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  1. The question is since he has 'lost it' has he ever actually had a run in a team? Middlesborough, he was in and out. Here he was in and out. Norwich he started the season over pukki and then pukki turned out to look like the beat striker in the league so Rhodes didn't really get a look in. Then here again... I hope our fans and manager give him a chance and if he has a bad game don't resort to "he's lost it" blah blah.
  2. Hopefully today buys him some slack from our own fans for a while and means a manager will give him some time in the team too. We all know what he's about. He's never been that pacy or had loads to his game apart from goals and good quality/football brain. He's a poacher. We want him in and around the 6 yard box with crosses coming in regularly.
  3. What a finish. In my opinion, none of our other strikers score there.
  4. He was rightly dropped out of the team and even the squad at one point a few weeks ago. He then came back into the team and did well and earnt his place in the starting line up again. He wasn't great against Brentford but wasn't terrible by a long shot. We were poor in the first half of that game and he was one of the only threats with a couple of decent crosses into good areas. Then today he was poor again. He's obviously got talent, but he's got no consistency. The more worrying thing for me is that Reach has looked no better than him. Apart from a good cross for Nuhiu at Charlton he has been reasonably ineffective going forward. The thing he does give you though is 100% and he can run all day which managers obviously will like. I'm glad Monk has seen that he is probably more effective from the left though however he's third in the pecking order down that side imo behind Harris and Forestieri. For me Forestieri left (when fit) and Harris right is far and away our best option.
  5. This. We dominate until we score and then completely change our play. As Ferguson used to say if you are playing to defend then only one team is going to score and also the old chestnut best form of defence is attack. Why do we seem to fault to string two passes together when we start winning games and constantly put us under pressure. Not sure who is to blame here, manager or players or both.
  6. Terrible post, he's done more notable things than Reach consistently in the last 5 games or so. He also put some decent crosses in today. I wasn't his biggest fan originally but I think he has done very well in recent games.
  7. We were hardly any different today than we have been in the last 5 games. The only difference was we took 3 of our chances.
  8. Watch the game back and watch how many times we had the ball in decent crossing positions out wide and he was just strolling on the edge of the box. He should be getting in the box and on the end of the crosses. We scraped a win against a team with 13 first team players who have just come up. There are positives and I actually think we are playing okay and getting into good positions but we are woeful in front of goal. If we have Nuhiu and Fletcher as our strike force for the rest of the season I will be very surprised if we get promoted.
  9. Would still have Rhodes on the bench everyday. When we are chasing a goal his runs panic defenders. Yes I know he isn't the same finisher he was but would still fancy him to get on the end of a cross over nuhiu. As for another striker. Absolutely essential. Every manager we've had has started with nuhiu and then eventually realised he isn't good enough or enough of a goal threat.
  10. We are playing well but our goal threat is so small. Nuhiu's goal has masked a very poor performance by him. The amount of times he was just plodding into the box when we had the ball out wide made me so angry to watch. He should have been busting a gut to get in there.
  11. We have a better recored when playing 433 than when playing 442 this season, for one. For two, how have we resorted back to Nuhiu being the answer? Nuhiu and Fletcher partnership has so little goal threat is unbelievable. 433 allows Forestieri and Harris not to have to hug the wing as much and with Forestieri being our biggest goal threat out of any of our attackers this is important as he isn't a traditional winger.
  12. We beat them 5-1 two seasons in a row at home. You're thinking of the second one, I'm on about the first.
  13. Jokes aside though, haven't we dismissed this myth that you have to pay big bucks to get good players. Look through our recent signings of the last 5 years and some of the free signings have been by far the best: Westwood, Lees, Lee, Bannan, Hutchinson, Wallace, Harris, Borner etc. Only really Forestieri that we paid money for that has been well worth it. Its about getting value for money isn't it or investing in someone.
  14. Can we have a player like that Jordan Rhodes that never stopped scoring for Huddersfield and Blackburn please....
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