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  1. I'd love to keep him but as others have said, teams keep getting promoted without him. I remember when we sold Dalian Atkinson and it felt like the end of the world. We got Paul Williams to partner Hirst and we never looked back.
  2. Dave Jones was the same in the end as well despite starting his tenure with fast starts. It happens to all our managers of late. Must be something in the water down there that slowly dulls their brain sponges or summat.
  3. Geosword

    Just got back

    Bang on the money there. Is it beyond a manager to blend neat and tidy players with some vocal, physical ones as well - the horrible types you mention who lead by example; set the tone and help to get the crowd going? It doesn't have to be one or the other. Also, in the same vein, our players never seem to stick up for each other after a cynical foul or altercation. Get in there and show that we don't take any shizola off any bugger instead of having a swig of water. Also, also - central defenders who can score. Lees scores about one per season. Miguel and Reda would bang them in every other set piece. We rely so much on our forwards for goals it just ramps up the pressure on them. Hopefully Jos knows some big, strapping (and very affordable) Germans to steel up the side.
  4. Geosword

    Made my mind up

    Wouldn't worry too much about last night's scoreline. You always get weird results in pre-season games.
  5. Geosword

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Are we getting tackles in or just running alongside their players again?
  6. Geosword

    How far behind are we?

    We can't rely on the crocks to suddenly be able to play the majority of next season. The way I see it, is we have a thread bare spine of quality that needs building around it from scratch to compete at the top consistently. And they are Lees, Reach, Bannan, FF and Joao. (I know Lees, Bannan and FF have been out injured but they're not made of biscuits like Hooper, Abdi and Hutch.) Then we need: Two new wing backs or Reach to drop in. New Central Defender. Van Aken, Pudil and Venancio should be back up not first choice to partner Lees. Midfield needs a physical enforcer and another quality addition to challenge Bannan. And then a pacy striker to compliment / challenge FF and Joao. Hopefully, Jos knows exactly which strapping, youthful Germans fit the bill.
  7. Geosword

    What will happen?

    It's nice for once to be in a position where we can play without pressure and watch the opponents squirm as they need the points. Fulham must be hating the fact they're facing a relaxed Wednesday team just as the senior players get back. Just what they didn't need. Should make for an interesting game.
  8. Geosword

    Sky sports and Matt Murray...

    To be fair, we were media darlings for Carlos' first two seasons and got bigged up as the ultimate sleeping giant. I think some of that light shone on us contributed to the pressure and no-show at Wembley. Much prefer to stay under the radar, go about our business - kick monkey butt then get the plaudits.
  9. Geosword

    Fessi knows best ?

    Maradonna, Suarez, Michael Owen, Keegan, Beardsley... Never been goal scorers.
  10. Ice cold Martini Extra Dry.
  11. Geosword

    Anyone who left early

    That's true. I find that if you stay to clap the players off, have a slash, sort yourself out and take it easy - all the traffic and crowds have gone!
  12. Geosword

    Anyone who left early

    I've never left early but I can sort of understand why some might when a match is hanging by a thread as it was at 90 mins. Some people just can't handle the stress. I sometimes feel like leaving to avoid the tension as it can get too much but like any good film, you have to see how it ends. Even if it's through your hands on your face. But that's why you shouldn't leave early. For all the crud we've had this season, no other entertainment - film, theatre, TV or whatever can serve up drama and elation like that today. ALWAYS see the game out!
  13. Geosword

    Do we start Fessi on Friday?

    No, they'll just try and injure him again. We need to look at the big picture and have him fine tuned and in pristine condition for next season. So ease him back in against any side that has nothing left to play for in the games we have left.
  14. Geosword

    Player of the season so far?

    Reach without a doubt. Pudil has been solid as well - you can see how much it means to him when we win. Proper heart and soul player. Nuhiu gets a shout as does João. But Reach has been the leader, getting stuck in, leading by example and improved massively since last season. I said it a few months back but the boy has become the man this year.