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  1. To be honest I find this league is far more entertaining and competitive than the Premier, so I’m probably very much in the minority to say I’m not that bothered about going up. I do understand there’s a generation who’ve not experienced it, so I would be happy for them to have the experience.
  2. Whilst singing ‘I Will Survive’ That’ll fetch a crowd in
  3. Not fair to make fun of Sam he obviously has a stammer. A member of my family has one and speech therapists encourage speaking in public. I’ve noticed over the last 12 Months that Sam’s speech has improved greatly.
  4. What sort of pricing would we have in the Premier league. dread to think
  5. I think that bloke has got big issues as every time he’s on he gets cut off for being abusive. Don’t know if he attends matches, but pity anybody who sits near him. Think he could argue with his own shadow
  6. That's hardly worth a complaint, especially when you look further down this topic and see some of the comments used to describe the girl
  7. I have lost faith in the bloke, part of me is wishing the deal is off
  8. Even if it were a choice, we should of course not decline the opportunity to be in the PL as the income generated by TV etc would be useful even if relegated straight away. The champ is also fast becoming a league of two halves with parachute payments, ticket prices are not being reduced when teams come down from PL so they are driving up the prices for away games anyway. Wolves are coming back up with parachute payments still applying from PL so that, you would imagine, will be an immediate advantage next season
  9. It's a yes and a no from me. I believe we need to have ambition and a goal to work towards otherwise everyone would lose interest. Personally can't stand the PL as clubs of lesser financial means are just cannon fodder for the top 6 and the odd good result if you're lucky. Best you can hope for then is just staying up and hope for some rich benefactor to arrive, but as we've seen with Cardiff and others, that's not always welcome. I like the championship, hopefully more good days than bad next season.
  10. As a parent I would have to put my own prejudices aside and let him join whichever academy he liked best if there were choices to be made, in the same way I wouldn't force him to attend a school that he didn't like at first sight. I don't have a child in this particular situation, so I don't know the peculiarities of academy life but I have experienced it in other circumstances,and it's a cause for stress and upset when the child is trying to live up to the expectations of the parent.
  11. Not sure you can just make the choice to move, it's not like changing dance class is it
  12. well I'm feeling brave today - isn't this just another name for reserves or have I missed the bigger picture?
  13. probably be my last posts if everyone is as aggressive as you - is there some sort of initiation test I should have passed?
  14. I don't see anything mentioned, and as I don't read anything on their board, then I must accept what you say. I still see it as pointless, neither side will change their opinions of each other. Can't wait for the season to start so there will be something else to talk about hopefully.
  15. what I can't understand is why post something that is clearly intended to provoke a reaction, and then wonder why they do? or is it just me missing something.
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