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  1. The north has voted tory and a first half hatrick from Rhodes. WTF is happening?
  2. Yep, this is exactly what a competent policing operation would involve. Unfortunately, SYP say traffic management around the stadium is not their responsibility. Hence, the cones closing one lane of Penistone Road belong to SWFC and are put there by SWFC staff. It’s an utter joke
  3. He’s going to have to work his arse off to prove he’s worth getting in the team. No way does he start over Harris after his performances in last two games.
  4. Lol problem would then be they’d come to conclusion that other north exits and the whole kop are too dangerous.
  5. Agree. One thread on club statement, this one on academic report
  6. It doesn’t mention anywhere the health and safety implications of an extra 5000 people exiting onto a very busy dual carriageway. Only policing decision it mentions was the coaches - which created huge problems. An academic with a tape measure who just doesn’t get it
  7. Yes, whether it to be a petition or trying to create some noise in the media, the fan base needs to make itself heard on this one. My health and safety has never been put at risk during the many years I’ve entered and exited north stand at leppings lane. Mr Billings, SAG and SYP have made a decision which will put me and thousands of others in greater danger today. As he is an elected public servant there needs to be accountability and transparency. The decision doesn’t seem to be independent, proportionate, wise or consistent with actions made to other football clubs. There is a conflict of interest with SUFC and SAG which also needs to be raised. At best, this is incompetence. We need to ensure there is accountability for this farce. Anyone got connections with media, MPs?
  8. According to his LinkedIn page he holds both jobs simultaneously and has done for a couple of years. It’s scandalous really and a clear conflict of interest. Who are SAG and SYP accountable to? Questions need to be asked because currently have us over a barrel. They are able to control our attendances (and, therefore, revenue), make decisions which put thousands of people in greater danger (as is the case tomorrow), potentially cancel fixtures etc etc etc. If we don’t comply or an incident occurs on penistone road tomorrow, they have more reason to throw more s**t at us.
  9. Enter and leave north stand from there every game and have done for years. Never have I seen any bother. Leaving onto penistone road will be more dangerous. Properly winds me up.
  10. This is what's known as the "North Korean standard"
  11. Derby mate of mine was always v positive about Rowett. Thought they had a proper manager and gutted when he went. I’d still prefer Hughton
  12. Bruce connection probably played a part in his appointment but reckon he’ll stay. He lives locally, much of his family are local (but are blades) and daughter is at school in NE Derbyshire.
  13. 1) Need a strong start. Got some decent fixtures early on, need to build momentum 2) I'm confident (for no reason) 3) More controversial, isn't it nice not seeing the scrubbers on the list
  14. For the first time in a while I’m really excited about the coming season! We’ve got a chance
  15. That’s about 5 times his current value. Load of crap, if not, SELL!!
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