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  1. Jordan Rhodes

    Hahahahah. He has been the best goal scorer in this division until he played under Carlos. Play with some tempo and he will score goals. I'd love to see him and Joao up front with Hooper just behind.
  2. Fernando Forestieri

    Forestieri works so well with joao. Look how many of ff's goals has joao on the pitch and consider the amount of games they have played together.
  3. Not going to get better than Rhodes-Hooper at this level.
  4. In hindsight...

    I was really happy with the line up and said the only change I would have liked would have been Lee in for Butterfield. Having said that I thought Butterfield played well.
  5. Liam Palmer

    Not been Reach's biggest fan but was superb tonight. Palmer is also a far better option than Hunt as well. But i fully expect to see Hunt back in.
  6. Van Aken

    This has to be a joke? His final ball is atrocious. Has put about two good crosses in in the last 6 months. Palmer found more men with his crosses in the Leeds game than he has all season.
  7. Westwood Palmer Lee's Loovens Reach Lee Butterfield Bannan Hooper Joao Rhodes
  8. Van Aken

    I went and can confidently say that Jack Hunt is useless. A great runner but give him 30 crosses and he might get one to someone other than the opposition. Also Van Aken looks so suspect defensively. Players literally stroll past him for example when Bradshaw hit the bar for them today.
  9. Westwood Palmer Lees Venacio Reach Lee Butterfield Bannan Hooper Joao Fletcher
  10. Just a question for anyone that knows the answer: Was FF's form that bad in pre season? I didn't go to any pre season games so didn't see but from highlights I watched he still looked like a proper threat playing left wing. Therefore I question the conversation that Carlos had with him in the first place about his form.
  11. How can everyone keep putting hunt in there? He is awful. Palmer did more good things in that Leeds game than he has done all season. If you didn't go to the game and see, I would advise you to watch the highlights and see how many of the good things he was involved in. Also I will give Van Aken a bit of time before rushing to a judgement but I'd like to see Loovens back in there too now he's back fit as we are better wirh him in the team.
  12. Hooper and Joao

    Where as Fletcher was consistently terrible for the time he was on the field against United?
  13. Tbf people say that rhodes is just a goal scorer but he is a clever played. Would have had an assist too if Hooperhad decided to slot that chance in instead of smashing it against the bar. I'd love to see this pair tried for a few games with some support and players higher up the pitch to help create chances like against Leeds.
  14. How many have we got? Bannan and Lee. We dont create anything for our strikers. Hunt and Reach' s deliveries are totally embarrassing. We have no pace to stretch teams so our strikers rely on these awful balls in.
  15. Adam Reach

    Bannan has been the best player this season by an absolute country mile!