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  1. Never understood this phrase. You mean the characteristics of leadership are accepted only in people 6ft and over? But when the same characteristics are displayed by someone under 6ft they have 'small man syndrome'? My boss at work is a 4ft 10 force of nature. She's an amazing natural leader that has earned the respect of everybody. And yes - has to be authoritative at times. Does she have 'small woman syndrome'? I respect many of your posts so would like to know what you mean by this.
  2. Absolutely. I agree. As much as I was cursing Monk and wanting him gone when we were getting tonked by half-time, that was just the passion of the game. In the cold light of day I can see what he's trying to do and moreso - what he was up against in the dressing room. I think Monk deserves a good season to himself and will indeed build us a squad to be proud of this time next year. However, we are all allowed our views no matter how much others may not like to see them. I've just had a look back at Jim's posts and can find no example of him showing 'hate' for Gary Monk. "stop just hammering posts about how much you hate Garry Monk every five seconds" You may not like what he says but he's entitled to that view without being labelled hateful. Unless you have evidence of this hateful speech I've missed?
  3. He's probably got a stop loss figure he's working to. Question is when he reaches that point (which could well be now), does he bail on us or decide to operate the club within it's means?
  4. It really isn't. Odubajo has four syllables. Onion Bhaji has five.
  5. Reminds me of the medieval witch trials from Monty Python. 'We will set you on fire. If you survive then you're a witch and we'll kill you a different way. If you burn to death, then you were right and you were not a witch.'
  6. I think they're all enjoying the biscuits too much to bring the hearing to an end. An ITK mate said that someone is bringing Tunnock's Teacakes tomorrow.
  7. Can't stand em. Glad that if they had to win it, they've done so in the most muted of celebrations. Man City will win it again next year. Klopp is only nice when he's winning. He's a C U Next Tuesday nasty sociopath egomaniac when it's not going his way. He'll sod off again soon enough leaving them in the wilderness for another 30 years. *** em, *** em and thrice... *** em. By the way, I don't like Liverpool.
  8. Good luck finding any club paying you wages anything near half what we were.
  9. All this because Urby Emanuelson reeeeealy needed somewhere to stay on his gap yerrh.
  10. Sod's law is that we'll get relegated into a division where they won't be able to play next season for the first time in like, forever due to no fans while at the same time, FFP is waived in the Championship letting clubs spend whatever they want.
  11. I reckon Rhodes will start banging them back in and look a new man once the out of contract players are gone. Yes, it can be said that he's paid a fortune and shouldn't let things get to him but he's still human. He also seems a very sensitive soul. Reckon he didn't fit in with the clique and that affected him. With the old guard gone, I think we'll see a big change in his game. There were signs of it on Saturday from him - looking sharp, hungry and a good eye for the play. He'll be back on form soon and defo for next season.
  12. If you haaaave a different vieeeew, If you have a different view then you're a blade, If you haaaave a different vieeeew, If you have a different view then you're a blade. *Parp Parp*
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