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  1. No reason why we can't stay unbeaten until end of season.
  2. Be fair, it's difficult when your eyes are so close together to have any kind of depth perception. They're practically watching in 2D poor sods.
  3. Killing in the name - Rage against the machine Territorial pissings - Nirvana Sabotage - Beastie Boys
  4. Dan walker regularly walks around Endcliff Park with his dog calling out WAWAW and waiting for a response. Tony heard that call and responded, and something beautiful occurred.
  5. Looks like that's pretty much what happened. Rightly booked for me, if the rest of the team including the goalscorer have made their way back to the centre circle and your still there hugging tango (allegedly) and high fiving fans, and your fellow player has to run back from the centre circle to fetch you back, you're going to get a booking. Sorry nando, it's only because I want to see you play every game but you've got to make a choice between a balotelli "why always me?" mentality or one based on self responsibility. Cracking volley though, absolutely thumped it.
  6. He wasn't already on a yellow though. If you're on a yellow and jump into the crowd, your either an idiot or you're not reyt bothered about playing the next match. You can have passion n still not do that. Not saying he jumped in, haven't seen the footage.
  7. Ah OK, will be interesting to see exactly what happened. If he jumped in he's an idiot.
  8. So he jumped into the crowd? After getting a deliberate yellow a few minutes earlier?
  9. We dropped a bolock having the main stand to the south. Better to the north to get more sunsheeine in. It's basic physics ffs Wednesday.
  10. I like the scary owl idea. Why not go down the moloch route? Gonna be hard to beat on the scaryness scale.
  11. I know you're not referring to shooting ability but he's definitely alot more capable with his weaker foot than most.
  12. I'm going for 12th minute during break of play whilst he receives treatment for trying to poleaxe someone.
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