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  1. Cold spaghetti makes an ideal substitute for Tapeworms.
  2. Geosword

    The City Is Theirs

    Did you see Wilder's post-match interviews? The city most definitely remains ours, and it stings him like a *****. Yes things are a mess for us at the moment but football turns fortunes quickly. If Chansiri has learned from his mistakes and we go again next season leaner and wiser then we will have every chance to reclaim the league position over them in addition to the obvious psychological one we have over them already. We are Sheffield's footballing 'powerhouse'. The city is still very much ours.
  3. We were a lame animal surrounded by hungry predators. Damn right we should be happy to have retained our dignity. They were expecting to get a cricket score and avenge the BDM once and for all. Victory dinner booked. Flags in the city centre. Absolute disrespect for us all week said with a real sneer in their smiles. This was gonna be their big day against the giant powerhouse Sheffield Wednesday that always eclipsed them and kept them in shadow. But this wounded animal snapped and snarled to get away unharmed to lick it's wounds and fight back another day. Basically, we just did this:
  4. If any Blunt ever tries to tell us that we're not viewed as the biggest club in Sheffield - play them that interview. Wilder let all the deepest hatreds out of the bag for us there: - 'Powerful Club'. Not really in the bigger picture but it's always been that way compared to you lot. Nice of you to admit it though. - 40k players. Only rumoured to be one and that's just heresay. Mostly on here. Nice to know you're reading this now. - 'I know which dressing room is happier.' Yep. And it's not yours. Two good chances to avenge the BDM and bottled both. Also, the look on Billy Blunts' face compared to Dawson's. Obvious that Billy will be singing into the night and into their victory dinner tomorrow - he looked overjoyed. In fact he was so jubilant, he forgot sporting manners and didn't hand the man of the match trophy to Cameron. Even at our lowest ebb, they can't knock us out. Older, bigger, better and now.. more powerful. Delicious!
  5. Think we just need to see the funny side of this already. We just know we'll get swamped in the first 20 mins and leak at least two. We need to get into a different frame of mind for when the battering commences.
  6. Ah well, it was fun to guess at an attacking line up. Looks like the plan is to defend for our lives. Cos that's worked so well for us so far hasn't it?
  7. Geosword

    Fernando and Marco

    It wouldn't surprise me one iota if both have been fit for quite a while. Reckon Jos is playing the Blunts like a master of puppets. He knows this result would earn him legend status and imagine their piggy faces when an hour before kick off, FF is read out over the tannoy in the line-up. I'm tellin ya, Jos has got something up his sleeve for this one.
  8. They're gonna be reyt flummoxed when FF gets announced in the starting line up with an hour til kick off.
  9. Geosword

    The silence from S6

    I'm a self confessed reactionary knee-jerk reaction fan cos ya know, at the end of the day, what got me hooked on this game is the swearing, passionate, beer fuelled release of a match day after a week at work. But after a few days, I can let the red mist clear. For me, it's a game. A hobby. A pastime. One that I love. But I don't need Insta-updates 24/7.
  10. Geosword

    Derby week

    We are sooooo gonna win. This league ain't all that this season. We should've been out of sight in that first half. Against the team that's now top. We should've beaten West Brom. Leeds yesterday on the TV weren't exactly all that and a bag of chips. Fine margins decide the outcome of games in this league. Keep our cool, pick them off. 4-0 to us. Let's have the smelly tramps.
  11. Geosword

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

    What happened to Spendageddon? This league is tight. A few wins and we're back up there. Chansiri should flip the bird to FFP and buy our way to the Prem. If we fail and get a points deduction -fizz it. Spend again to overcome such a mere handicap for our Galacticos. Problem solved. Right..?
  12. Geosword

    Its Jos not working

    The prediction here was spot on. Let's hope there's no spankings on Friday.
  13. Geosword

    So what is the way forward?

    For anyone, or anything to move forward - one has to face up to and recognise one's own weaknesses. However, ego always gets in the way. How do we move forward? Lose the ego. On all sides.
  14. Quite right. Our forwards are actually lethal. The problem is, we don't create enough for them. Think we're second worst team in the Champ for chances created? Look at Match of the Day / Premier League - even Kane and Aguero / Rooney back in the day, needed four or five chances to net one. But their teammates created enough that eventually they'd score. It's the Jordan Rhodes scenario. We never played him in his natural role - a shitliner who had a nack for dropping off his marker or finding the space much like Lineker did. Our forwards have actually done an amazing job feeding off scraps. If we actually attacked and made chances, they'd be wanted by Prem clubs.
  15. Said it before - Wilder's arrogance and the baying of their fans to metaphorically torpedo a ship that's dead in the water will mean they'll fly at us and press us hard. However, IF we match their work rate and keep our cool, our quality players Bannan, Joao, Forestieri (if playing), Fletcher should be able to pick them off and calmly slot away our chances like we did at Bristol. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if we scored three and got the first clean sheet. Football's weird like that.