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  1. This. I hope the rest of the chairman tell the cheeky monkey to fizz off and stop talking flipping testicles and knob off for an early lunch.
  2. Refs have this drilled into them at ref school: If referreeing a game involving SWFC , the following rules apply during the decision making process for added time. Situation 1) Wednesday need a goal = 3 mins or less injury time. Situation 2) Wednesday lead by a singular goal = 5 mins minimum. This rule is mandatory and eternal.
  3. Coulda woulda shoulda Football is a kick in the porridge factories most of the time. But we've got the right man to take us forward - we kicked major ass away at the league leaders and shoulda won. We're not there yet but he's getting us close. Need to get that killer instinct and as you say, composure at the right times. Bruce will drill that in.
  4. Refs in England always do this. If a team is attacking after the allowed injury time is up, they play on. International football - ref blows up bang on time even if a strike is on it's way in.
  5. Keep your cool, troops. Neither of the Uniturds enjoy being the leaders. Still expect them to change places on Monday again. Hull are a niggly team to play and like I said, neither Leeds nor the Blunts enjoy being in front.
  6. Think the promotion race will go to the last game of the season.
  7. I'd like to think that as fan and supporter of SWFC all my life, that if I was a Premier League player widing down my career, I'd like to see it out at the club I love. But I'd also weigh up Sheffield vs retiring early on my massive wedge of millions in some sunny paradise. Or MLS. Or China for some final gazillions. The thought of playing in Sheffield from October to March doesn't quite hold the romantic vision very long then.
  8. Well, on the bright side, Wilder will be spitting at the TV: All those £40k p/w players and they perform like that!
  9. Our passes today have been under hit most of the time and immediately mean we're stretching / fouling. Taking too many touches when we do get it and not on the same wavelength as each other. Completely off the pace and look so much slower than Leeds.
  10. Will he get a touchline ban for gobbing off like that? That'd be a shame.
  11. That prem money will be going straight into McSue's back pocket - the only reason he's sticking around is to get his cash back. The club side will be getting the fluff that's left in his pockets.
  12. Play our first teamers? Keep them on the bench.
  13. Not much hype for this one. Has everyone still got the mump on from Saturday? C'mon, win tonight and a few other results go our way and the fat lady can get back in the dressing room. Bring it!
  14. Think that 8 million will be a starting price. Get offered 2. Settle on 4-5. Deal. I've watched Bargain Hunt. I know how this works.
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