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  1. Involved in all 3 goals at brum and covered every blade again tonight and was brilliant, bar a couple of wrong decisions between 50-70 mins which people just jump on to support their wrong theory that 'he's not the same player'.
  2. I think looking at Zidane and Bale at Madrid is a perfect example. They had a falling out and Zidane made it public of his opinion on the matter yet resolved it and is again now playing Bale because he is better than the other options they have. Monk obviously didn't like something that's gone off but he is still a better option than Pelupessy by far so if he will make it as a manager then whilst Hutchinson is at the club use him properly. Then get rid at the end of the season rather than causing issues when the players themselves will know Hutchinson is a better option than others.
  3. The answer isn't zero to those questions though is it. We sold Joao for 5 million in the summer and he wasn't a starter a lot of the time. Technically good: All CMs expect pelupessy. Nando. Da Cruz looks good technically. Wickham. I'd say technically that Rhodes is good, just isn't physically. Pace: Harris, Murphy, maybe Da Cruz. Power and aggression: Iorfa, Hutchinson, Borner/Lees sometimes, fletcher, Wickham, Harris. Natural born winners: very hard to measure. Sell for 5 mil: Bannan, Iorfa but that question all depends on how much people are willing to pay. Reach and nando could have supposedly gone for that in recent past. Plus where do you expect to get this squad full of 5 mil worth players for free?
  4. I'm not saying we can't improve whatsoever but the whole point is you make incremental improvements not just do the immature and impulsive thing that most of our fans do and say get rid of them all. Who do people expect to come in to replace these players when we can't spend any money? Players that aren't as good most likely. As for Reach, I said from the first season he came that he was an okay squad player but doesn't have the quality to be a starting player to get you out of this division.
  5. You are very right with that first part and having a squad that gets very little injuries is impressive in itself. However not everyone in the squad is the same. Mouset or however you spel his name has been a fans favourite this year for them and has had a few injuries but he is tactically smart enough to change their game plans to not rely on having his pace and still get results. However, I definitely don't believe that they had rubbish players but they over performed with the finances used to finish top 2. He took players such as Clarke, Mcgoldrick, O'connell that weren't wanted by their previous clubs and deemed not good enough and made them successful. Egan is the only player that they really spent any money on. What makes me think that about Wilder is that he gets the best (and more) out of seemingly all of his players! Something that we don't do and Monk most certainly isn't.
  6. Hahaha. No such thing, don't accept mediocrity. The opposite. I believe that we should be challenging top 2 team never mind about play offs. If we'd have had sensible, gradual and sustainable improvements on the team since Carlos' first season then I believe we would have been in the prem. Instead we have people like yourself saying everyone is not good enough. Get rid of them all when realistically we can't spend money to bring a whole new squad in and what we are going to get in the free market is unlikely to be better than some of the very capable players we already have. We have some good players. Use them properly and we would be fine. Simple.
  7. That does show very short sightedness though. Fox has been good for 2 months in the whole time he was here yet he gets a contract. Others have been good for long periods and not been great in the last 8 games and that's that.
  8. I think it depends who is the manager and what additions we make as well. People say about becoming stale but last night 3 out of the 11 players have only just come in. Borner new this season. Iorfa only just been here a year. Dawson only been starting regularly this season plus when Jos fell out with Westwood.
  9. It's really starting to frustrate me that many are convinced that a clear out is the only way forward. Even in the last year we have shown that we can be more than capable of competing in this league. Under Bruce we made a late play off push from looking like we had no chance and 8 games ago we were 3rd in the league. This whole downfall has been a result of countless bad decisions, tactics and problems caused by Monk. Even look at last night. We go to 3 at the back which you can make a strong argument for being a good formation with us I think most people with common sense would have had Iorfa at the right of the 3, Lees central and Borner left. Iorfa ended up being the central one more often than not and its just ridiculous. Then the left wing back. Well just wow. I prefer Forestieri on the left but on the left with limiting his defensive responsibility as much as possible. I actually thought he did an okay job to be honest and from left wing back still looked the most likely to make something happen in the first half. As for the players not being good enough. Well let's just have a look: Goalkeepers: Dawson, Westwood both very good and Wildsmith not bad at all (having never really had a run of games). Centre Back: Lees, Iorfa and Borner have all been rubbish of late granted but have all shown they can be very good at this level. Full backs: Palmer is very steady, I have never rated Fox but you can't fault him the last couple of months. Still believe this position needs strengthening. Centre Mids: Bannan, Lee, Hutchinson, Luongo are all very very good players. They all have great ability and if instructed right then there won't be many better groups of 4 in the league. Wingers: Harris has been quality, yes the last month and a bit has been hard but most of what he has done when he gets the ball has still been pretty effective and he is dangerous. Forestieri (striker/left winger but I'd play him in the left side which is why I've put him here) is quality just lacks a bit of discipline at times. Reach's quality isn't the best but will always put you a shift in. Strikers: Fletcher obviously injured but has been quality this season. Da Cruz has looked very good so far, good touch, uses the ball well but it's difficult for anyone in the team currently because we are creating nothing. Rhodes has to be given chances to score and again in a team like this it's pointless because he isn't going to pick the ball up deep run at people and score. Winnall-the same. In my opinion Nuhiu should never start but is useful in the last 15 mins of games because he's just difficult (personally wouldn't renew the contract). Wickham has obvious class, needs some games and service. Put it this way if Chris Wilder had our squad I think we'd be doing pretty well.
  10. History over the last four years? They haven't played together barely for about 2 years and before that we were a whisker away from the prem.
  11. Massively disagree. They are the two best along with Forestieri at being able to keep the ball whilst under pressure.
  12. This myth that pelupessy is better defensively than Lee... Just because he doesn't sit in front of the back 4 doesn't mean Lee doesn't do a job defensively. He nicks the ball more than anyone apart from Hutchinson. Another myty that Bannan and Lee don't work when results tell different.
  13. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Harris Lee Bannan Nando Da Cruz Wickham If we start like that we will win 100%. But unfortunately we won't do.
  14. Just play Lee and Bannan and play football up the pitch not on the defenders' lap. It really is that simple.
  15. I have lost my patience with him. Anyone that starts with Pelupessy in the middle when Lee and Hutchinson are fit will not make it as a manager. We are seeing the same failings that we saw with Jos. Not picking the better players for things that happen behind the scenes. Blaming the players that he picks to protect himself. Decisions and substitutions are pathetic. Can't set up the team to make us look like we are ever going to score. We were better before he came in than we are now, we have gone backwards.
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