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  1. Shankland from Ayr might be useful.
  2. greyowl

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Top man Snoots !
  3. 2 -1 to us, Bannan and Joa !
  4. Keep the excellent attacking forwards we have, and look to strengthen other areas !
  5. greyowl

    Team v Fulham?

    Tough, measure of team's ability to match high flyers.
  6. greyowl


    Reminds me of a young Kenwyn Jones v Donny.
  7. Might take Bullen and Andy Rhodes !
  8. greyowl

    Anybody still feel sorry for Carlos?

    Carlos, too good for Swansea !
  9. greyowl

    Carlos linked with Swansea

    No manager would be successful losing so many players to injury.
  10. greyowl


    Bannan was head and shoulders above all the rest, a pleasure to watch.
  11. Carlos will be a great asset to another club, he's quality.
  12. Stop kicking Carlos, we all have bad days !
  13. greyowl

    Those wanting Carlos out

    Chansiri's gift of Rhodes to Carlos and his dad has unsettled the whole squad.
  14. Players attitude is important, Some are desperate to play in any position as long as they are in the team. Foresteri wants to dictate where he plays.