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  1. Keep Hooper, Joao, FF, Rhodes. Let go nuhiu and fletcher. Sell winnall and would potentially consider selling rhodes if the price is right.
  2. jrh

    Joao and who.

    Simple question; will we go up wirh nuhiu playing regularly? Absolutely not.
  3. jrh

    Joao and who.

    3/4 got the sack and the 4th has won two league games since being here and the other one nuhiu didn't start.
  4. jrh

    Joao and who.

    Absolutely not true. Leon Clarke shower ability just lacked consistency. I've seen nuhiu play in over 100 games and had a handful of good games. If he continues scoring two a game or even one every two games for the rest of the season then I'll eat humble pie but I'm very very confident that will not be the case because he is nowhere near good enough.
  5. Wildsmith Palmer Lees Venancio Pudil Reach Clare Hutchinson Bannan Rhodes Joao Pleaseeeeeee
  6. jrh

    Adam Reach

    My opinion on Reach is he is bang average. Looked poor last season when there were much better players available. He has looked better this season because he has been average again in a very poor side. If we actually want to make the premiership (assuming we stay up) then next year he makes a good squad player but for me he is average at left midfield: can hardly beat a man and his delivery isn't great, he isn't as good as our other centre midfielders so shouldn't be playing there when everyone is fit. This leaves a left back spot or left wing back spot for him to play, which if he learns to tackle I think could be a good position for him.
  7. jrh

    Joao and who.

    Joao and Rhodes. They played really well together against Cardiff and derby bit never get the chance to get a run together because jos keeps droppijg one of them. People putting nuhiu in need to have a look at themselves, he wouldn't be good enough for league one never mind the championship.
  8. Derby and nuhiu didn't start.
  9. When was the last time we won a league game when that lump up front started?
  10. jrh

    2005 v 2012

    Imagine having goals from the back like Jones, Reda and Llera provided now. They must have gotten near 20 between them. Now we'll be lucky if our defence gets near 5 in a season.
  11. jrh

    Formation 2018/19

    3412 Westwood Hutchinson Lees New/Pudil New Lee Bannan Reach Forestieri Hooper Joao We have the players to play loads of different formations. We NEED to add a right back, a left back and one or even two pacy wingers. The rest of the team is good enough to get us promoted if fit in my opinion.
  12. jrh

    Team for Saturday

    Same team as derby with Palmer in for hunt.
  13. jrh

    Team for Villa

    Wildsmith Palmer Venancio Loovens Pudil Boyd Clare Pelupessy Reach Joao Rhodes
  14. Obviously will give him lots of time and oppurtunity to get key players back before judging him properly. I think he's done some good things since taking over HOWEVER he has done things which make me question him so far, such as: 1. The main one: dropping rhodes out of the squad for the hopeless nuhiu. Rhodes had a decent game against Cardiff where (yes he missed one very good chance and one half chance) but he also put two chances in a plate for joao. He is a proven goal scorer and a good footballer. 2. I don't rate Jones at all however he has had a couple of his better games since jos took over and yet gets bombed out of the team for butterfield who has been utterly hopeless. 3. Sticking with Morgan fox at left back. 4. When we were 3-1 down at home to Birmingham letting the team just sit behind them and keep the ball and accept the loss was embarrassing and pathetic. Like I say, he has a very tough job at the moment with the injuries but I don't feel like he's making his life any easier.
  15. 433 Wildsmith Palmer Venancio Loovens Pudil Clare (give the lad a chance, from I've seen he can actually carry the ball forward which is more than any of our current fit cms) Pelupessy Reach Matias Rhodes Joao