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  1. Pretty happy with the signings so far - on paper, I don't think we can't argue with them. I am still concerned that we have a severe lack of pace in the team at present. As much as people have turned on Mendez-Laing, he did offer us some much needed pace and another option that we needed. Hope to see us get a couple more wing backs in, hopefully with some pace to compete with Johnson and Hunt as well as another striker of that mould (Wilks would be great in my opinion).
  2. It's cheating, simple as. Needs eradicating from the game. But it won't be because them in charge are clueless and more bothered about 5 subs to give teams more chance to waste time.
  3. Don't think Paterson is good enough personally but harsh on Palmer imo. Been very good and reliable for us this season and even tonight did well for the second goal and they didn't do barely anything apart from their goals which came from other mistakes.
  4. Can we please not boo him and just leave him to it. Defo more likely to score and stick it to the fans if he gets booed.
  5. I think when Windass is fit then wide... On Sunday I think if play him up top though
  6. Would take Farke and saw someone mention Terry earlier which I wouldn't be against, would be a manager that would be instantly respected by the players (you would have thought) and could make an immediate impact before its too late.
  7. The only good thing Moore has done is had a half decent transfer window given the restrictions. Yet he still manages to pick the players that have been poor and not the ones that have shown anything.
  8. Have people had memory loss? He was terrible at left back and worse at left wing.
  9. He is awful. Mad to think he's one of the better managers we've had in recent times too. How clueless must the others have been!!
  10. Something that has wound me up about Paterson quite a bit is him screaming and having a go at some of the younger lads. Saw/heard it at Hillsborough with Corbeanu when he's not even fit to lace Corbeanu's boots. Also seen it with Brennan. A) Having the cheek to grill other players when you are as poor and ineffective as Paterson annoys me. B) The young kids should be getting encouragement to build their confidence, not be frightened to make a mistake (hence more likely to make one).
  11. Hunt doesnt deserve to be dropped at all, nor do I think wing back would be a good fit for Windass.
  12. Corbeanu has to play, everytime he's started he has been our biggest goal threat. Johnson was incredibly poor at wing back before being moved to centre half, where surprisingly he has been much better.
  13. I'd much rather watch us play like we have been doing. We also restricted them to 2 shots on target all game which both resulted in the goals. If we keep playing like the last 3 games, I think we'll be up and around the top 2 come the end of the season.
  14. He's been fit for ages mate. Happy for you to try and defend Moore and if we play like we have the last 4 league games (coincidentally when Corbeanu has started) then I'm happy. Just don't agree that he'll have changed much as a player in the 16 games he didn't start in.
  15. Honestly take my hat off to him. Was poor for a good number of games (not helped by the game plan be to play out from the back) but he's been magnificent the last 5/6 games.
  16. He's brilliant. Really frustrating that we've wasted a third of the season we've got him for by Moore not picking him. Hopefully we get up and get him back for a championship season on loan!
  17. You'd drop Theo? Surely that has to be a typo
  18. What a ridiculous statement. Not one player in the world does everything right in a game. He's 19 years old and in his first start got a goal and an assist and in his second created multiple chances we should have put away and if not for a great headed block would have scored one of the best solo goals we've seen at Hillsborough for years. He should have been playing all season not a third of the way in.
  19. A player that actually don't mind paying to watch. He's got some bottle unlike many of them and gets you off your seat. Playing in a new position with a hell of a lot of responsibility of being the main attacking threat and also having to do a lot of work defensively, which was near enough impossible at times. He'll be a top player I think.
  20. I actually agree, I think the main reason for that was having wide men that actually pose a goal threat (mainly Corbeanu). My problem will be when they are the ones that get dropped next game or Moore continues with his poor substitutions.
  21. We haven't beaten anyone by a 3 goal margin in a loooooong time tbf.
  22. Difficult when you pick the wrong ones and play with a formation and plan that doesn't utilise the best one.
  23. The only manager that I genuinely believe has not been given time under Chansiri is Pulis, and getting rid of him so quickly was one of his better decisions. Moore needs to go but the replacement is 10x more important.
  24. Bpf Palmer Iorfa Dunkley Brown Adeniran Bannan Dele Corbeanu Gregory Shodipo Take the game to someone for oncex please. This 5 at the back isn't exactly helping us defensively and we need more goal threat.
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