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  1. - No effect -No, no - No - Yes There's no limiiiiiiit
  2. I thought he was about to break down in that video interview at one point. Emotionally break down I mean. But not for not being Captain anymore. Reckon he's glad that the bad eggs and unprofessionalism has gone that he probably hated. Imagine being Captain of such a toxic dressing room as before. The mental toll must've been immense. I think that's why he almost cracked in that interview. And why he's already playing better. They're only human. And nobody enjoys working with nobheads. Welcome back, the real Tom Lees.
  3. CBA to wade through ten pages but how depressing would it be with only 1000 people in the stadium and none of the concourses open? The crowd, singing, swearing, pointing at the away fans, the beer and the pies are as much as part of the match as the actual game itself. I'd prefer to wait for the all clear for normal service to be resumed when everyone can go back.
  4. Fixed it ever so slightly for you! Look, we're not going to win every game. Big test on Saturday. But so long as we can see they're giving their all, we should be content. There's SO MUCH damage to repair. It's going to take a few more windows yet. But the culture has changed for the better already. Get behind that and everything else will fall into place in time.
  5. I used to read this site several times a day. My click count now must be way down to what it was. Cos now I just despair of reading post after post from our entitled cry baby fans who want the moon on a stick despite us now cutting our cloth accordingly and having a structure in place that will be built on solid foundations promoting youth, energy and a professional team ethic. But that requires patience to see through doesn't it? And toddlers have no patience. I'm out of here for a bit. The screaming in this creche is unbearable.
  6. You can see how dry it is without Jeff and the usual gang during the midweek games. Julian Warren hosts it along with some others and it's dull AF.
  7. They should go into the Dressing Room section if they want to really get angry at him. Guy is a master fisherman and will get a proper netful if they venture over there. 😁
  8. Nerr. High Court Judgement (paragraph 76) "with the result that no resolution was achieved in time to avoid a temporary embargo on the Club’s transfer activity. Had the issue not been resolved (as it later was, on 25 July 2017) it could have had a damaging impact on the Club’s ability to position itself for the new season in the Championship" Edit to add, for balance, that this happened in 2016 (para 62) "SUFC was in real danger of being unable to pay its employees’ wages on a monthly basis.Mr Bettis called for another £1m from each owner in November 2016 but SUL paid only £450,000 on 29 November, £50,000 on 1 December and a further £500,000 on 12 December. When Prince Abdullah was called upon to equalise contributions by paying £1m in January 2017 he did not do so, and SUL had to pay a further £600,000 urgently on 27 January 2017 in order to save SUFC from insolvency. "
  9. Blunts would've been embargoed if they didn't go up. They spent.
  10. Norwich and Cardiff still had parachute cash. I'll give you the others but they're the exception to the rule.
  11. It doesn't beggar belief though when the majority of EFL clubs will never be in a position to fight for promotion to the Premier League. It's in their best interests to throttle the majority back to somewhere near their level. Only way out is for Prem League 2.
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