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  1. Please tell me the most games he has started in a row since he's been at the club? I'd be very surprised if it was over 4/5!
  2. It was in a similar 'mess' when Bruce came in. Good managers get the best from what they have got and improve players.
  3. I feel bullen has been judged very harshly for the caretaker roles he has done. Both times he has come in he hasn't done a bad job whatsoever. He steadied the ship massively after Jos and made some good common sense decisions. Then at one point after Bruce left it looked like he might get it permanently until we had a couple of bad results which put us to a position in the table we would love right now... A lot have jumped on the bandwagon and made their mind up he isn't good enough. I'd still have him over Monk right now even though it wouldn't be what I would like to do.
  4. Left us in the **** with some of his signings. Around 25m spent on Van Aken, Abdi, Reach and Rhodes. Chairman said his managers decide what they want and he makes the final call and I believe that. Therefore, we are in this mess because Chansiri put too much trust in the wrong man in Carvahal.
  5. We have one of the most proven in the championship at the club not getting a look in...
  6. Is it really a surprise we end up not scoring with that team playing? 5 defenders, pelupessy and strikers of windass and kachunga never filled me with confidence.
  7. I'm not sure on the exact timescale but I remember thinking (and many thinking the same) that after the Stoke game in the cup we should send him back because he had been extremely poor, lazy and ineffective. Yet he turned out to show his class, just a massive shame about his fitness/desire.
  8. Meaning time before we judge him and to settle in. Doesn't mean he should start every game until then.
  9. Good news. Still need to replace Monk otherwise won't make too much of a difference for our relegation scrap.
  10. Yes he's been terrible so far but give him a chance! Hooper was horrendous for months and he turned out pretty well. Still think Rhodes should start the next game mind.
  11. Will he leave it too long to sack Monk and leave us with absolutely no chance of getting out of this? The sacking his last two managers were both long overdue. In my opinion and I said at the time Carvahal should have gone after we failed in the second play offs and luhukay long before he did. Whilst I accept its not necessarily a bad thing that he gives his managers time, he surely has to recognise that any more time here and we are even more certain to be down than most already think. People may say Chansiri is the root of the problem. Whilst this may b
  12. His situation really does baffle me. Left wing back is literally the position that uses all his best attributes: can use his engine and run up and down all game and is a decent crosser. Monk thinking he can play up top just really does worry me. He's never been that type of player and playing him there completely nullifies his main strengths.
  13. His crossing has always been a weakness in his game in my opinion (still better than Jack Hunt's crossing) but he's put some great balls in tonight. Hopefully he's been learning from Robertson
  14. To me wing back has always been the position that utilises Reach's best assets but Monk does not seem to be at all interested in playing him there.
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