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  1. We kept possession today. We’ve spent the majority of the season treating the ball like a hot potato and struggling to string more than 2 or 3 passes together. When you spend most of the game chasing the ball you’re going to tire more quickly than the opposition as the game goes on and it’s no coincidence that we’ve dropped something like 23 points from winning positions this year.
  2. Maybe consider the context of last season and the circumstances he was operating under. It’s not really fair to assess Monk last season when he didn’t have a coaching team, no opportunity to change personnel and a group of disgruntled players reaching the end of their contracts. Post COVID the squad was even more diminished. The indecision over the points deduction was just the icing on the cake really. He’s a manager at the end of the day and can’t multiply himself to become a whole coaching team and a motivated squad of players...
  3. I watched this game on TV and as a young boy decided this was the team for me. A slightly off the wall choice for someone growing up in the South and with no-one in my family supporting Wednesday. Luckily for me my Dad (a Gillingham fan) got on board straight away and so did my younger brother. It certainly wasn't the easiest option I could go for but I didn't want to support the same teams as everyone else at school. I feel a bit like someone who was missold PPI but I'm not sure there are any routes for me to claim a refund. I definitely bought into the Wednesday stock at its
  4. We should be offering him a new deal without any hesitation. Although Westwood is the superior keeper of the two, I really don't think there's that much in it when you consider the gap of 11 years experience between the two. I think in some people's eyes his reputation is tarnished by his spell in goal under Jos (I think unfairly so), and the subsequent return of Westwood and a return to regular clean sheets. The big issue in my view during this time was the constant chopping and changing of the defence in front of Dawson during this time. When Westwood was re-introduced he also benefited
  5. I’ve been to Reading away many times over the years. I’ve seen us lose 5-0, I’ve seen us go one better and lose 6-0! I’ve seen three sides of the ground jump to their feet like zombies brought to life by some inane goal music before slumping back to their seats to recover from the exertion of it all. For anyone else who suffered through those painful defeats (and anyone else like me who missed the one time we won) we’ve finally got to taste victory, and seen plenty to give us hope for the season ahead. I had to watch this one deep behind enemy lines as Reading insisted
  6. There’s absolutely no defending how we lined up in the final third tonight with the players we had on the bench. It’s a miracle we went 1-0 up, and at half time we should have brought on a recognised striker. Instead we sat on our hands and watched them inevitably punish the frantic passing in defence that we’d narrowly got away with in the first half. it honestly feels like we threw that game. The fault for that lies firmly at Jos’ door. It’s also not fair to throw Stobbs into such a makeshift attacking set up. Very very poor. The only saving grace being that it wasn’t far for me
  7. It's a fair assessment. Carlos had his failings and a change of manager was due at the end of last season, or early this at the latest. That said, I don't think we should judge him too harshly. There are plenty of positive signs from Jos Luhukay's approach so far, not least the reintroduction of forgotten men and some youngsters. I think it's fair to say that if Carlos had adopted this approach once the injuries started mounting up, and we produced three 0-0's back to back in the league, he would be getting heavily criticised right now. Jos seems to be going about th
  8. No question! Carlos’ relative success compared to our recent past has to take into account the vast sums we were able to spend on wages and transfer fees as soon as he took charge. I would have been amazed if Stuart Gray, with the same budget as Carlos, hadn’t achieved the playoffs. Quite possibly playing a different style but the outcome would have been at least as successful. Since that first season our recruitment has been generally poor and misdirected. Our squad has been criminally mismanaged. We underachieved last season, but the our performances this season have been mindbl
  9. Another vote for Patrick Blondeau. We really are spoilt for choice, which makes it all the harder to pick out the ultimate dross. Jay Bothroyd and Leon Knight would have to be my strike force if we're talking about total wasters. Jeffers could come on to give one of them a break from strolling around. The kind of players that make you realise your club has become a total basket case.
  10. I'm an optimist but my optimism tank is running on empty this season. I hope for a win but I expect a defeat. I feel like Carlos has taken us as far as he can, but I hope I'm wrong. Tonight's result against a team that could well be challenging this season will tell us a lot.
  11. It's like we hit the reset button each season rather than learning from, and building upon the season before. If Carlos is given more time and more money I'm really not sure what his plan would be. I think we'd just go round in ever increasing circles. Signing like for like players and not addressing any of our glaring issues. Looking at our fixtures in August and how we played against Huddersfield (both legs) and Preston, I can see Chansiri pulling the trigger at the end of the month.
  12. Is he looking to make his first move into management? If so, sign him up!
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