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  1. sharrowowl

    Westwood to Cardiff?

    Maybe we can get Madine back if we chuck Forestieri in aswell.
  2. sharrowowl


    Do you genuinely assign that credit to Dave Jones? Did Dave Jones bring in Antonio and send Ched Evans down for rape?
  3. sharrowowl

    Extended Highlights

    Was expecting alot worse to be honest. Some good play by Blackburn. Great move to make our second and Joao’s shot was a beast. Worth the watch despite the scoreline.
  4. sharrowowl

    Serious Candidates?

    Big Nige n Meggo. It’s destiny. Pearson is deliberately making a balls up in Belgium to get himself off the radar of relegation threatened premiership clubs.
  5. sharrowowl

    Send For Him

    The cult of HE is strong tonight. Was it not weeping, the gnashing of teeth and Blackburn putting four past us, that was foretold to come before HIS return?
  6. sharrowowl

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    1. Nejc Pečnik 2.
  7. sharrowowl

    Just another toxic 'family'?

    All true, maybe he’s trying to hard to not be a pushover in a new sphere of business for him. Maybe he thinks putting the money in is enough. It’s certainly a tough gig having 10’s of thousands of fans questioning your every move and keeping them happy.
  8. sharrowowl

    Just another toxic 'family'?

    To be fair if you’re expecting relegation and end up winning the premier league and all the riches that come with that, it’s probably the easiest position imaginable to curry favour with your fan base. They hit the jackpot. It would be an outrageously tight man who would take all the bounty for himself and not give back to the fans. Around the time they sacked Nigel Pearson I seem to remember Gary Linekar insinuating their chairman was stupid. Probably got a few re-tweets and favourites from the Leicester fans back then.
  9. sharrowowl

    Pudils head

    Loved the way he was desperate to carry on and clouted the dug out on the way off. Pashun. Good to see.
  10. sharrowowl

    Dark Arts Department

    Logged in just to plus that. Excellent!
  11. sharrowowl

    Fantastic from Tango

    Is he minted?
  12. sharrowowl

    Our star players are ageing....

    Fletcher now 44, no wonder he struggling to play last season ffs.
  13. sharrowowl

    Our star players are ageing....

    Just ran couple of recent pics through how-old.net and seems to be true. Not only ageing but ageing badly. Something not right at the club .
  14. Its an improvement on what we've got.