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  1. Derby mate of mine was always v positive about Rowett. Thought they had a proper manager and gutted when he went. I’d still prefer Hughton
  2. Bruce connection probably played a part in his appointment but reckon he’ll stay. He lives locally, much of his family are local (but are blades) and daughter is at school in NE Derbyshire.
  3. 1) Need a strong start. Got some decent fixtures early on, need to build momentum 2) I'm confident (for no reason) 3) More controversial, isn't it nice not seeing the scrubbers on the list
  4. For the first time in a while I’m really excited about the coming season! We’ve got a chance
  5. That’s about 5 times his current value. Load of crap, if not, SELL!!
  6. 36k per week sounds about right. The rest seems ridiculous; someone has got wires crossed and multiplied it by 2 (hopefully)
  7. Was utter shiite. You don’t get much for 800 quid.
  8. It’s difficult (and will be difficult again) because so many teams are of a similar standard. For same reason you don’t need to be world beaters to get promoted. Decent recruitment, a bit of luck and, most importantly, consistency is what we need. In short, “we’ve got a sniff”
  9. Picked up in this as well and made me do a little love wee. It’s these subtle things that build the bigger picture: A manager taking charge of footballing decisions, making decisions that make sense, communicating honestly and clearly, taking responsibility, showing desire and charisma. Thank foook for that!!
  10. Great this. A classy way of responding to juvenile nonsense and all for a good cause. Over 4.5k raised already.
  11. Can’t wait for Bruce to get stuck into rebuilding squad in summer and beginning to rectify the issues caused by the ‘kid in a sweet shop’ approach
  12. Loved his cameo today. Won every 50/50, was busting a gut when matias broke down the left (and then passed to Preston player). Made me wonder what would have happened f we had a play like that to bring in when we were beating West Brom...
  13. I’ll be happy with Bruce. Can’t see Bruce putting up with advisors’ suggestions regarding transfers. Cant see him thinking we don’t need two new full backs (which previous two managers haven’t addressed). Can’t see him thinking Westwood is 3rd choice keeper. He knows the league and has good contacts. We won’t attract anyone better. Also, and most importantly, his appointment would suggest Chansiri may be willing to change approach. So, yes!
  14. erm, "making sheeeeiittteee up" is now known as "alternative facts". We live in the post truth era, facts are so last century
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