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  1. Apart from saying Pecnic should be sent to live in a hole somewhere you've pretty much summed up my thoughts.
  2. We always get the sh!t end of the stick. We sign Sidibe - Barnsley sign Tudgay We sign Bothroyd - Millwall had Wood You see where I'm going.
  3. Madine is by far our best striker. Rather pin my hopes on him than any of the others.
  4. What? People actually want these two donkeys to start? Pecnik was at his worst last night. Send him out on loan to a L2 club to get game time to try and get him a bit of form. As for Rodri, send him home.
  5. Anyone know how long he's out for? Better not be long, I don't fancy playing Mayor or Pecnik in his place. Edit* Him or Antonio up front could be what Madine needs to help him find some form, someone quick who can beat a man to play it to GM or can also score.
  6. I hope; Kirkland Buxton Gardner Llera Reda Lee Coke McCabe Antonio JJ Madine 2-4/5 I expect; Bywater Buxton Gardner Llera Dan Jones Prutton Lines Semedo Coke Sidibe Rodri 1-3
  7. That Llera has scored directly from a corner?
  8. The man has brought in 14 players in the closed season. Admittedly the vast majority are sh!t but it's still 14 players brought in. If MM said no more would you blame him? Personally I think he should bring in players such as; Wellens (Leicester), Cotterill (Doncaster) and Tudgay (Forest). Players that won't cost a bomb, should probably cost £1m tops and should be able to sort us out.
  9. Have Cowdenbeath got a 30 year old Charlie Austin stuck in the reserves with a 1 in 50 ratio?
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