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  1. Bourbon

    Atmosphere today

    Can I come? ps. I'm a girl
  2. I’d loosen the stair carpet but she lives in a bungalow...booo bad mum again
  3. I’m right annoyed. I’m staying at my mums and fired up SkyGo only to be told I can’t view it
  4. I can do nine votes per minute in incognito. Had a miraculous recovery from my finger strain by taking in the oxygen chamber that is known as Bridlington south beach this afternoon
  5. Logged another 30 ish votes earlier, back on it again now We can do it
  6. Keep going guys, my finger strain won’t be rushed back. I’ll try my right hand from now on
  7. I’m not voting non stop for you to waltz in with your six votes and claim victory
  8. 26% Bazza 30% other guy keep it going
  9. 25% Private browsing mode on IOS works a treat
  10. Bourbon

    Swfc world record cake

    I tried to get in touch with you about 4 weeks ago via your website regarding a wedding cake, but I've had no reply.
  11. Bourbon

    Kevin Gage

    Absolute oaf of a man
  12. Bourbon


    Cool when's Desso turning up?