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  1. owltilidie

    How are you holding up? Hmmm?

    See you there!
  2. owltilidie

    Keiran Lee has had a babby

    Have that milk and you’ll grow to be 6ft tall like your daddy...
  3. Boost bar, ginger ninja...He obviously loves a dare, either that or he’s absolutely barking. Keepers have a habit of being a bit, erm, you know...individual
  4. owltilidie


    Whelan not scored since about 1932, lowest foul count in history of football. We watched history in the making yesterday :)
  5. owltilidie


    Agree with points about difficulty of job, little respect, team needing to focus on our own job. My point was simply yeaterday’s refereeing performance was different to anything I have ever seen and made me question why that was. I didn’t state that corruption was rife but was - and still am! - trying to understand what I saw. It was incompetence but (and I stand by this) the consistency he showed in his preferential treatment of one team (body language, communication, helping players to their feet as well as decisions) over 95minutes raises uncomfortable questions in my mind. I don’t want corruption to be the answer to those questions, but for the first time I have genuinely considered it a possibility
  6. owltilidie

    Getting More Positve By The Day

    Unlucky not to have taken 9 points from Cardiff, Derby and Villa at home (forget Birmingham game!) recently. Played excellently against top 6 opponent in all 3 with cobbled together team
  7. “Just got your 4th official beeetch to call you over to make sure cheque didn’t bounce”
  8. owltilidie

    Sean Clare

    Has all the physical atrributes and athleticism. Also impressive is his mental approach, he’s taken the step up to first team in his stride. No sign of nerves, refuses to be bullied, bags of confidence. Still things to work on defensively, but looks a real prospect.
  9. owltilidie


    Never seen anything like today. You’ll always have the odd baffling decision and sometimes it might cost you a game. Other times the officials might be generally terrible. In some ways, unfortunately, that’s part of football. Today (I hate to say it!) made me genuinely question whether money is changing hands.
  10. owltilidie

    I'm ok with the starting lineup

    Looks like Jos will go for as much rotation as needed for Sat, Tues, Sat games and select based on fitness to maintain intensity and reduce injuries. I prefer this to Carlos's tactic of picking same players but telling them they could only run for 10 mins
  11. owltilidie


    Can't wait to see my Dad's face. This will be agony for the tight Yorkshireman part of his brain. The more seasons he commits to, the more money he saves; however, (and I quote him directly now) "you don't know how much longer I'll be here" (he didn't mean Sheffield...) - no one wants the worry of wasting money on a season ticket you can't use due to death.
  12. owltilidie

    Tinpot pre walkout music

    Beat me to it!!
  13. owltilidie

    Tinpot pre walkout music

    It’s this... followed by this...
  14. Was just about to start a thread saying this pretty much word for word. Beat me to it. im excited. I saw enough last night to make me optimistic. Not many times you’d say that after a 0 0! Its time to move forward with optimism. No expectation of promotion weighing us down this season, can just watch Jos do his thing. I’m interested to see how he changes formations, personnel, approaches, can he rejevinate players who have gone stale etc etc. Forward together! UTO
  15. owltilidie

    Whose going Tuesday

    Nee nor, nee nor. Don’t worry, the grammar police have been called