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  1. No he isn't, he couldn't give a poo - off to watch the cricket in Barbados shortly!
  2. Indeed, tell me when you're gonna win one after getting spanked by Hull!!!
  3. The only fool is you - 'they're' is a contraction of the words 'they are' so Flat Owl is entirely correct in this case. Go and stand in the corner facing the wall with your dunces cap on.
  4. Seem to remember he scored one of the most comical own goals ever at Coventry - completely miscued his clearance which spun back into the net!!
  5. Aww bless, you keep convincing yourself - keep taking the tablets pal!
  6. "Worst footballing team in the division" - you complete and utter arse. You've clearly got no idea!
  7. The desperation (make that fantasy) of this and other excuses why the average attendance is lower than at United is laughable - 'massive' my arse!
  8. http://breakingfootballupdate.com/2016/07/sheffield-wednesday-want-to-bring-in-sheffield-united-ace/3067
  9. Wonder when the last time a team conceded seven goals in one half?
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