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  1. This is the answer. Our passing is often so laboured and slow or passed slightly behind the receiving player or slightly off so they have to stretch to get it that our own passes often become 50/50's that mean we have to lunge in to keep control of the pass. We really need more tempo in our play and start passing it for our players to run onto (instead of straight to them or behind them) which means the opposition player is on the back foot then and is more likely to concede the foul.
  2. This is the main thing. Yes, the ref was shocking but Cardiff were there for the taking. Even in the first ten minutes of the second half we should've been three up. A second goal would've sunk them they were that bad. They would not have come back from that. But then we stopped doing the things that made Cardiff sit off us and decided to defend the last 35 mins plus the obligatory 5 mins added on. But absolutely so frustrating to watch cos like you say, we stop trying to score and think we can Arsenal it to the end. It never, ever works trying to invite and defend against constant pressure. Fed up of us doing this when we're so much better than that.
  3. Pretty much nailed on that when we score a free kick using the 'offside thrower pretending to be an aerobics instructor' method, it will get disallowed. Really hope we try it next opportunity we get.
  4. I'm fuming with Monk. Take Bannan off and try to defend a lead for 40 mins? Reach and Luongo left on when they contributed fizz all? Powder puff Murphy instead of Forestieri? Seriously WTF?
  5. Aren't you protected if you use a credit card as opposed to a debit card? Pretty sure you can get your money back if it's a clerical error. Not applicable to debit cards though. I erm, think.
  6. Unfortunately, I think it's a safe bet to say that this all boils down to the Hillsborough disaster. It's been a leadweight around the neck of SYP since and even more so since the enquiries. SAG, with a disproportionate amount of United fans sitting on the group have just jumped on the situation like a pack of cowardly Hyenas and compounded the issue. They all want Hillsborough gone. Flattened. Consigned to history. That's the ultimate goal behind all of this. If anyone thinks this is for our and two coach fulls of away supporters own safety, then their heads must be made of bubble wrap. Although I'm not against us moving to further the ambitions of the club (my favoured place would be the Neepsend idea someone posted ages back), we should fight this tooth and nail as this is almost Mafia style bullying and intimidation. I can almost hear Marlon Brando: 'If they don't want to move, fine. Cut off their revenue. Make sure no-one can ever get near that business without a massive inconvenience. And I want all the locals to hate them for it. Get that place shut down, Luca.'
  7. To the tune of 'That's Amore' with the band's trumpet actually helping for once: When the ball passed you by In the bink of an eye That's Kadz Harris Now it's a cross from the left And a goal for big Fletch That's Kadz Harris
  8. I like what someone said above. Kadz (copyright Sam Hutch 2019), Fessi and Fletch as a front three indeed gives all the options that a forward unit could want. Would be a nightmare for the opposing players and management. Which brings us right back to the thread title and absolutely he can make all the difference.
  9. Borner was a class above today. He read so many balls in and intercepted them, was calm and assured and like someone said above - he won everything in Squeaky Bum time. A modern day, central Roland Nilsson. Ish.
  10. Surely, if we're moaning that we can only beat teams that are below us means that we're near the top - right? The idea is at that at the end of the season, we're sat in first place complaining that we can only beat teams that are below us.
  11. Thought he was a real man out there today. Monk played this one really well. He knew what Wigan are like and that we had to be physical, energetic and own midfield where we have been weak so went with a not very pretty but effective duo of Joey and Luongo to do the dirty work. This allowed Bannan to play in the final third (at last!) instead of sitting in front of the defence. It worked and for a lack of tempo in that first half, we shoud have been out of sight. Monk got this spot on today and Joey did all that was aksed of him and more. Well done, Joey Pelupessy!!
  12. I'm as big a fan of Fernando as you can get but he needs to earn his place. Him being available now should give Reach and Harris the incentive to keep their performance levels at their highest. A headache for Monk, albeit a welcome one and a real migraine for the oppostion managers to contend with when we have such options to throw at them. Personally, I can't wait for him to be back. Players like him are why I love football: flair, passion, energy and gets everyone on the edge of the seat when he sets off on one. He's been nusring injuries for way too long but has shook them off now and should be raring to go. Exciting times - competition for places and well placed despite not firing on all cylinders yet. Bring it on!
  13. I can hear it now: 'How shitt must you be, we're winning away.'
  14. It showed what Monk probably knew about us before he even took the job: We are consistently inconsistent. Top six teams impose themselves on the opposition pretty much relentlessly. We either do that in far too brief periods or not at all. We're over reliant on an ageing spine that can be nullified easily: Stop us getting it to Harris / press Bannan back to the defence. Monk isn't stupid but he can only do so much at the moment and it sounds like he's trying to keep it simple for the time being. He needs a few transfer windows to get us anywhere near where we need to be and crucially - do it consistently. Be patient this season and enjoy the days where we get the breaks.
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