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  1. Did Loovens push him over?

    And just 5 minutes of play earlier Kieran Lee gets tripped and gets a yellow. And that was so much worse that warrants a goal and having to play with 10 men for 90 minutes? When it rains it pours!
  2. Did Loovens push him over?

    "Just outside the box" being the giveaway... what minimal contact there was happened just outside the box. Free kick and a yellow at the very very worse.
  3. David Jones

    Highlights look shocking for Hutch today. the 30 seconds from 0.59 onwards are basically a Hutch horror show. Smashes the ball in the net for them and gifts what should have been another two goals. Gets benefit of the doubt though being first game back in ages.
  4. Hadn't scored since they banged 3 past us in august.
  5. Unfinished Business

    Fixed it. Jones fell on his feet getting that job at that time.
  6. New Kit update picture

    Black shorts?
  7. Uniteds season ended last Sunday. They will all die happy now.
  8. Bloody hell we softened Birmingham up good n proper. Goals aside we absolutely broke them.
  9. Next Manager: Nigel Pearson

    Exactly. Breath of fresh air for me. Dont get all this "he's arrogant" nonsense. Can think of some fantastic managers who would definitely be classed as arrogant. And "obnoxious" i really dont see it. He's a regular in my shop and he's civil, friendly, polite with staff and always willing to have a chat with other customers and for the record refuses to buy anything red. He came in on the morning of a Leicester v Leeds evening game buying oven cleaner for his missus. Pops in a few of shops on street on a regular basis. Interesting that after the couple of the "mental" press conference incidents where he refused to blame his players and took the flack himself he soon had them unbeatable form and they went on to win premier league next season. Would be a good choice if Carlos goes. Fully behind Carlos and team until that happens.
  10. GEE it a REST FFS

    Their revenge for 2012. I know id rather have the humiliation of sundays defeat rather than the humiliation of your star striker being sent down for rape, losing a 5 point lead in a few games and spending four more years in the pub league. Big deal lets move on.
  11. Carlos angry £20 note moment

    Just listened that back again and that was seriously deluded behaviour from Jones. The fact it was after a birmingham game is a bit ominous though...
  12. Athde wrote the text book on build up play. That's his "cushioned lay-off" master class.
  13. Carlos angry £20 note moment

    Reminds me of Nigel Pearsons press conference meltdowns before winning 7 of the last 9 games and creating a premier league winning team.