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  1. Thankyou so much to who has took time to read my story and sponsor us. In 2 days we have raised £80 which Is fantastic but we really do need more. This is for anybody that has lost there loved ones due to prostate cancer or someone you might no suffering. Myself and my little bro are doing it for our Grandad. I'm not normally 1 to ask for money but this would really mean so much to us. After all WAWAW. Thankyou again guys your support means a great deal.
  2. Only time ile bump this thread but something as small as £2 would make all the difference. Many thanks
  3. How do I pin or is that 1 of the big dogs who pins. Yes a very good cause
  4. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/phil-newton89?utm_campaign=pfp-share&utm_content=Phil-Newton89&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_source=Facebook Link didn't seem to work ile try again
  5. Hi all. Been a long time member but not posted in a while. As title states if this needs to be moved or deleted please do so. I'm raising money for Prostate cancer UK in memory of my late grandad who passed away back in 2015. If you give my just giving site a read you can catch the rest of the story there. Thanks for reading. Roll on the new season. WAWAW. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/phil-newton89?utm_campaign=pfp-share&utm_content=Phil-Newton89&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_source=Facebook
  6. Pricless haha. We need pics later. The song should be "youve only come to be like wednesday".
  7. I live and work in chezzy. Absolute hate the [email protected] though. Come on wednesday lets have em.
  8. Were you with council owl to take any pics.
  9. He runs down the left He runs down the right Jacques Maghoma He is dynamite
  10. Who gives a poo about pre season. Its more for the fitness and getting things right. We have 2 decent signings in Helan and Maghoma. Helan is now an SWFC player and will be able to play how jones wants him to play not city. Maghoma is immense ive seen him at Burton a few times and a mate goes alot. We all no Antonio and JJ can score goals and also Madine ieven if he isn't a "proven" championship goalscorer. You would think he will be out to prove himself after all the bench warming he did last term. If i was to sign a player it would be 1 striker. Thats it. DJ aint stupid. He no's we need someone and we will get some1. Chin up boys. Not long to go now. And all the lads in Portugal. Hats off to you. Have a beer or 2 for me. Up the Owls.
  11. Cant find much on grossinger only that he's austrian.
  12. On twitter. Can someone post link please.
  13. Chuff wednesdays at it again. Bumping useless threads
  14. Mayor wont be going. Just started renting a house in tideswell near my work.
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