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  1. Who’s bust their SuperSix on that? I’m fuming
  2. Ffs I saw the title and thought we were playing tonight, another 24 hour reprieve
  3. Flash scores app, we are the audio commentary game. It’s by no means Rob Staton but this guys funny. We get ‘ throw ons‘
  4. Not sure if mentioned but I get my updates from ‘flash scores’ we’re the audio commentary match tonight. billox might not want to bother
  5. Not related but what was the situation a few years ago. Did a player get two yellows but not sent off, then a team mate got mistaken later sent off? can’t remember but would be about 2008 ish?
  6. If you rearrange the letters of ‘STAND OUT’ it, believe it or not says OUTSTAND
  7. Yep if could go to Turkey or Greece I’d stock up on them. Hopefully could get loads of profit flogging them on the ‘For Sale’ sites on FB
  8. I’ve changed my cover photo on Fb to this! Here’s to you Atdhe
  9. Never mind recipe’s. Someone posted a few days ago about how to keep YouTube playing when you exit the app? Anyone help?
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