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  1. The pitch

    Combination of factors. We've been training on it instead of the usual ones. Then we've had a lot of matches played in bad weather - snow, rain and in quick succession. Think it's used most days unlike most clubs who only use it on match days.
  2. Yep. Not sure if he was in the wrong position or a little taken aback when he first came in. But he's Mr Sheffield Wednesday and our torch bearer at the minute. Real strength of character to come through Carlos's weirdness, endure this awful season and be the one to lead by example. The boy has become the man.

    Absolutely fantastic thing. But Bloody Nora - that music at the end and the final note sounds like we're all doomed. We're Barmy Army. Not Suicide Squad!
  4. 5 minutes

    It'a always five minutes if we're winning by a goal or two.
  5. Derby tho

    Especially loved how the frustration got the better of them at the end when whoever it was almost swung for one of our players (Nuhiu?) Karma's a ***** aint it.
  6. All three promoted sides from the Championship wore stripes last season. Unlucky my flipping hairy arse.
  7. Good news that Jack Hunt is on the bench. I prefer him to Palmer but his pace may be best used as the opposition starts to tire.
  8. Much more than a 6 pointer

    Sadly this. The only spark we have is João. He upsets defenders and they back off him.
  9. couldn't get any worse

    Anyone got any dogs that are any good? I know of a commanding german centre half who's fit to play...
  10. What are the players unhappy about? If they didn't like Carlos / his methods / training / tactics / recruitment then he's gone. Nothing to grumble about there. I presume they're still getting paid and Jos seems to be very professional. What's their beef?
  11. Yep. Could've been us. Except he totally messed up the two big chances he had despite being roared on and encouraged by the biggest and loudest army of Wednesday fans in living memory. Yep. All our fault.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me if this was the truth of the matter. Either that or the players have concrete for brains.
  13. This fabled attacking style of the first season is being tarted up. Back then, there were weekly threads about our slow starts and why it took us until the second half to start attacking. Swansea player just interviewed: 'The gaffer told us to go out and make a quick start.' WTF?
  14. Winner. You'd love to find them but... they don't exist. I don't get this toxic atmosphere thing either. The crowd is very supportive despite this season's performances. Just the instinctive usual moans and groans when things go awry. Which is quite restrained actually for 25,000 working class Sheffielders after a few pints. The odd one or two boos at HT last Saturday but for the most this season it's been quiet. Because as Sij said - we've not had a run or had much to sing about. It's par for the course now for all clubs. If there are any clubs going through a rut and the crowd are bouncing then I'd love to know too.
  15. CBA to read all the thread but is this what that Project 11 refers to on the advertising boards?