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  1. We beat United in the derby, they bottle it again, we have a great run for the rest of the season, beat them in the play offs and go up. Simple!
  2. Doubt he'll get 20 grand a week anywhere after these injuries the last couple of years though
  3. I know a lot of people have written him off but for me I still want us to give him another contract. To get a player of his quality at this level will cost a fortune so I think it's worth the risk of giving him a new contract and try and get him back up to speed for next season. With him coming back and getting a different injury instead of a reoccurrence of his old one is hopefully a good sign that he was over the hip injury and it won't stop him playing again like some rumoured. Plus with the injuries he's had the last couple of injuries I doubt he'd be able to demand a large contract. Thoughts?
  4. I am a season ticket holder on the south stand (just behind the tunnel, on the back row in front of directors box). I am away for these two games so won't be able to make it. Therefore if anyone would like my season ticket for these two games I am selling it for £40 ie £20 per game. Would need to be sorted in the next two days if possible. Cheers, UTO
  5. With who is fit right now I'd go with this I think. When fit though Forestieri, Lee, Hooper/Winnall walk into the team. Westwood Palmer Lees Hector Penney Hutchinson Bannan Reach João Matias Fletcher
  6. Talking about dropping Bannan? Wow. Some Wednesday fans' stupidity never fails to amaze me. Bannan is the least of our worries.
  7. I feel the reason people were saying we would take a point (including me) was because we know the predicament the staff have put us in. With a manager so clearly clueless in how to utilise his assets like Jos is then we know how bad we have looked previously so it's understandable because we have no control over it. In my eyes I would never want to see my team play for a point. The fact of the matter is we still have a large amount of players at the club that took us to a play off final and a play off semi final. Granted a fair few of them are injured but some are being wasted on the sidelines and some still have able replacements. United are a prime example in this league that suggest you don't have to have the best individual players in the league to succeed in it. The margins between the teams at the top and the bottom are very small mainly. We have played a team in West Bromwich who in paper have a team far more capable than ours, where we should have taken a deserved 3 points with our best player (Bannan) missing. Clearly showing it's not all about the individual players it's how you set your team up tactically and the mind set you give them. I've largely had a lot of sympathy for Jos with the injuries he's had to deal with but I've totally lost it with him now. To be a good manager you have to make the best of what you have. 1) He has Hutchinson not even in the squad. I understand that he is injury prone but he is the best defensive midfielder at the club so if he can't train properly every week but is still able to play on a weekend the manager should be able to manage this. Plenty of players have done this in the past and part of being a manager is being able to 'manage' these situations and make the best out of.it and make use of the player to the best of your ability. 2) Penney has come into the team at left back or left wing back and done really well. So Jos thinks it's a good idea to move him into midfield where he looks half as good a player. 3) Reach - biggest asset yo his game is his engine. Jos plays him in a position which doesn't allow him to do as much running regularly. 4) Regularly picking Nuhiu who has been at this football club for 4 and a half years and has had two good months. I could go on with the list but it's late and I'm tired! Jos needs to go asap.
  8. Dawson Palmer Lees Hector Pudil Penney Reach Hutchinson Bannan Fletcher Joao
  9. Head to head and then their lad pushed bannan in the face. If anyone was lucky it was their lad.
  10. Pelupessy has done well in recent games however I'd love to see Hutchinson in his role and I think we'd be even better for it. The thing that Pelupessy does much better than hutch is that whilst he sits, he doesn't sit on the defenders toes like hutch does and therefore like others have said this allows us as a whole and especially Bannan to do their work further up the pitch. If we could get hutch doing this I do think we'd be even better off because he is all round a much better player than Pelupessy.
  11. Bakery sako on that list. Is that right. If we could get him I'd defo have that!
  12. I think Palmer is average but its ridoculous how much of a scapegoat he is. I thoight baker did well today and I think so did many but if Palmer would have had the exact same game people would be slagging him off saying the goal came from his side and he put some awful crosses in. It's just what people choose to see.
  13. Absolutely fantastic business by us if true. Weak link in our regular line up and to get a decent fee is great business.
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