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  1. I'm with him. Still in it, league is inconsistent. Think the players have just been pacing themselves ready for this last sprint to the finish line. Welcome to the win factory. We're going up. Chill.
  2. Whoever it is, whenever it is. Giz old owl back.
  3. There's more poo talked here than in the arse wiping thread in the Dressing Room. Someone's having a right laugh at us.
  4. Some randomer is battered after the match, finds a name on Google and decides to start a thread. 12 pages later... Close the curtains on this please, mods.
  5. Haaaaaaaa! We're still one of the top scorers away from home. Everyone expecting a poor performance but we do a 0-4 job with a Wickham hat trick, Brighton to dry bum the blunts and AlbanianBananaDog nowhere to be seen the flipping piggy cheeky monkey.
  6. Does anyone actually use a trouser press?
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