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  1. 100% mate!! Thankfully, it appears that he’s been neatly, but firmly, placed back in his box this morning.
  2. Taken from here Football is about fans. But the reality for the vast majority of the players, particularly at the highest level, is their income is funded by television money and there are contracts that have to be adhered to. The article title states that there is no alternative. Really!? The alternative is that the clubs see themselves adhering to the same principles that the very same common man, woman and child has to for the next few months.....cancel the bloody thing! My job has entailed me speaking to many over the past couple of days from different walks of life who all now have one thing in common - they are on their arses and worried sick about putting food on their kids tables. Seriously, sack the bloody thing off - forget about it, we’re all in the same boat as these poor premier league footballers (yeah right!!). But I honestly couldn’t give a left ******** about the bloody game at the moment - only that’s the problem isn’t it. It isn’t a game anymore, it’s a rotten business that I had already fallen a little out of love with before the current economic struggles - but will further if the idiotic plans to play behind closed doors goes ahead. i know not all will agree, that’s cool - but it stinks for me I’m afraid!
  3. Completely agree mate, and don’t mind if it does take a couple of seasons - so long as we decide upon a direction/identity and stick to it doggedly
  4. Because we have no identity pal. Pick the core of your team, the spine of you like and play to their strengths.....we are seemingly unable to do either and DC is allowing things to simply drift
  5. As title, nothing more constructive to add myself. Don't post much, read loads.....just can’t be ar**d with meaningless debates at times so tend to leave it. But today was utterly devoid of anything meaningful or constructive. Continue drifting and it’ll be another season wasted in succession!
  6. Congratulations - proven one of my points for me. I voice an opinion, granted not all will agree - but you have the intelligence I expected to have a personal snipe at the poster....well done. Lets be clear though. Firstly, we’re not mates. Secondly, nothing I mentioned had anything to do with Political Correctness.....purely a form of bullying and personal abuse, whether the individual concerned views it or not. But if in your simple mind me voicing concern at people fat shaming others, or indeed making fun of their physical appearance then I’m more than happy to be ‘PC’ as you put it.
  7. Think he gets it fella, doesn’t mean he has to agree with it though. Neither do I or many others I’d assume. Dont get me wrong, I’m all for a bit of banter and humour - although I can’t be arsed to comment much on here due to the constant decent into meaningless arguements. But let’s use the pic of him in the mobility scooter as an example - fat shaming, nothing else. Now to be clear I’m not offended by it, but DD is correct in saying it’s bad taste. How is it any different to the recent issue Westwood had on twitter which most of us agree was and unacceptable? Think people just just need to take a step back and seriously think about what they’re posting.
  8. Do agree with this point mate. Was mentioned at the previous meeting without the uproar it seemed to cause last night - sounds like many were looking and waiting to pick him up on certain things. But the ‘valued’ element is key I suppose. if you are really honest, do you feel valued as a fan right now? I sure as hell don’t. To feel valued and entertained - that’s all I ask for. I honestly don’t believe it takes chucking gazillions at it to achieve this either. I know we’re talking different leagues here, but I’ve started to visit premier league matches this season. Ethihad - the fan experience is unreal (although the atmosphere pants) Goodison - a proper fans club. Stadium shoddy, but again the experience is all geared up to the fans King Power - visited 2 weeks before the tragic accident. But want really impressed me was the engagement with fans before and during. Just simple things like shooting T-Shirts into all sides of the crowd at half time. Doesn’t cost the earth, but gets the kids engaged and excited! just feel like so much more can be done.
  9. Last night sounded scary from afar. Although we can all agree much does get lost/misinterpreted/inflated when being relayed - it’s obvious what the mood of the evening was. I recieved a text this morning from a follow fan, the main element being ‘fans should be careful what they wish for’. I know what I wish for, and it ain’t the club being run as it is now - so IF DC has indeed had enough and is to sound out buyers, I won’t be upset. We’re a simple bunch really. All most of us want is to be valued and entertained - neither of which DC seems to grasp. So if somebody can come along at some point down the line and provide those two very basic elements - I’m all for it!!
  10. personally speaking, and I’m sure it’s yhe case for numerous others - I can’t commit to attending 6 games pre-Chrimbo. Make it for the full season (can’t understand why it isn’t anyway), along with a full a proper (rather than token gesture) advertising campaign and I’d be hopeful we’ll sell loads more.
  11. But...but...but, he’s the Oracle ain’t he!?
  12. Beat me to it pal. People dont think twice twice about spending a tenner on booze or a takeaway, but baulk at the though of spending a tenner to watch a personal stream of our match. Afraid it’s just another stick for some to try and beat the club with.....really isn’t a big deal! Personally, I subscribe to an IPTV service and get everything you can shake a stick at....including ifollow. For those that wanna try a VPN I highly recommend DigibitDesign - £2.50 per month with many servers to choose from.
  13. Began with a rant, ended up in DJ wife's pants...
  14. Yup, 6ft hair bollocked goal shooter! Gets involved
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