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  1. sharrowowl

    Fantastic from Tango

    Is he minted?
  2. Fletcher now 44, no wonder he struggling to play last season ffs.
  3. Just ran couple of recent pics through how-old.net and seems to be true. Not only ageing but ageing badly. Something not right at the club .
  4. Its an improvement on what we've got.
  5. Maybe not but its a cracking tune and the spirituality espoused by Blake was entirely personal and anything but orthodox religious. Some would say idiosyncratic and slightly eccentric. I have no problem with God but the concept of monarch worship is repugnant for me.
  6. It doesn't help having a national anthem which is basically Idol worship of the queen rather than any affectionate hymn to the English nation. Right there before kick off you've alienated anyone who doesn't worship the queen and/or god. Nothing wrong with being proud of where you've come from but i suppose decades of hooliganism overseas has tainted the willingness of many to get the cross of St George out. Hopefully that's behind us now though and we can build a new sense of nationality not based on imperialism and any warped sense of superiority. Making Jerusalem the national anthem would be a good start.
  7. sharrowowl

    Adam Reach last season

    Reach is class and he stepped up last season when things got tough. He's a great asset.
  8. Great players and sorely missed.
  9. That was actually my inference drawn from the fact we only seem to score from set pieces and debatable penalties. Inspiring stuff. Just two more penalties and were in the final!
  10. Yeah but the trufans™ get to say when the bandwagoners start to get involved surely? Otherwise what's the point in being a trufan™?
  11. I'm loving this England team we seem to have the ability to open mediocre teams up at will with free kicks and penalties.
  12. Isn't Jarvis Cocker still in Paris?
  13. Wolves fans fat shaming Tango.