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  1. Steady Decline

    Can't believe that any of our players are enjoying this style. It just goes against everything that's instinctive to a group of very talented and attack minded individuals. They're professionals who'll want to win every game and know they have the collective talent to do so. It must be frustrating as **** for them as well. Wish one of them would break rank and just tell us what's really going on.
  2. I've had enough. Carlos out. It's not even gallows humour anymore. He's ruining the club. This squad is capable of so much more but he's turned them into shells. I never wanted to say this but I hope the fans are chanting for Carlos out tonight. It needs to be heard.
  3. Live on twitter now

    WHAAAAT? Can't remember that. Please tell me it came with a blue sachet of parmesan to sprinkle on?
  4. Live on twitter now

    There used to be Bacon flavour Monster Munch. Not any more though. Was artificial flavouring heaven.
  5. We came from behind many times to win last season.
  6. Derby's win puts the play-off places a bit more out of reach. Need a win tomorrow to keep within touching distance.
  7. It's not just us. It's the same for every team in the world just about bar the mad sods in Turkey. But the crowd is an audible reflection of the way a team plays. The soundtrack to the performance. The more exciting the act, the more upbeat goes the music. To complete my meandering metaphor, it's up to the conductor and the performers to set the pace of the music. Then the orchestra will respond in kind.
  8. Dya know what - I think you're right. We'll be 1-0 up at Wembley after boring the opposition into submission when, with five mins yet to go, our fans will stream out shaking their heads at the performance.
  9. Bored

    The leadership thing is a big one for me. I'm not sure how Loovens is the Captain. It was quiet as a library yesterday and the only ones you could see and actually hear shouting, motivating and encouraging the rest were Westwood and Hooper. The rest were as meek as mice. Hooper looked fed up yesterday, was finding space and making runs only for players to turn back and / or pass sideways and he let the rest know it. I know forwards aren't often Captains but Hooper should be ours for me.
  10. Is 2. Two points from a possible 12. 10 points dropped. Just posted this on another thread but deary me. For a team that was supposedly challenging for automatic promotion. Unbelievable, Jeff.
  11. Another depressing fact from looking at the table is that we have failed to beat any of the current bottom four sides. We've taken the grand sum of two points out of a possible twelve from them.
  12. No No No No

  13. Mid-table mediocrity

    Nothing will stop us from our seemingly unswerving desire to becoming the next Derby County. Doomed for all eternity to a mid table finish in the second division of english football.

    Come on now everybody. This was Bristol City. BRISTOL CITY - the team third in the second division. How any of you expected us to really beat a side of that quality is a complete mystery. It's not like we were playing Burton. It was Bristol. We showed them the respect they deserved and came away with a hard earned point and a clean sheet. This bodes well for the future and hopefully we can aim as high as 8th by January.
  15. If we did, I'd like some sensitivity going into the design. Take the south stand clock with us. Have a dedicated but modern Kop. Basically, keep the three distinct home elements and not just an all-round amphitheatre but because they're built from scratch, they'd have all modern facilities and be far more comfortable with decent legroom and maybe hot water. It'd be like Hillsborough but, dare it be said, elev-8-ed to a whole new level.