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  1. Absolute shitt for brains subs. Everything's going well. Making Derby look hopeless. 'Yeah, I think we need to give them a chance here, I'll take off our two best attacking players and invite pressure for them to try and get one back.' fizz me. Don't even give me the 'resting them' line, ten minutes would have made fizz all difference except keeping our shape and a goal threat. Again, shitt for brains. flipping fuming at those subs.
  2. I can indeed confirm that they are the holy grail of cannons being both large and pert. I will work on photos. That is all. Horse out.
  3. I know SEVEN women from Derbyshire and they all have really large and pert bosoms. That is all.
  4. This is absolutely what will happen. Relegated the season before they were introduced. Promoted the season after they're nullified.
  5. Another one here that's not a big fan of it. But then again I'm not a fan of the deafening PA system up to kick off anyways. I much prefer no build-up music, no walk-on music and no Hi-Ho. Let the two sets of fans goad each other then the roar of the crowd as the players come out followed by us all singing We Love You Wednesday. Ahhh, jumpers for goalposts etc...
  6. Making it obvious then that the Pink Peasants visit the forum of their Master Race rivals a hell of a lot then. I have visited their porky pages probably twice in a decade and that was through links on here. If you don't think some of the posters on here are closet bacon you need your head read. And it's obvious who they are. Usually only post negative stuff or snidey faint praise stuff, hardly post when we win and have low reputation numbers. Completely and utterly obsessed with us cos as always, their greatest cheers are for our defeats. Hate Wednesday first, love their club second. And you can add that to your bingo card you peasants.
  7. I always thought anything to do with the EFL was all dealt with internally. That any dispute could not be subject to a real legal challenge in proper courts as all clubs agreed to the EFL as the ruling body. How will this get to 'real' court?
  8. We'll get booted out of the football league, what's left of us having to play in Concord Park, Hillsborough will be found to be the main source of blame in the ongoing disaster hearings, Chansiri forced to sell the ground with all proceeds going to the Scousers and all our honours erased from the history books. FF lifetime global ban.
  9. This for me. Getting into great positions but then seem to decide to take the path of most resistance. If some of our players got their heads up to have a quick look, that would've been a cricket score today.
  10. Can't say that's not a positive line-up! Monk is going for the Smash!!
  11. I could understand why he did that on Wednesday to an extent. He knew the players, was riled up and maybe didn't want to lose first and foremost to save face. He went complete attack mode once we went a goal down. With Charlton being so depleted, I'd like to think Monk sees this as an opportunity to go for it and play a front two. Surely he can see that one goal is not enough for us at the moment if we want wins.
  12. Think Monk will go with Nuhiu and Fletch up front today. We need a win, they're fragile. If we go with the lone striker option, I'll pull my mane out.
  13. Saw your post was about to say 'Jinx'! But this is basically the problem. We need a win and fast. Also something to connect the players and the fans again. Feels like we're all drifting apart.
  14. And now it's got to the point where we're unhappy with Bannan. This feels like when we all boo'd Sheridan to the bench. Yes, he's probably too fiery and passionate to be a leader of modern men but to use this one example and stretch that to fit the feeling that we're better without him is pushing it. I understand our collective patience is wearing thin with the lack of wins but he's still pretty much up there with the best in the division. Most pundits/ managers on the TV seem to think so whenever we're on. And I'd much rather he was on our side than on Brum's last night. Or anyone else's. No one's irreplaceable but I think he's such an emotional player he reacts to the game like a fan. I'd defo like to see Borner have a go at the captaincy though. Leave Bannan to get on with doing what he does best.
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