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  1. I'm changing my mind now insofar that Leeds would be expecting us to start without him. However, would Bielsa even take that much notice? Steve Bruce thought they did well to stop him scoring today!!
  2. Or does he start from the bench again? After the Forest game, both Reach and Matias looked vulnerable to making way for him. But after today you can't really drop anyone. Would you start him? If so, where does he play and who makes way? I'd go for starting him from the bench. Good performances need rewarding with starts.
  3. He'd have already scored a couple in our side now. Probably have earned us a couple of points on top of what we have. Got a lot of time for Ross. Brilliant player for us.
  4. Geosword

    Adam Reach

    Last season, about the time when it became apparent he was the one holding us up when others went missing, I thought that the boy had become the man. But he seems to have withdrawn into himself this season to the boy again. Whether that's resting on his laurels, being played out of his natural position or just letting other senior players take up the slack, I'm not sure. But the negative aspects to his game are being exposed consistently during every game now. Hopefully he can get back on the left once FF / Hooper return to play the No.10 role he bizarrely finds himself in at present.
  5. It's like a broken record now with Wednesday... Always start slow. Try to lull the opposites into playing at pre-season pace. But that just gives the opposition confidence. We then have to fight and struggle to just do the basics. Wake up either after half an hour or conceding a goal. Or two as it seems to be this week. Clean sheets are a thing of the past which puts enormous pressure on everyone from kick off. Just once, I'd like to see us start a game by taking it to the opposition. We're too nice, too soft and so so easy to score against. In that situation, just try to outscore by going balls-out Keegan style. If we're going to concede goals every game, at least do it whilst looking to score goals of our own.
  6. It seems Jos has it in him to switch his brain for a Cuckoo Clock every ten games or so. Weird set up tonight. Tactics seemed to be to play without an attacking threat and ensure that Reach and Matias are of no concern to the opposition whatsoever. Absolutely bizarrely crap.
  7. I thought Stoke were actually a bloody good side. Yes, we gifted them a perfect start but for large periods of the game, we couldn't get the ball off them and it would've been game over if they got the third at any point. In midfield and up front, they were miles ahead of us. However, we have something they don't appear to have at the moment and that's mental strength. As soon as our players realised that they were defensively weak and could be got at, the tide turned. Stoke's defence seemed panicked at our every attack. Think once they sort out the defence or manager even, they'll bomb on. Don't think we'll play against a better side this season than we faced in that first 30 mins. TL:DR Thought Stoke were good but we showed real character to pull it back. Proud of the Owls tonight.
  8. Geosword

    'i dont wear red'

    Match day, I wear blue and white stuff anyways cos well.. it's match day. Other than that, i don't mind red at all. Both royal blue and a rich red are classic colours that any modern man has to have available in his wardrobe. Ain't that right fellow fashionistas??
  9. Yesssss!! You get a shed load in those boxes. They're reyt good on the colder nights.
  10. The pasties are seriously good on the south. Better than Greggs and the like.
  11. Geosword

    The Abdinator!

    Bugger all...
  12. Of course it won't sell. But even if it did, it's not sustainable as it would require every single fan to keep it rolling by buying another membership every year.