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  1. roger johnson surely needs to be a must for next season
  2. I like best, think he's a reyt player at this level and knows where the net is he's one of them that can look like there doing naff all, then suddenly bang a goal in, e.g brighton
  3. bit harsh on him, only antonio and palmer that's done owt
  4. fúck that, don't want a flat pack ikea stadium
  5. it's always reyt exciting day before and yea I don't get out much
  6. so basically antonio back and could play hutchinson 50/50 frustrated about the Watford result, some players had an off day wants to bounce back and spoil their party wants prutton to put himself in shop window
  7. Kirkland Buxton Onyewu Loovens Mattock Lavery Lee Hutchinson Helan (Maguire 2nd half) Best Nuhiu
  8. don't know if it's just me but they look nothing alike
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