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  1. The Horse

    The shadow of The Blades

    The annoying thing for me this season is that Chansiri's cash would have had us promoted by now if he'd just come in. It's so wide open and inconsistent this year with no strong teams in the way that Newcastle or Burnley / Hull and Brighton were. That team from Carlos' first season would be out of sight. Timing as they say, is everything.
  2. The Horse

    Forestieri Red Card

    I'd rather players get booked for showing passion and celebrating last minute goals against local rivals rather than just jogging back to the centre spot. Don't go changing Fernando.
  3. The Horse

    FAO all playing staff

    If this lot have any remaining embers of talent and pride, they need to draw them for the Blunts match. Another embarrassment against them after today's display and the players will be done here.
  4. The Horse

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    It's gonna take a season or so to sort out but we are so slow in possession / finding the next pass. As someone said above - it's evident on throw ins with next to no movement. And then, more often than not we'll have one player trying to take on three of the opposition instead of laying off a simple pass. I reckon playing a certain way for the last three years or so is so ingrained into them, it's gonna take serious surgery to unstitch that mentality. Apart from those few games under Bullen where we looked like a different team. Weird.
  5. The Horse

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    An abomination of a match. Misplaced passes, no flow, hoof, slice, hack, Hollywood ball floats out, head tennis, foul. Repeat for 90 mins. My eyes hurt.
  6. The Horse


    Bit worried by Bruce's comments on him even if said tongue in cheek.
  7. The Horse

    Why aren't we selling?

    It's really that simple. A player's valuation might be met but no-one will be willing to match the wages. Why take a pay cut whilst living just minutes away from the beautiful Peak District?
  8. Hayley McQueen. Deadline Day Dream.
  9. The Horse

    The Second Coming

    Nothing is going to change much this season. As others have said, Bruce is not known for a Keegan / Jokanavic spuds on the line approach to matches. Expect more of the same grinding football but with a bit more of a plan and effort. Let him assess the squad and start to build (if we can) over the summer and well into next season. Keep our expectations realistic and don't expect us to become the Liverpool of the Championship overnight. We've been badly damaged and that takes time to mend.
  10. The Horse

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    The bit that got me was the way Gullit practically bullied Alex Scott who has been a breath of fresh air in the punditry studios and talks more sense than a lot of her contemporaries. She dealt with him with such composure and quick thinking not to fall into his trap. And that's not me 'White Knighting' either. Cos I'm a horse.
  11. The Horse

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    6000 fans and no shot on target? It's the FA Cup. So what if we'd have lost 7-0 or 3-0? We're out either way. The point of this competition is that the underdogs have a go and 'put it up 'em'. 6000 fans and 11 players turned up to watch a Chelsea training session. Expecting our defence to keep a clean sheet for 90 mins is stupid. I really hope we have an attacking ethos soon. The modern way is attacking and overloading. Grinding out 1-0's is past it's sell by date. And it's dull as dishwater to watch. It's entertainment. At least have a go.
  12. The Horse

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    If Fox had given that penalty away it would've been a blood bath on here. But cos it's Golden Boy, it's fine. Absolute liability of a player.
  13. The Horse


    What is this new attitude he needs to show? He's been out injured for most of the 18 months and when he has been on the pitch, he's a bundle of enthusiasm and energy which rubs off on both the other players and the crowd. I've never known him go hiding in a game. Ever.
  14. The Horse


    Well, I love him and look forward to him kicking on and giving us all those moments of genius that gets us on the edge of our seats.