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  1. That made me laugh far more than it should have!!! Proper tickled me that!
  2. Yep. As a club they have all the personality of a white bread milk sandwich. Often get them mixed up with Tranmere - another set of fouling cloggers from the dark and damp north west. Although it should be sunny even up there today so we should win.
  3. For all those saying he's done nothing for two years, you do know he was injured for most of it or was suspended? At want point was he supposed to impress? Those few games he did get where he terrorised the opposition and actually scored maybe? I think he's our best player. And so does Hutchinson. Madness to leave him out if fit.
  4. I don't get this. Do teams get an extra player when at home or something? In this day and age it should be irrelevant whether you're home or away - if you have the better players you impose yourself and let the opposition worry about you. Regardless of where the grass is located.
  5. CBA to catch up on five pages but it sounds like Bullen is reading the Danny Wilson school of management book. No Fancy Dans here. Who needs the league's best player when you're a goal down and have ten per season Fletcher and our one goal a month midfield hard at it giving it their all??..
  6. That's disconcerting then. Arguably the league's best player left out of a squad never mind making the starting 11. What da fuq. Did he poo in Bullen's corn flakes or summat?
  7. This would be ideal if we had to move. Still close enough to Hillsborough to feel like 'home' but also right in the heart of the most up and coming part of the city. Would attract plenty of new supporters too with the area constantly developing. Also, loads of brilliant pubs within walking distance. Buy the land now before it gets snapped up, DC!!
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if Chansiri kicks the papers off his desk and says 'f this. I've tried. But no more. I'm off back home'. Thing is, if he goes - there's a good chance the club won't last long after. Ohhhhh, now who would be happy about that, hmmm?
  9. Just stick it on massive stilts above Fargate. Sorted.
  10. When will he/we hear the results of the appeal? Online articles just copy and paste the same report with no mention of the date of the appeal hearing.
  11. It will take other teams a while to adapt to this 'new' Wednesday. We've played basically the same way for years until now and when the opposition sussed us out we had no Plan B. Now we have choices. Forestieri will still have a big part to play as we will have to change it up every now and again (even mid-game) to keep the opposition on the back foot.
  12. Or somehwere inbetween? Must admit I was expecting a lot more from them after their promotion and the gushing praise for the way the played against Fulham last week. But once we grew into the game, it really should've been five or six goals to us. Their idiocy in continuing to play it out fron the back yet getting caught every time was gobsmacking. Amazed we didn't get more than we did. Was that due to us being good or them being naieve? I'm erring towards us being quite a formiddable oufit. Pace, power and guile all over the park. They couldn't get a hit in and we are the real deal. And that's without Westwoood, Bannan, Iorfa. And could afford to leave Fernando Forsetieri on the bench. Sod it - I'm going to get excited!
  13. My ED is an upgrade on Abdi.
  14. There were a few moments where my heart was in it's mouth when I thought he tried to be too clever and better teams would've punished him. Overall though, very classy indeed and certainly looks for the attacking option as much as possible. Once he gets well up to speed he could be a central 'Nilsson'. If that make sense?
  15. Very odd rating system and very specific to give those pants 5 and a half marks out of 8.
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