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  1. If you rearrange the letters of ‘STAND OUT’ it, believe it or not says OUTSTAND
  2. Yep if could go to Turkey or Greece I’d stock up on them. Hopefully could get loads of profit flogging them on the ‘For Sale’ sites on FB
  3. I’ve changed my cover photo on Fb to this! Here’s to you Atdhe
  4. Never mind recipe’s. Someone posted a few days ago about how to keep YouTube playing when you exit the app? Anyone help?
  5. Love that song, when I recently worked in a dementia care home I’d always play it in one of the residents rooms, her husband said she loved it. We’d rock out lunchtime while I fed her. I’d tell her about the MGTOW’s sorry not relevant
  6. @@owlstalk reply to my message cousin we could Light up Driffield
  7. Not bothered too much. I’ve not been this season, wont travel next season
  8. Even in this thread I’m getting adverts for ‘Find Greek girls, ‘Find Muslim singles’ ‘Mature singles nearby’
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