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  1. Pathetic. Reason we are going down is continuous bad management being backed by an even worse owner.
  2. Really hope we don't offer him a new contract, he is a very poor player with very few attributes. We need way better, even in league one!
  3. I hope you are right but it all depends on the summer. We are going to have a lot of changes - hopefully it's for the better.
  4. That or when he did get the chance to play, we play him as a deep lying striker... Pathetic management. Wasted 3/4 years of him. He's a goal scorer, but some will believe the rubbish that the game has changed and he hasn't adapted. The objective of the game is to score goals and he is great at that (and contrary to other myths he offers plenty even when he doesn't do that). I'm sure he'll still be a championship striker next season, but unfortunately not at us.
  5. Disagree. He carries the ball up the field which Reach no longer ever does - he just turns back and comes backwards. He's better defensively than Reach. What has Reach done that has been positive in the last 4 games? I also didn't blame Reach, I blamed the manager.
  6. More concerning for me is that he keeps getting picked. How? Harris' final product isn't great but he offers way, way more!
  7. Struggle to believe he'll be earning more at Bolton than what we could have offered!
  8. 11 wins, 2 draws in the 13 games since he signed. Another stupid decision by Monk to let him go Co soldering the back up we have (not much).
  9. Where did I say that. My opinion is that the squad has been poorly composed with the money invested in it, however utilised effectively by a GOOD manager, it is a mid table squad. So that's why my opinion is the managers have been terrible.
  10. None of the first 3 could even spot that Jordan Rhodes was our best striker which has been glaringly obvious for a long time. Poor judgement like that does not get excused just because of other mismanagement, it is a huge contributing factor. They were all employed by DC so obviously it falls at his feet but you can't just excuse every manager for being terrible because of DC's failures.
  11. He started this mess with horrific signings. Looked at over 100 players and chose Van Aken which tells me enough.
  12. Yes, no matter. Horrendous substitutions and second half tactics yet again.
  13. He's hasn't made a correct substitute decision since he's been here. Another ridiculous appointment by Chansiri.
  14. Thought Pelupessy did well to be fair to him. Chump - Adam Reach with one of the most bottle less, pathetic performances I've ever seen.
  15. He works his socks off. He's lightning quick. He's rarely injured. He can play in a variety of positions. But his end product is pretty abysmal generally. Think he'd be a decent player to have in league one personally but all depends on who you replace him with. Could potentially get better in but we will most likely bring in someone worse if we let him go.
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