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  1. Most of our problems come from having nothing to keep the ball in an attacking position. Him left and Harris right of Fletcher gives you pace and quality that reach doesn't have. Whilst loses you a couple of km in running that reach gives you. But I want to see that front 3 really badly because I think that's where we will cause teams massive problems.
  2. Been absolutely magnificent in the last two games. Long may it continue. That is all.
  3. He played really well but Lee was brilliant when he came on too. That wasn't the problem in my opinion
  4. They were playing arsenal and barely let arsenal play in uniteds half. We were playing a second bottom championship team.
  5. Horrific refereeing and poor substitutions/game management.
  6. Worrying that we only have one player on that list (that I can see).
  7. If nuhiu gets a new contract then I'm done.
  8. I love that when Chansiri was asked about whether he is expecting play offs his response was something along the lines of "same as I said first year, I only think about top 2". Its about time we have some ambition and aim high. A lot of the teams that have made top 2 in the last few years wouldn't have been favourites for it (or anywhere near), it's a lot about belief and not settling in this league just like our neighbours last year so its very nice to hear that from the chairman in my opinion.
  9. No and it has worked multiple times. They are quality players with a lot of attributes to be used. Bannan was our best/most consistent player last season. Hutchinson was class when he came in and pivotal to our late promotion push. If we'd have had a full season like the last half we'd have been up there. They've been a fingertip away from the prem too and been some of the best players during that period.
  10. Forestieri could have slotted straight in the left wing position. Harris right putting crosses in with stronger foot.
  11. Pathetic thread. Luongo has looked good for two 10 mins spells when we were winning. When we've needed a goal he's done nothing. Started at Rotherham and was no better than pelupessy. Bannan and Hutchinson are both quality players, but playing far too deep. Whose fault is this? Theirs or the managers?
  12. Why did we start 442/4411? 433 has looked like it could work well for us and with nando on the left side and Harris on the right side that gives us chance for them to get the ball in positions where they are more threatening. Then changing the formation to 3 at the back and putting Harris left wing back was an absolute joke. Why not just put reach to left back and play 433 again. I wanted Bullen to get the job but I feel he has cost himself it today unfortunately.
  13. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Lee Hutchinson Bannan Harris Fletcher Forestieri Stop worrying too much about our opposition and trying to nullify their threats. Go out play our game and get some goals. Cheers
  14. Didnt Forestieri score against them last season?
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