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  1. I got pinged yesterday morning whilst on a 12 hour shift. We looked at the guidelines and as I'm double jabbed and showing no symtoms I don't need to isolate. We've flied in from menorca on the 13th so I'm assuming it's someone on the flight. Told my boss and as I work in care home, I've got to take a LFT daily and my PCR every Thursday. We've ordered PCR tests to do at home. I don't know why I've told you all that! It's not very interesting The holiday was worth it though
  2. Arrived home a few hours ago. The Lateral flow test was enough for entry. The only advice I could give is to screenshot all the forms with a QR code as I'd not got Internet to prove my vaccination status at Mahon Airport, my paper card thing was accepted. Spot on. It's easy once you get your head around it
  3. We're flying back from menorca tomorrow. Booked our return to fly tests on 09/09 and had the test yesterday, 30 euros each via www.15minutetest.com.es Not a pleasant experience but soon done and results emailed with QR code within 20 mins. Filled in the passenger location forms earlier on the .gov website Hopefully be ok
  4. Can anyone help please. We're off to menorca a week on monday and I'm trying to book the tests, I'm so confused as to what we need to buy. We're both double jabbed and as I'm a carer I take a lateral flow every shift and a PCR every Thursday. The sites that Jet2 recommend want us to buy a day 8 test???
  5. Just booked a week in Menorca for September, very confused about the tests we need before both flights
  6. Part of our sun room and the other aspect, painted in ‘happy yellow’
  7. I’m not that fussed as its in the sun room, we’ve got normal sofas in the lounge. I just come in here and recline with a cup of tea in the morning, we also sit with the Bluetooth speaker on some evenings which is nice
  8. Sugg’s just had that smell, I don’t know if it was back to school thoughts or just rancid
  9. I work nights and always seems to be the night it’s aired.I felt a bit meh about this one. The woman Carmichael is a tremendously chilling actress https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p09flfd6
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