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  1. pingybop

    The Six Match Ticket Bundle

    personally speaking, and I’m sure it’s yhe case for numerous others - I can’t commit to attending 6 games pre-Chrimbo. Make it for the full season (can’t understand why it isn’t anyway), along with a full a proper (rather than token gesture) advertising campaign and I’d be hopeful we’ll sell loads more.
  2. pingybop

    Dom Howson twitter

    But...but...but, he’s the Oracle ain’t he!?
  3. Beat me to it pal. People dont think twice twice about spending a tenner on booze or a takeaway, but baulk at the though of spending a tenner to watch a personal stream of our match. Afraid it’s just another stick for some to try and beat the club with.....really isn’t a big deal! Personally, I subscribe to an IPTV service and get everything you can shake a stick at....including ifollow. For those that wanna try a VPN I highly recommend DigibitDesign - £2.50 per month with many servers to choose from.
  4. pingybop

    I'm my god, really?

    Began with a rant, ended up in DJ wife's pants...
  5. pingybop

    I'm my god, really?

    Yup, 6ft hair bollocked goal shooter! Gets involved
  6. pingybop

    I'm my god, really?

    What can I say, DJ is rubbing off on me! ***not literally I might add!
  7. pingybop

    I'm my god, really?

    Might capture the imagination a little. A fan stating "I'm my god..." Made me chuckle a little when I noticed, ah well....today can't get much worse anyway!
  8. pingybop

    I'm my god, really?

    "Oh my god".....damn apple products :-)
  9. Do we really have fans who are happy to lose so long as we played 'ok', especially after the garbage surved up so far this season (and the latter end of last). Come on, a loss is loss.....zero points, and worse for morale if the players think they played 'ok'.
  10. Should put this to DJ, with an algorithm for footballing success (",) Nah
  11. Seems short enough :-)
  12. Nobody on here has any inside knowledge, so this is purely my opinion (and before any smart Alec's perk up, yes I could keep this to myself) The following three are to blame IMHO: MM = trying to do things on the cheap until sell up time PA = god knows what he adds, other than muddying the water between what DJ wanted and what he got DJ = has his favourites, plays people out of position and continually (although softened this approach a little today) played players out of position. Subs extremely questionable, motivational skills....does he have any?? Training, how much does he get involved? God we are a mess!!!!
  13. Always one isn't there!! (only joking, envy your optimism)
  14. pingybop

    Rhys McCabe

    Not surprised MM won't give him foook all. Catch 22 for MM now though, give him more money to pish away on players he won't play. Sack him with a pay off or ride it out and get a little less for the club. Either way I reckon MM will be worse off for this so it's a case of whether he wants to take a gamble of sorts???
  15. pingybop

    Jones in/out vote here

    Out Run out of ideas, and the ones he does have are tactically inept.