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  1. owltilidie


    Loved his cameo today. Won every 50/50, was busting a gut when matias broke down the left (and then passed to Preston player). Made me wonder what would have happened f we had a play like that to bring in when we were beating West Brom...
  2. owltilidie

    Is Steve Bruce the answer

    I’ll be happy with Bruce. Can’t see Bruce putting up with advisors’ suggestions regarding transfers. Cant see him thinking we don’t need two new full backs (which previous two managers haven’t addressed). Can’t see him thinking Westwood is 3rd choice keeper. He knows the league and has good contacts. We won’t attract anyone better. Also, and most importantly, his appointment would suggest Chansiri may be willing to change approach. So, yes!
  3. owltilidie


    erm, "making sheeeeiittteee up" is now known as "alternative facts". We live in the post truth era, facts are so last century
  4. Yes! We need to get over the bed wetting when we talk about selling “better players” as unambitious etc. It’s good business and we need to see developing and selling players as a central part of our business plan. How many season tickets do you need to sell to raise the £10-15 million you get from selling a top championship player? We don’t have big commercial revenue and will now plateau in terms of match day income so player trading is vital
  5. owltilidie

    The gaffer's post match interview

    Must have had a tug over international break. Seems like a new man.
  6. owltilidie


    Yyyeeeesssss!!! Good news. I’d forgotten what that feels like. Really hope he can push on as he seemed to be doing end of last season
  7. This 100%. I can live with not having a decent lwb etc for a while, I can’t stand watching some of our best players (worth millions of pounds) leave the club for free next summer. Right now sorting out who leaves (when, for how much and who stays on new terms) is more important than sorting out who comes in. Not as exciting but absolutely essential
  8. owltilidie

    Flag Surfing Today

    Got to my seat in north just in time to see flag released and instantly said “what the foook they doing releasing it into a pillar!?!” Comedy! Tbf - Not got it right for ages. Got it out for pigs game last season and foooked it up - set tone for day.
  9. owltilidie


    Agree - thought “brainstorm” was an odd choice. So many better monkeys songs for walk out. Was “send in the boys” by milburn second half
  10. Reckon it’d be a bit more than that, Abdi prob about 30k per week. Include Jones, Boyd, Westwood, Palmer to list prob in region of 5-6 million pa.
  11. Thank god we’ll be able to get some of the wasters off the wage bill!!! Need to sort stuff out with the EFL asap and start discussing contracts with bannan, Joao and whichever youngsters we want to keep for long term. Hooper and Lee are two of or best players but no idea wheee they are with fitness. Cut losses with rest and breathe a big sigh of relief.
  12. Slow club are a great shout. Becky’s a big Wednesday fan, has been known to go on stage in Wednesday shirt. Part of video for “suffering you, suffering me” filmed at hillsborough (great song but can’t really play a song with that title...). “Yeah So” album has some more upbeat stuff
  13. Westwood: 2 minutes for him to be sold otherwise we’re left with another avoidable mess
  14. Might want to wait until after 5pm for that talk...
  15. That’s what I’m worried about! He’s been kept out of action to make sure we can sell him, he’s obviously not pleased about it (why else would he publicly contradict his manager). It would be a huge mess if we don’t sell. May well depend on whether anyone comes in for Butland. If so, he’ll prob go Stoke. Problem is most likely suitor was Chelsea and they’ve opted for lad from athletic Bilbao