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  1. Coincidentally also depicts how big most blades think the world is.
  2. Better than what's on other side (PRESTO STAND in faded glue residue)
  3. He had to move cos he spunked it all on hair transplants.
  4. Joey got carried away and tried a forward pass.
  5. Has this ref been teleported from a time before the advantage rule was created?
  6. Frank Froggat Malcolm Darling Junior Agogo Siggi Johnsson
  7. Thanks mate, feel a bit bad disagreeing with you as you've done a top job with Owlstalk and it's providing alot of people with a vent and a much needed laugh in stressful times so appreciate you hearing out different views and having a proper forum open to debate.
  8. Fair dos Neil, I don't want to fall out I'm just a bit worried about this whole censorship, cancel culture thing I think it's a slippery slope. I don't think it's a police matter unless violence is directly threatened. I understand as a forum creator its a sensitive subject for you and alot of pressure to do the right thing. Totally get that.
  9. Again, false equivalence but in reality if someone wished death on grandma on twitter (she's already dead of course) I'd probably ignore it not wanting to give them the notoriety they crave rather than going on the radio and complaining about people saying nasty things about my multi millionaire dad and encouraging the police to get involved.
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