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  1. Hahahaha. Hutchinson was one of our best players when he returned. Lee went in to Bolton and they went on a run of about 13 wins out of the next 15 which I don't think was a massive coincidence. Pelupessy, wouldn't offer much in a Sunday league team.
  2. Worst thing is I wanted Monk gone long before he did, thought he was terrible... But still think he's better than Moore. I don't think we've had a good manager in my whole lifetime.
  3. Just a quick reminder though, Monk did release Hutchinson and Lee and gave Pelupessy a new contract. Absolutely inexcusable.
  4. Why do you say that? Everytime I've seen him he looks brave, direct, quick and a threat. All qualities this team desperately need?
  5. Nothing to forgive at all. Loved watching him, what football is about - excitement, unpredictability and at times unbelievable skill.
  6. And because Moore is so ridiculously negative, boring and clueless.
  7. But harsh to completely write him off after a 45 minute home debut. Plus he looked no worse than Dunkley has for the games he's been invoked in this year!
  8. I like that. My only issue is risking Hutch playing CM. We know he picks up injuries when he charges about in there and that's much less of a risk at CB.
  9. I wouldn't say it would be 1, more like 3. It's not like any of the top teams play 2 up front is it?
  10. Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Hutch Brown Dele Bannan Corbeanu Adeniran Shodipo Paterson Formation: 4-2-3-1 No doubt it will be different to most others' preferred teams but most importantly its got energy and directness.
  11. Funny game football. Personally think he looks poor. At this minute if we are to play one striker Paterson gets the nod for me.
  12. Personally think it's a pretty simple reflection of the football that has been played in that whole period. Every manager has been negative and gone into games to rey and knick goals to win them rather than playing any sort of expansive, attacking football. When you play like that it's very, very difficult to come back. We haven't had a good manager in my lifetime and the manager is the single most important factor here. A good manager can completely change a clubs fortunes. United a classic example, Burnley, Bournemouth and Leeds are others. We need to find one, in just not convinced Chansiri knows enough to do that.
  13. No way would he come so it's a non starter.
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