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  1. Yorkshire post

    It really is turning into a positive week!
  2. Yorkshire post

    I heard the editor has been beaten senseless and then shot in the face.
  3. Late to last minute goals

    Worth watching this again, the commentary was world class.
  4. Unfair to have a go at Nuhiu for the first shot he's middled in 5 years. Ungrateful gits!
  5. The Ipswich Free Kick Goal

    22 year old keeper in "Making quite a few mistakes" Shocker!
  6. Reach and Rhodes having a reyt barny last night... Rhodes diffused the situation with a well timed thumbs-up though.
  7. Why I Love Sheffield Wednesday

    Gotta love your positivity on a monday morning, Simon!
  8. Why I Love Sheffield Wednesday

    I love the perpetual failure and how it mirrors my own existence.
  9. Positive vibes this week!

    Need a proper team talk tomorrow night... get Steve Bracknell in.
  10. The way this season is going it won't be long before Beevers gets sold to Manchester City for 30 million.
  11. He's not allowed to train because when he does he just flies around the pitch growling at people, sliding 10 metres into challenges and diving in with both feet. He's actually the reason for the whole injury crisis at the club and am amazed no one has worked this out. The truth will out.
  12. Head Injuries

    No way should have been stopped, if all you had to do was go down holding your face to get the game stopped it would be happening every five minutes. By no means clear he was suffering from anything other than embarrassment from his mistake. He caught him with his boot and the whole crowd thought he was feigning it, me included. Few seconds later its a goal and the physios are on. Clutching at straws hoping that should have saved us from a perfectly good goal.