1 yet
  8. I hope we’re all prepared for this exact scenario next season, but away to Bristol Rovers instead
  9. It’s always quite fun to relegate someone else pointlessly with you, so let’s bring Derby down
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