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  1. Westwood Palmer Lees Dunkley Penney Harris Shaw Bannan Reach Rhodes Windass Play Rhodes, we have looked better when he's been on the pitch besides windass. Play Penney over Van aken and Shaw over pelupessy. I genuinely think that team would give them a good game. Very much doubt we'll see it but hey ho, we will continue with the negative tactics and players that keep getting game time despite being very poor.
  2. This season Monk had the same players as Pulis and Pulis' record was worse. I take your point with regards to last season and I'm not defending Monk whatsoever. But Chansiri has waited too long to act on every manager he's had so I'm glad he hasn't this time.
  3. Yes, the squad is poor but as I've said many times your job as the manager is to get the best from what you have. He was clearly failing to do this as we were even worse than under Monk. Play players on their proper positions, don't play 5 centre backs and play Rhodes and Windass up front and we might actually have a chance of scoring.
  4. Completely disagree. A good manager makes the best out of what he has. He has made us worse. So it's simple, he's doing a poor job.
  5. Make it a less crap, more balanced team then? Play players in their proper positions and enough attacking ones to give it some balance.
  6. He's actually made us worse than Monk which I didn't think was possible.
  7. TP “We’ve had chances to make it 2-0 and if we’d have done so, I think Blackburn would have struggled to come back.." #BLASHW Pretty bored of hearing this. Even more bored when it's an absolute load of rubbish. We had one shot on target all game and it was Reach's wonder goal. There is no way we will be staying up if something setting up like we are and picking the players Pulis is picking. I've never wanted to watch Wednesday less!
  8. Seems rather ironic that Rhodes scored 20+ 4 seasons on the trott after that plus 16 in his final championship season before joining us.
  9. What Paterson has done to warrant a start over him really does baffle me. People have jumped on a bang wagon that say Rhodes doesn't do anything when he isn't scoring. He worked his socks off when he came on, he rarely gives the ball away which is more than can be said for most, and he was there to stick the ball in had Lees not and if Windass would have squared it he would have had an open net. When we had the likes of Fletcher, Hooper and Joao as options you can accept that he doesn't get many minutes. With our striking options it is absolutely unforgiv
  10. I know probably 99% of Wedneaday fans agree that this squad needs some significant improvements; to say the least. I haven't looked at a team line up and thought we might actually win today for a long time. If you saw a line up and thought we might actually win today. What would it be? One that would actually make me want to watch the game would be: Wildsmith Palmer Lees Dunkley Penney Harris Shaw Bannan Reach Rhodes Windass
  11. He is absolutely clueless. Your job as a manager is to get the best out of your squad. Yes, we all know the squad is poor but he's made it a lot worse: somehow!
  12. Sorry but I disagree, as a striker at least Rhodes plays up front and makes runs to make their defenders actually think about something. He also usually keeps the ball with his feet and when he wins headers they are in somebody's direction. Paterson gives you more energy but he has very little quality and to me doesn't look like he know how to play in any position he's played in for us yet.
  13. Rhodes has started 3 games this season. Won one away at Cardiff, drew at home to Watford, winning 1-0 at Swansea when he was dragged off after 55mins. With what we have available, we are a better team when he's in it.
  14. Pathetic by Pulis. Did more than Paterson did, barely lost possession when he got the ball, won a few flick ons, makes runs in behind. Just absolutely shatter his confidence, very very poor management.
  15. Are we also talking about the same manager that said serge gnabry wasn't good enough?
  16. Yes because experienced managers never make the wrong decisions! I've watched both play enough games to know that Penney has more to offer in his game than Van Aken, both going forward and defensively. Van aken is tall though so that's probably the reason.
  17. How van aken gets in the left back slot ahead of him is beyond me.
  18. Agree with most here. Except I also think Harris is decent defensively. Said for a while I think he'd make a decent right back because he's not the best in the final third but the rest of his game is pretty strong.
  19. Please tell me the most games he has started in a row since he's been at the club? I'd be very surprised if it was over 4/5!
  20. It was in a similar 'mess' when Bruce came in. Good managers get the best from what they have got and improve players.
  21. I feel bullen has been judged very harshly for the caretaker roles he has done. Both times he has come in he hasn't done a bad job whatsoever. He steadied the ship massively after Jos and made some good common sense decisions. Then at one point after Bruce left it looked like he might get it permanently until we had a couple of bad results which put us to a position in the table we would love right now... A lot have jumped on the bandwagon and made their mind up he isn't good enough. I'd still have him over Monk right now even though it wouldn't be what I would like to do.
  22. Left us in the **** with some of his signings. Around 25m spent on Van Aken, Abdi, Reach and Rhodes. Chairman said his managers decide what they want and he makes the final call and I believe that. Therefore, we are in this mess because Chansiri put too much trust in the wrong man in Carvahal.
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