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  1. The Horse

    Really Bruce ???

    Do we know he's been approached for the manager's job or just to play in defence?
  2. The Horse

    Credit Rotherham

    They were sharper, faster, hungrier and wanted it more than our representatives on the field did. Stats don't show what I saw with my own eyes in that first half - a Rotherham team practically camped in our own half who a neutral would think were the home side. We were absolute ladybit.
  3. The Horse

    Found our level

    Hate to say it but imagine The Blunts without Wilder - doubt they'd be anywhere near where they are. And they also have boardroom issues going on. A good manager can make all the difference. Don't buy this 'no-one else could do any better' malarkey.
  4. The Horse

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    I'll have it!
  5. The Horse

    Rotherham United

    It's like having to invite Uncle Knobbhead round every other Christmas. We can't be arsed, we've got much bigger domestic shizzle to deal with but we'll have to go through the motions and breathe a sigh of relief when he's gone.
  6. The Horse

    Bannan Injured

    It's gonna kick off big time if we so much as look like being second best tomorrow; never mind going a goal behind. Think we've been pretty patient as a fan base at home. There's been boos and a flat atmosphere at games but think it'll finally push the fans as a whole over the edge tomorrow if the team don't turn up and it'll get nasty.
  7. The Horse

    Is forrestieri injured?

    Can anyone be arsed with any of this any more. I'm just burned out with the same old crap every week with injuries and setbacks. Just need Reach and Bannan to pick up knocks and we may as well turn the lights off. Meh.
  8. The Horse

    Rotherham United

    Even a pair of vasectomised balls will still have some spunk left in them. The team on Saturday..?
  9. The Horse

    Jos Lahukay- Get out of our club

    I'm really not enjoying this season at all. My post match sugar cubes don't taste right with all this going on.
  10. The Horse

    Pelupessy's Piece Of String

    We should put Van Aken in midfield. Big, strong and has a great eye for passing.
  11. The Horse

    Our fan base at the moment

    It all just feels like when you're up in the middle of the night after over-indulging on too much rich stuff and try to prevent throwing up. You know it's gonna happen but this bit is the worst bit. As a club, we need a good old vom.
  12. The Horse

    Pelupessy's Piece Of String

    Plays just like Semedo did but better yet gets pelters on here. If he'd played in League One first, he'd be a hero and have his own song belting out every time he made a tackle.
  13. The Horse

    Tom Lees On the Fans

    It's a passionate game. People will make irrational alcohol-fuelled cheers / boos / nonsensical ramblings. It's why most of us go - the emotion of enjoying a goal or getting het up as our team books builds up a head of steam and creates chance after chance. There's no other entertainment like it. How anyone can have a go at fans for not 'understanding football' or the like is unreal. Most of us don't go to be professors of the game and appreciate the intricacies of zonal marking or slow transitions from the defensive third or whatever whilst stroking our chins. We want something to sing and shout about. Having said that, I completely agree that the ironic cheers for Fox and the Westwood chant was evil. That could've been easily restrained. But Tom, play positively, play to win and let the crowd see 100% committment and the fans will give the same back every time.
  14. The Horse

    Our club is dying

    I've decided to pack in my mundane job to be a billionaire instead. How hard can it be? Then I'll buy the club. And I'll be that rich, I won't charge a penny to get in. Sorted.
  15. None of our opinions matter any more as we're not professional managers. Please close the forum.