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  1. that looks pretty cool but the white in the shield has to go, or the shield altogether
  2. After rejecting that sponsorship deal, i thought wow this club is big time, its really back this city our's
  3. Yeah i know, wonderd who would coment, however i think we have heard some cracking stuff on this topic good honest debate. Sometimes i love owlstalk, hahaha.....UOT...........UTO
  4. I think he did spend some, if we were linked with those loan players before the start of the season, im sure most of us would have been more than happy with that, but things has not gone as well as we hoped
  5. Not so long ago this club was in serious trouble, owing millions of pounds and unable to pay those debts. We all know that Milan came in and sorted things out, investing in this club by clearing those debts and bringing new players in. We then gained promotion and additional players were brought in, yet some of our fans are unhappy and criticize the chairman. What do you think?
  6. Our strikers didnt seem like they were fired up for the game, should we bring back O'Grady??
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