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  1. What the hell is that music? Sounds like Big Shaq doing a parody track. DA TING GO SKRRA!
  2. Woods would have found a way to balls that up too. Even if we had a Tardis, went back in time and kidnapped all their players, we still would've lost. The event is time locked.
  3. Heart says promotion, head says top ten. We're still swimming in FFP / P&S infested waters which may well see us having to grind out another average season before the shackles come off. Bruce is definitely one for the job. The problem is that all fans up and down the country have no long term vision and get angry quickly. Watch how soon the pigs will turn on Grand Snorter Wilder next season when they're not winning every week. So we'll need to be in around the top ten all season within a sniff of the play offs to keep us all happy.
  4. I can't put my finger on it or find a proper way to articulate it but for me from the moment Francis left, the club just didn't feel 'right'. Pleat, Big Ron's cameo, Wilson, the two Italians - it still all felt a bit off. Like it's soul wasn't there. The Play-Off final was a jolt of life to the patient but that passed quickly. I only felt it really come back when Megson came in and has remained ever since. Like I said, I can't explain it but even though we're still in the second tier, we've definitely got our mojo back. Or it might be just me!
  5. Here's the racist Fernando who invited his best mates from the squad, the black Lucas João and the Muslim Adthe Nuhiu to his son's first birthday bash at Fox Valley.
  6. No, I wasn't outraged cos I've never even heard of that incident before today because guess what, I follow Wednesday like a madman and don't have much interest in what happens at other clubs. And you're the one who seems outraged that the decision made in a court of law wasn't the decision you wanted or good enough for you. Sounds like one of them Remoaners who didn't get the result they wanted.
  7. Can the club stop bending like grass in the wind and start fighting back against this absolute farce? Start taking it up against the nasty cheeky monkey that started it all and also make life as difficult as possible for the EFL, challenge everything. Publicly. Get it all out there to show how ludicrous the EFL are. If they fine us, fizz it. Kick up a stink. Stop kowtowing to these cowardly scrotes. They're bullies and we're letting them treat us as bullies do. By lying down and taking it. Parachute Payments, impunity of refs, no review of cards when the evidence points to the ref completely ballsing it up. And now this. Fight back, Wednesday FFS.
  8. I actually really liked the 16-17 kit for something different. Had a certain imperiousness about it. But good old royal blue and white stripes both front and back is instantly recognizable as Sheffield Wednesday. Stripes not too thick, not too thin. The league 1 promotion season probably my favourite of late.
  9. Not a single chest hair between em!
  10. Too much respect being shown in this thread. Hate to use the sour faced sod as an example but Wilder had zero respect for second tier defences and just kept the pressure on the opposition until they cracked. Which they did. Every week. And we did too once we decided to play in the opponent's half. Screw this league as though it's trying to escape Alcatraz. It's the second sodding tier. Let's flipping have it.
  11. Correct. It's not false hair. Looked into it myself but it's too much cash for me! To answer your question though, they extract the follicles from the back and sides. This bit NEVER goes bald on guys. Even the baldest old man has that 'horseshoe' of hair round the head. It's your own natural hair simply taken from one place to another. And as it's from the bit that never goes bald, the transfer is permanent. Won't ever go bald again. The area where it's taken from grows back rapidly, usually inside a fortnight. The new stuff can take up to two years to reach full maturity in its new home! Give it 18 months though usually and the back and sides are good to harvest again for more density. Which is what I'm guessing Fletcher is doing. Lots of less wealthy people go to Turkey to have it done on the cheap but the results are pretty much a lottery. They can make a right mess of it. As I said.. good on these two. If you've got the money, go for it.
  12. Start the season like a house on fire. That builds belief, confidence and the team then has an 'aura' about them that puts other teams on the defensive. Too many years we only find our mojo too late in the season meaning we can't so much as afford a draw to stay in touch with the auto spots. Plus that bit of luck where you play clubs at the right time. It seems like we tend to play previously out of form clubs the day after they get a new manager or the like. Hopefully we play these types whilst they are in disarray rather than after they galvanise themselves.
  13. Good on him. If you've got the money, do it. I would. Although he does pull off the bald look quite well.
  14. How embarrassing for Boro fans. Their chairman is stomping his feet and roaring his eyes out in the supermarket aisle cos mummy has told him there's no more money for sweets. The only good thing that can come from this is that it exposes the total farce and hypocrisy that is P&S / FFP to the greater world and it gets totally reformed. But jeeeeezus... What a complete fool.
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