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  1. Didnt Forestieri score against them last season?
  2. I thought they were all fouls where you give the opportunity for a ref to blow his whistle but they were all fouls where they just go down at the start of the match. Millwall did it constantly at the weekend to waste time and it takes a ref with balls to try and get some flow in the game rather than give every soft touch so players just fall over at the slightest touch. Having said all that tonight we still have some daft fouls away and I agree the ref did okay other than the first point which again is arguable.
  3. Also I don't want to start slating Fox because he had a good game defensively and made a goal saving challenge but him and odubajo to a point don't offer you the best forward passes. Everything just comes back inside and invites more pressure on.
  4. Agree but I think part of the problem is that Hutch and Bannan are sat on Lees and Borners knees. This leaves a huge gap in the middle and no support to Fletcher. Then we go for big diagonal balls but have noone in the middle to pick up on the ball and support if we get anywhere. I know the centre back pairing are both old school defenders (and very blumin good at it I might add) but I think our midfielders need to trust their footballing ability a little more and let them start off the passing move and help move the team 30/40 yards up the pitch.
  5. 4 games into a 46 game season, I think we'll see a lot from a lot of different players. Players like Forestieri and Rhodes both have plenty of goals in them and they haven't even played yet.
  6. Really? I know the first half was poor but there is nothing like making a toxic atmosphere that is hard for players to perform in. Get behind them and it will only help. Make Hillsborough a great place for our players to play not the opposition because they are scared of abuse. Cheers.
  7. Hutchinson Lee Bannan Murphy Fletcher Harris That's my front 6 for the next game. With Forestieri 100000% on the bench and ready for an appearance. Bullens biggest mistake was not having him available to come on against Millwall when the game was crying out for someone like him with the ability in tight spaces and to get a goal out of nothing.
  8. I think Reach wasn't at 100% fitness tonight (maybe slightly ill). Never seen him flagging before and he signalled to Bullen before he came off.
  9. Happy, but realistic that some things need changing to keep challenging up the top. However, optimistic that we have the squad to do so this year if utilised properly.
  10. I think this is a little off. He's nothing like Lee. His two little home performances have been great because he has been on for the a small amount of time and allowed to show some energy in a heavily defensive team. I think his main position for us will be Hutchinson when he inevitably misses a few. Giving us a big tackler in hutch or mas, creativity in Bannan and a constant runner in Lee or Reach.
  11. Think it's a good decision starting Iorfa. Odubajo hasn't filled me fully with confidence so far and Iorfa gives us that added height in defence against a physical Millwall team and also threat from our set pieces. Very disappointed to not see nando on the bench at least!
  12. His incredible level of fitness has made him ever present you are right. He was almost made undroppable because he was in a team with about 1 other senior player for a significant amount of time under jos. This made him look better than he is I think. Our choice to stick with him constantly in his first season was part of the reason we didn't go up I think. He's a good player don't get me wrong, I like him and to have him in the squad is fantastic but some games I would like to see other starting over him. Just my opinion of course and I respect that the one thing he has over any of our other players in that position is legs and work rate.
  13. With everyone fit and available and judging on what I've seen so far (so nothing of the new lads today). Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Hutchinson Lee Bannan Harris Fletcher Forestieri
  14. Fletcher never plays a full season so I expect to see plenty of opportunity for Rhodes. Very glad we kept him. Also gives us the option to switch up to 442 if needed.
  15. Really hope we keep him. Track record of getting promoted with teams in this division. Good lad with a good attitude. If he leaves then the back up strikers to fletcher are nuhiu and Winnall and that's it. Suddenly gone from looking pretty strong with joao and Rhodes to very very weak.
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