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  1. My word the standard of linesman has come on since then. Looks like no one even complained about this shocker.
  2. Must be hard to sleep at night being on 36k a week and consistently failing at championship level.
  3. Allow bids then laugh in their faces - ☑
  4. Who's badly photoshopped the ball onto the photo? The ball was in the net at this point
  5. "Kieran Lee will never play football again" Owlstalk circa 2018.
  6. He offers something different off the bench. Throwing him on against tiring defenders often causes havoc. He often sucks 3 defenders into his vortex of athde then he'll do his little drag backs and lay it off to someone in space. Not pretty but so often effective. Someone who seems happy enough to wait on the sidelines for his chance, and galvanizes the players around him who all seem to love him. For not not much money he's a great squad asset, just not a starter.
  7. You know he's hit it hard when the cameraman loses the ball between it leaving his boot and hitting the back of the net over 30 yards.
  8. No reason why we can't stay unbeaten until end of season.
  9. Be fair, it's difficult when your eyes are so close together to have any kind of depth perception. They're practically watching in 2D poor sods.
  10. Killing in the name - Rage against the machine Territorial pissings - Nirvana Sabotage - Beastie Boys
  11. Dan walker regularly walks around Endcliff Park with his dog calling out WAWAW and waiting for a response. Tony heard that call and responded, and something beautiful occurred.
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