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  1. If players were signed on the strength of highlights videos we'd have sold Nuhiu to Juventus for 100 million by now.
  2. Saw Meggo today. Said "his mate" had been asked. He bought a bin. Galvanized with rubber lid. Seemed pretty chipper. Make of that what you will.
  3. Find him exactly the same but it seems if one or two people post on here what a tyrant he is it becomes the truth.
  4. Athde the Leo. Born leader of men.
  5. That was when he had his pick of top end championship teams. Things change. Said he's hungrier than ever in a recent interview. Bit of time out of the limelight has done him good.
  6. George hirst is shíte he did us a favour.
  7. Its not the language. Portugese men are tender, loving and very sensual and have no qualms about male on male affectionate physical contact. He'll be missing them big time surrounded by a bunch of British oafs. Poor lad.
  8. Joao's suffering from No Portugese Mates Left syndrome.
  9. He's certainly got a foot like a traction engine.
  10. He's about as left wing as Chuka Amuna. He's been tweeting what a great guy Rory Stewart appears to be recently. And he loves the EU, not really a leftist project, he's just another in a long line of celebrity, centrist, liberals who are obsessed with identity politics and haven't got a clue. Can't stand his arrogant and smarmy demeanor. Polar opposite of the legend that is Des Lynam.
  11. Sounds feasible. Either way, feel for Chansiri who finally thought he'd found a winner. Totally behind him and don't think he'll allow us to be taken for a ride.
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