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  1. I live outside the UK and I can't seem to watch the game online through any football streaming sites. I'm keeping up with the match through twitter, google news and soccer saturday / football league show. I'd like to know if this game is being broadcast? According to BBC sport, "Coverage: Watch highlights on The Football League Show; listen on BBC Radio 5 live and BBC local radio; text commentary on the BBC Sport website". Why aren't these games shown?
  2. My favorite shirt was the vw sponsored home shirt of 2012/2013. It is simply elegant. Strongly dislike both home and away shirts this season.
  3. Owls are one of the birds that don't build their own nest. They either occupy an abandoned nest or attack another bird's nest.
  4. In Nicaragua, Owls are called, lechuza, búho, and tecolote.
  5. where can i watch this match? not appearing on usagoals
  6. Brilliant. Thank you for that picture mirodo. Any place I can find a higher resolution on that picture? That's going straight to my desktop and my frontpage of my blackberry.
  7. I've been looking everywhere for a team photo in whatever size and can't seem to find any. Do we need take team photos in the beginning of the year? Obviously because of change in management you'd think they would update it but can't be found. Either something online or purchase through owls store? Thanks.
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