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  1. Just putting our own obvious shambles aside for a moment, it’s a sad reflection of the state of football in general that supporters have come to accept (I say that in the loosest term possible) a substantial loss over the said period, because it essentially meets the minimum requirements for P&S. How will this ever get any better, or do we have to learn to live with it as the norm?
  2. Pal of mine had some decent credit from his season ticket, headed down to the store to spend……to be told it’s redeemable again tickets (likely season tickets) only. Don’t quote me on it though pal - perhaps it was a unique situation so wait for somebody else to chime in and confirm
  3. Crikey, this is hard work - I don’t know, enlighten me please
  4. And that’s fantastic to hear, no qualms from me - the more that continue to do so the better in many respects.....but not everybody feels the same. We have to value other peoples feelings too - if they have strong feelings on the other side of the fence to us, the. They may as well financially support a local team in the interim.
  5. Like I said mate, I’m not advocating anybody withholding from spending on SWFC......each to their own. Many will continue to spend money following the club, which is fantastic - I certainly wouldn’t question anybody’s motive in doing so. But for those that are hell bent on withholding, likely with entirely justifiable reasons as you have - the opportunity is there to help a local club that isn’t the ‘other lot’.
  6. .....perhaps channel some into Sheffield FC instead? To be clear, I don’t put a lot into the accounts of SWFC anyway - so I am neither for or against anybody’s decision to cease doing to themselves. https://sheffieldfc.com/become-a-member
  7. I would be inclined to disagree - I think that we all have a part to play here, especially as a lot of us are asking to be kept informed and consulted on the way in which the run operates.....how will that reasonably happen with the present mindset. But I appreciate your feelings and point of view, we all only want what’s best for the club - some just feel differently to others about how that can happen. Enjoy your bank holiday!
  8. Thanks mate, I appreciate your balanced view. I’m a 40yr guy so seen the good and the bad - so really do appreciate where you’re coming from. Perhaps I’m being overly optimistic - my post was well intentioned, but some of the responses aren’t helpful. Think I’ll just leave it there, not up for defending my view on a meagre one week amnesty on the only sunny day of the bank holiday weekend - time to spend with the family rather than on here. Keep up the good fight mate, and enjoy your weekend - UTO
  9. Brilliant, try and enjoy the rest of your bank holiday
  10. We do mate, I agree - perhaps I’ve taken the comments out of there intended context, for which I apologise. I just hate the idea of marginalising supporters for their beliefs.....’clapping’ threads and ‘blue and white tinted glasses’ etc... For what it’s worth, I really don’t think that anybody accepts the situ, perhaps some a little more than others - but nobody in it’s entirety. So let’s all play nicely and avoid the thinly veiled digs at other supporter viewpoints. Don’t wanna grab a first class ticket for the one week positivity train? No problem mate, appreciate your beliefs and won’t call you out on them - UTO!
  11. Don’t let the negativity win mate, hop on board the positive train.....next stop, Championship survival and HMSPTL next season
  12. I agree mate, it’s disappointing the see negative thread after thread of negativity, but I would argue we as fans have some part to play in that, in addition to the owner ,management team and players. What is really disappointing is that my small attempt to create some positivity for one measly week, results in other posters throwing labels at my attempts, such as your ‘clapping’ comment. How is that helpful? Hey, difference of opinion is cool so perhaps we just agree to disagree - but please don’t suggest to compartmentalise or marginalise my positive beliefs as being anything other than a genuine fan wanting the best outcome from this week.
  13. Great, so me attempting to create an element of positivity in the remote hope that it could affect the weeks outcome, sees me being ‘labelled’ as wearing ‘blue and white specs’. Thanks for that mate, I really appreciate being apparently segregated from those that ‘see it as it is’. This mindset obviously massively helps and reinforces wider point - many are unwilling rather than being unable to attempt some positivity for one single week.
  14. Sorry mate, I disagree - why is putting your anger and frustration to one side for one single week, in an attempt to push some positivity around the place at a crucial time, not ‘the right thing now’? I haven’t suggested accepting our failings, so please don’t quote me as a ‘clapper’ - I’m as angry and frustrated as the next person. But I would rather be angry and frustrated in the Championship if there was any chance that ceasing fire for a week would keep us there. Try it mate, what harm could it do?
  15. Tbh mate (and this isn’t meant as a swipe at all), this says more about your willingness to create some positivity than anything else. Is it really not possible for you to put everything to one side for a week? Pop the anger and negativity in a box for a week and see what we can do to help give a little push towards the unlikely, what harm could it do? Who knows, perhaps it could lead to a sea of change...
  16. .....try and be positive. I get the anger, I get the frustration - but the magnitude of the week is ridiculous and the negativity on here tonight is sapping! So please can we park the Chansiri hatred, throw the management team a bone and even pray for some magic from that left peg of Reach’s - just for one week......before reverting to type after we’ve stayed up
  17. Just accept that we’re rubbish mate. Sure, Bannan hasn’t been great himself, I’m sure he would be the first the admit that - but he really isn’t the issue in isolation.
  18. Completely agree mate. Unfortunately though, I really fear for the amount of negativity to spill out of being relegated. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t but doing cartwheels at the thought. But similarly, a summer of angry finger pointing won’t help either. There has to be a point whereby we just write off the last few years and have a fresh start .......even with the current custodian, however bitter a pill that is to swallow.
  19. With you on the beer mate - I did well to make ANY sense as a result
  20. .....going to be great ain’t it I don’t post much on here, partly because...well, I refuse to get involved with the combative conversations that follow. But the last couple of months appear to have seen a shift from anger apathy. I get that, we’re utter terrible. I also get the anger at the severe mismanagement over the last few years at the top - won’t get any arguments from me there! However, anger at those at the top, the lack of application from a large portion of the current squad and the utter dismay at our general comedy standing will do us no good if we carry out negativity into next season. This isn’t a call to arms (way too corny), nor is it any attempt to make peace with the current squad and/or the owner. But more a suggestion that we simply accept we’re done and attempt to push some positivity, if not for the unlikely this season, Our race is run, it’s a bumpy road ahead but perhaps we can rebuild. It won’t be easy for sure, I believe DM is a good fit for this - but we will all have to be behind the team for it to work. Gotta leave our gripe with DC to one side.....like it or not, footballers are a sensitive bunch now!
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